27 People Confess To The “Fattest Thing” They’ve Ever Done

23. 60 hours? I’d say that meal was worth it

Ok so back story here I was working at a McDonald’s while in high school. Well it was summer and I was working quite a bit cause we were very understaffed. Well my schedule was 6am- 6pm and one of my Co workers schedule was 6pm-6am (we were supposed to rotate so it worked well). Anyway he comes in one day and says there is a family emergency and he needs to leave for a few days. I say don’t worry I’ll cover your shift go take care of things. I worked from Monday morning at 6am to Wednesday night at 6pm so I worked 60 hours relatively non stop. (Note I had my friends and family take me home so I could shower and such but yeah it was hell) Anyway I get done with my last shift and get told as a thank you for my work I can make anything I can think of. I made a sandwich that contained:

6x pieces of bacon
4x quarter pound patties
5x slices of swiss cheese
All topped off with mac sauce

I devoured it in literally about 5 min and then got taken home by my manager where he offered and I graciously accepted taking the next 2 weeks off haha.

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