When Your ‘Almost Boyfriend’ Ends Up In A Real Relationship With Someone Else


You texted him for months. You flirted nonstop whenever you saw each other face-to-face. You even slept with him once or twice. But you never earned the title of his girlfriend. You always assumed he preferred the single life, but now, he’s suddenly in a serious relationship with someone else. WTF?

You’re super pissed about being fooled.

You thought he wasn’t the relationship type. Turns out he’s entirely capable of committing himself to someone else, as long as that someone isn’t you. You can’t wrap your head around it. You thought that there was something special between the two of you, but you were clearly wrong. Apparently, the “almost relationship” that you fantasized about every night was just a meaningless fling to him.

You don’t know what to do next.

You were never actually an item, so should you take the high road and congratulate him on his new relationship status? Should you call him up, screaming about what a bullshit move it was for him to lead you on for so long? Or should you stop answering his messages and delete him from Facebook, since he clearly doesn’t care about you anyway?

You question everything that’s ever happened with him.

That time you kissed him and he looked flustered? Maybe he wasn’t nervous. Maybe he just didn’t want you around. What about that time when he stopped answering your texts for a few days? Maybe he wasn’t playing hard to get. Maybe he was trying to push you away. Like in (500) Days of Summer, you’ll relive every moment you shared, looking for those first signs of trouble.

You don’t understand him.

If he really was the relationship type after all, then why didn’t he date you? You had a good time together. You made him laugh. You made him hard. Those are all things that girlfriends do for their boyfriends, so why didn’t he want something real with you? You just don’t get it.

You feel stupid for being upset.

After all, he was never really yours in the first place. Sure, you shared a few intimate moments, but it’s not like he was your boyfriend. When you think about it, he technically never did anything wrong, like admit aloud that he liked you or promised you he’d stick around. He slipped through all of the loopholes, so that you couldn’t be mad at him once he moved on.

You’re beyond jealous.

That girl in his Instagram pictures could’ve been you. Should’ve been you. You’ll stare at her for as long as your damaged ego can take, trying to figure out why he thinks she’s more attractive than you. Why he decided to shatter your heart and steal her’s instead. Why he’s putting you through all this pain.

You finally have your answer.

You always thought that one day, eventually, he’d decide to make your relationship official. Now, you know you’ll never be together. Even if he breaks up with this new girl, you don’t want him anymore. He hurt you too badly for things to ever go back to the way they were. But in a weird way, the whole thing is a relief. Almost relationships cause constant confusion. It’s nice to have a concrete answer for once. Now that he’s officially off the market, you can finally move on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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