What It’s Like To Be Spoiled Rotten By Your Boyfriend

Stop settling for men who give you the slightest bit of attention. The bare minimum isn’t going to cut it. You deserve so much more. Here’s what it’s like to be spoiled rotten by your boyfriend, so you know what you should be looking for.

 Michela Ravasio

Michela Ravasio

1. You’re lucky enough to know what true love is.

Everyone thinks that love and pain go hand-in-hand. They assume that nasty fights and saved screenshots and pillows stained with tears are the norm. But you know better. You’ve stumbled into a world where love is as beautiful as the Disney movies make it seem. Everyone else’s unrealistic fantasies are your reality.

2. You feel a little guilty.

Your beautiful, bombshell friends are stuck swiping through Tinder and going out on dates with assholes who don’t appreciate how fucking amazing they are. Meanwhile, you’re living the high life with the love of your life. It just doesn’t seem fair. You wish they could have what you have. You wish everyone could.

3. You wonder what you did to deserve it.

When you were single, you didn’t think you deserved to be treated like a sex object by fuckboys and to be led on by your office crushes. But now, you don’t think you deserve to be treated like the most beautiful woman in the world. You always assumed you’d land somewhere in the middle. You never imagined you’d find a relationship so close to perfection.

4. You forget all about your exes.

You never thought you’d forget the ex that held your heart for so long, but now he’s barely a blip on your radar. He pales in comparison to your current boyfriend. You can’t imagine being in a shitty relationship like that ever again. You’ve experienced ecstasy, and now there’s no going back.

5. You finally learn to love yourself.

Yeah, yeah. You know you were supposed to love yourself before a man came along. But after he showed up, it was a lot easier to fall in love with your freckles and forget about the extra flab on your stomach. He’s helped you see yourself in a way that the mirror never did.

6. You pretend you don’t want to be spoiled.

Whenever he wastes his paycheque on a new pocketbook or on tickets for a Broadway show, you’ll yell at him. There’s no reason for him to spend so much cash on you. At least, that’s what you say. Secretly, you’re thrilled that someone’s willing to go the extra mile for you.

7. Life is a lot less stressful.

Of course, gifts aren’t all you get. Any man with a job could toss jewelry at you. Your boyfriend does more than that. You get back rubs. You get to choose what to put on the TV. You get to lounge on the couch while he makes dinner. You get pampered like a princess.

8. Sex isn’t a chore anymore.

You don’t have to kill your legs in the cowgirl position, because he’ll volunteer to get on top. He’ll even go down on you without expecting you to return the favor. That’s why sex isn’t something you do just to get it over with anymore. Now, you actually look forward to it.

9. Other relationships confuse the hell out of you.

When you hear a guy yelling at his girlfriend for wearing a short skirt or showing her cleavage, you’re confused. Your boyfriend loves to show you off. When you look sexy, he wants everyone to see, because he’s proud that he’s the one who gets to go home with you. You don’t understand how other men can be so bossy and bitchy.

10. You spoil him, too.

It’s only fair. You’re not going to accept all of his kindness without giving anything back. That’s why it’s your mission to become the best girlfriend you could possibly be. You want to repay him for every meal he’s bought you and every kiss he’s given you. He deserves to be spoiled rotten, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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