This Is Why Writers Get Their Hearts Broken The Worst

Writers are dreamers. We’re fueled by passion, but we can be destroyed by it, too. That’s why falling in love can be a dangerous journey for us. And that’s why we get our hearts broken the worst.

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1. You’re always in our lives.

You exist in more than just our memories. You’re also words on a page. We call what we’re doing therapeutic. We say that we’re writing characters with traits like yours to get closure, but really, we’re just falling deeper and deeper into the illusion that you’re still around. That you still care. We’re creating a version of our love story that triumphs the actual tale, because the reality is too much to bear.

2. We never forget about you.

We can close our eyes and see the creases of your face. We can sniff the air and smell the shampoo you’d always run through your hair. We can lick our lips and taste the beads of sweat that coated your chest. We torture ourselves by remembering the minuscule details about you, just so we can put it down on paper and create something worth reading.

3. We’re uber in touch with our feelings.

Some women will repress their bad experiences, so they don’t have to deal with the emotional trauma, but we can’t do that. We feel everything. Intensely. We let ourselves bask in our sadness until it breaks us, so we know the emotion inside and out. That’s the best way for us to figure out how to explain the feeling with words.

4. Pain sparks our creativity.

In a sick way, we actually like it when we’re heartbroken, because it provides material for our stories and poetry. Our pain is a gift that gives us an idea worth writing about. We hate to admit it, but we’re terrified of happiness, because we’re worried that it’s going to kill our creativity. Writer’s block is a fate worse than dying alone.

5. We have a predisposition for depression.

Writers are alcoholics. Writers commit suicide. Writers are depressed, lonely, isolated people. Sure, those are all just stereotypes, but what if there’s some truth behind them? We are in a field that glorifies misery. It would be easy for us to slip into a depressed state that we can’t climb out of.

6. We find a deeper meaning in everything.

If our partner randomly buys us roses, we can’t just appreciate the sweet gesture. We have to analyze it, because our years of English lessons taught us that everything has a deeper meaning. Why did he feel the need to buy flowers? Was it out of love? Out of guilt? It must symbolism something. We’ll waste hours trying to figure it out.

7. We’re desperate for love.

You can’t blame us. Every single day, we read and write about couples madly in love. Men and women who will fight dragons and wage wars just to catch a glimpse of their soul mate. We assume that such a love actually exists, and it’s all that we want. Without it, what’s the point? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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