This Is What It’s Like When Your Boyfriend And Best Friend Are The Same Person

Date the person who makes you feel proud to be you. The person who embraces your silliness and your sexiness. The person who makes you laugh as hard as you orgasm. Here’s what it’s like when your boyfriend and best friend are the same person:


1. You can talk to him about anything.

And I mean anything. You can have an intelligent conversation about politics, a lighthearted conversation about what you’d do during a zombie apocalypse, and a disgusting conversation about your period problems. You don’t hold back with him.

2. You genuinely have fun together.

You’re not some super serious girlfriend who can’t take a joke. You won’t get pissed if he calls you an idiot, because you know he’s just being playful. You won’t care if he plays video games while you’re over either, because you’re going to pick up a controller and play with him.

3. You always have someone to go out with.

You don’t have to bribe your boyfriend to go to concerts with you and see certain movies with you. You two have a lot in common, so he doesn’t need to be convinced. He’s already on board for whatever you have planned.

4. You’re completely comfortable with him.

You don’t mind silences. You don’t mind burps. You don’t even mind farts. You’re never going to feel embarrassed around him, because those days are long gone. Now, he feels like family. One day, he actually will be.

5. He knows everything about you.

Even the things he doesn’t care about. He actually pays attention when you speak, which is why he knows the difference between gladiator sandals and flip-flops, and how you desperately need Jess to end up with Nick on New Girl.

6. You always know what he’s thinking.

You two have your own language. In fact, you don’t even need that language, because you can communicate without saying a word to each other. A simple eyebrow raise or smirk will tell you all you need to know.

7. He’s the only one you want to be around.

When your other friends call you up and ask you to head to the bar, you don’t mind turning them down to stay in with your boyfriend, because he’s your best friend. He’s the person you like being around the most, so there’s no FOMO. You’re right where you want to be.

8. You trust him wholeheartedly.

You trust him to stay loyal, but that’s not the whole story. You also trust him to keep your secrets. And you trust him to give you good advice. He’s your rock. Without him, you don’t know how you’d make it through the day.

9. You alternate between being silly and sexy.

As much as you want to brag about your relationship on Instagram, most of your photos aren’t suitable for the site. They’re either R-rated, because you’re both naked, or they’re blurry, because you were joking around while taking the picture. You two are always alternating between being silly and sexy.

10. He makes you happy to be you.

He doesn’t make you feel bad about your obsessions or guilty about your insecurities. He reassures you of how utterly, inherently awesome you are. That’s why he’s not only your boyfriend, but he’s your best friend, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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