What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Does At Their Office Holiday Party


ESFP: Hangs up mistletoe. Tries to ‘accidentally’ catch their office crush under it all night.

ISFJ: Set up the entire party and is lowkey stressed the whole time that the decorations are off or they forgot someone’s favorite kind of alcohol.

ESFJ: Memorizes the names, occupations and favorite past-times of everyone’s significant other within ten minutes of their arrival, and facilitates a host of new friendships between people who share similar interests.

ISFP: Shows up with the world’s most elaborate holiday sweater and goes viral on Instagram for it by the end of the night.

ENFP: Insists on Christmas-carol-themed Karaoke. Allows absolutely no one to opt out.

INFP: Hands out the heartfelt holiday cards they penned for everyone at the office, letting them know what they admire most about them.

ENFJ: Spends the night covertly trying to trap two coworkers who they just know would hit it off under the mistletoe that the ESFP hung up.

INFJ: Spends all day dreading the party, but perks up once they deliver the absolutely perfect Secret Santa gift that makes their coworker’s night.

ISTJ: Sneaks into the backroom to finish up some work they want to get out of the way for the next day.

ESTP: Convinces everyone to do fireball shots before they’ve even hung their coats up. Is single-handedly responsible for most of the office’s next-day hangover.

ESTJ: Is the most energetic person there, because they secretly got the biggest holiday bonus. Yells ‘cheers’ to their boss a suspicious amount.

ISTP: Takes full advantage of the open bar and talks more in one night than they have the rest of the year combined.

ENTP: Drunkenly brainstorms the BRILLIANT NEW FUTURE of the company with everyone who’s willing to listen to them.

INTP: Wanders in three hours late and endures a scolding from their ESFJ supervisor for failing to wear a holiday sweater.

ENTJ: Lowkey scouts the party for possible new investors or hires.

INTJ: Calculates precisely how much time they are required to stay at the party for in order to display their commitment to the company. Stays not a minute longer. TC mark

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This is me letting you go

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At the end of the day, you have two choices in love – one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

We owe it to ourselves to live the greatest life that we’re capable of living, even if that means that we have to be alone for a very long time.

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