Here Is What Triggers Your Anxiety Based On Your Enneagram Type

Here Is What Triggers Your Anxiety Based On Your Enneagram Type

Type 1: Moral ambiguity.

Type 1s are concerned with morality above all else. This type strives to always do the right thing and to remain virtuous at all costs – which means that they strive to have ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ clearly defined at all times. Morally ambiguous situations stress this type out immensely – they are petrified of making the wrong choice and acting in a fashion that is unintentionally harmful towards themselves or others.

Type 2: Being ignored.

The type 2’s sense of self-worth hinges upon their idea of themselves as helpful, important, and necessary to loved ones. There is therefore nothing more psychologically distressing to this type than being ignored or disregarded by someone they’ve invested in. The 2 type is constantly striving towards feelings of love and acceptance from others – which means that feelings of being ostracized or ignored ignites their core anxiety with a passion.

Type 3: Having your achievements go unrecognized.

The 3 type hinges their self-worth on their ability to achieve impressive and admirable feats. They thrive on validation from their community, and therefore nothing induces quite as much anxiety in this type as having their achievements go unrecognized. If the 3 type does not feel useful and industrious within their community, they do not valuable on a personal level – therefore nothing gets them quite as stressed as seeing their hard work go unappreciated by those around them.

Type 4: Feeling uninspired.

The 4 type hinges their identity on their creative and highly individualistic nature. This type believes that in order to be loved, they must be more interesting and complex than those around them. Consequently, creative dry spells are highly distressing for this type. They fear that if they cannot create, inspire and compel others, they will have nothing to show for themselves. This type’s blood pressure rises whenever they’re facing a creative block.

Type 5: Unpredictable environments.

The 5 type feels comfortable and in control when they are highly knowledgeable about their environment. This type wards off anxiety by ensuring that they are prepared and in the know at all times – reading up on and researching any new situations they may find themselves in, before they find themselves in them. However, if the 5 type is genuinely caught off guard in an unfamiliar environment, their anxiety levels spike. This type loathes navigating uncertainty and they will go to almost any length to avoid acting before they feel competent enough to do so.

Type 6: Lacking guidance.

The 6 type feels comfortable and relaxed when they have a framework, rule set or mentor to follow. This type wards off anxiety by following others’ lead, and their stress levels spike in any situation where they’re unable to determine what’s expected of them. An over-abundance of autonomy is highly stressful for the 6 type.

Type 7: A lack of resources.

The 7 type takes comfort in knowing that they are able to source whatever it is they need to achieve their desires. When they are devoid of these resources, however, the 7 type begins to panic. This type loathes having to rely on others in order to get what they want – they wish to have everything they want available to them, and knowing that barriers exist between themselves and their desires is the quickest way to spike this type’s anxiety.

Type 8: Having to place any aspect of their well-being in other’s hands.

The 8 type lives in constant fear that others might betray them – therefor, having to place any aspect of their well being in the hands of someone else is an excruciating experience for this type. The 8 wishes to be in control of themselves at all times and handing over that control to someone else is the quickest way to spike their anxiety levels.

Type 9: Inner or external conflict.

Type 9s, more so than any other type, want their actions, their thoughts and their words to be in harmony. But when this type experiences a disconnect between two conflicting desires, or a disconnect between themselves and someone else in their environment, it troubles them immensely. This type craves peace above all else and when that peace is disrupted in any way, their anxiety levels rise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark