36 Hosts Reveal The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Done At Their Home

5. Why would they do this

My purse was stolen at a party where I knew everyone. It had a lot of cash and my new digital camera and some expensive make up and things like that. It even had my car keys so I had no way to get home and my sister had to come pick me up. I had to replace everything and it was really a hassle with credit cards and all. Two months later my friend (who had hosted the party) called and said they found my purse, with NOTHING missing, in the woods behind their house so it became pretty clear that someone had just taken it and thrown it off the balcony. I thought that was even more upsetting that they didn’t even take it for the stuff in it, they took it to just be complete assholes and ruin someone’s day. Ugh.

6. Pictures of assholes

My wife and I married somewhat young (early 20s) and we had to pay for a huge part of it ourselves. We did the best we could but the reception ended up being a bunch of catered BBQ in a BBQ-joint owned convention hall and a couple kegs of beer and about 20 cheap bottles of wine.

The highlights:

  • One of my wife’s bridesmaids complaining about the cheap wine quite loudly. IIRC (this was 8 years ago) she called it “rotten goat piss”. Classy. Find out later the girl is a completely nude model. That was a fun time.
  • My wife distributed disposable cameras to crowdsource for photographs since we could only afford a photographer for the wedding specifically, not reception.
  • Someone took a picture of their asshole for the camera. It was a girl’s asshole. What the actual fuck.

Now I know some of my wife’s friends didn’t like me but taking a picture of your own shit spewer and ruining what was supposed to be a very happy time for one of their best friends?

This goes without saying that CVS gave us some very quizzical looks when we picked up the pictures. At least it was clean.

7. What the hell just happened?

Slightly obese neighbor randomly shows up at front door looking panicked.He asks if he could use the restroom so of course I said yes. Well 30 min later he finishes up, thanks me and leaves. I check the restroom and it looks like a war zone. Magazines were scattered everywhere, toilet paper on the ground, and the smell… Ill never forget the smell. Imagine you kill someone, eat their rotting corpse, and then head over to your neighbors house and take a shit in their toilet. But that’s not the fucked up part, I then proceed to watch him pull out of my drive way, down the street and then into his OWN DRIVEWAY THEN WALK INTO HIS OWN HOUSE! WTF was he thinking? I don’t think you can get much more disrespectful than that.



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