Here’s What It’s Time You Forgave Yourself For, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENFP: Forgive yourself for leaving when you should have stayed.

There were times, ENFP, when you leapt before you looked and failed to be there for the people who needed you most. There were times when you let excitement get the better of you and failed to think through the consequences. And it’s time that you forgave yourself for all of it. You’ve learned when to run free and when to stay put. You’ve learned that your choices are not made in a vacuum. You’ve learned that you are accountable for the commitments you make, and you are not about to make the same mistakes again. So forgive yourself for having made them once. You are a better person now for having realized it.

INFP: Forgive yourself for the ways in which you fought through your pain.

There were dark times in your life, INFP, that happened long before you knew how to cope with them. There were times when you caused pain to both yourself and those around you. There were times when it seemed as though you’d never find a way out of your hurting. But you found one. But you got through it. But you arrived on the other side and it’s time that you forgave yourself for what you had to do to arrive there. You’ve learned how to carry on healthily. You’ve learned to cope without self-destructing. And having gone through those periods of darkness will help you lead others out of their own. The world needs someone who understands those depths, so its time you forgave yourself for having visited them.

ENFJ: Forgive yourself for the people you couldn’t save.

There were times when you gave someone your all, ENFJ, and it still wasn’t enough to pull them through. There were times when a loved one was in darkness and you couldn’t find the light switch they needed. There were times when you let the people you love down, despite your best efforts to do otherwise, and it’s time you forgave yourself for doing so. It’s time you realized that the only person you are truly, ultimately in charge of is yourself – and that nobody else ever changes a minute before they are ready to. Your big, huge heart is incredible but it is not a miracle worker – so forgive yourself for the changes you couldn’t force others to make.

INFJ: Forgive yourself for the perfection you never achieved.

There was a time, INFJ, when you were certain of who you would become. There was a time when your ideals were sky-high and your plan for achieving them seemed flawless. But we both know that no plan is without its weaknesses. And it’s time that you forgive yourself for having encountered them. It’s time that you let go of the ideals you could not rise to, no matter how determined you once were. It’s time you stopped beating yourself up for not being ‘enough’ and started recognizing that having achieved something halfway truly is better than having achieved nothing at all. Your failures can be building blocks, INFJ, if you allow them to be. But first you have to make peace with the perfection that you did not to achieve.

ESTP: Forgive yourself for the decisions you didn’t think through.

There were times, ESTP, when you leapt before looking and landed yourself in hot water. There were times when your short-term desires overtook the long-term considerations. There were times that you wish you could go back and do over, but the past is just that now – the past. It’s time you forgave yourself for acting on your impulses when you should have thought your actions through. You have learned how easily your impulses can lead you astray, and you’re a better person for knowing that now. So let go of the misguided actions you once took – you know better now, and you will do better going forward.

ISTP: Forgive yourself for the times you inadvertently hurt others.

There were times, ISTP, when you allowed your logic to overshadow your empathy, and you hurt some of the people you love. There were times when you spoke too soon or too bluntly and made enemies you didn’t mean to make. There were times when your heart failed to communicate with your head and someone else had to pay the price. But it’s time your forgave yourself for these slip-ups. It takes a long time to learn how to be human and you’re figuring it out as you go. These memories are burned inside your mind and you will not repeat them moving forward – so forgive yourself for having gone through them. Experience is the best teacher, after all.

ESTJ: Forgive yourself for the failures you’ve seen in the past.

There were times, ESTJ, when you couldn’t rise to the challenges you set for yourself. Times when yourself and others were counting on you and you let them down. Times that you cannot get out of your mind because you’re sure that they indicate future failures. But it’s time that you let these failures go, ESTJ. You are not exempt from falling short every so often and nobody expects you to be perfect. The sooner you allow yourself the space and permission to fail, the higher you will ultimately rise.

ISTJ: Forgive yourself for the injustices that you let slide.

There were times, ISTJ, when you couldn’t uphold the system that you so direly believe in. There were times when those around you needed help and you did not offer it. There were times when you strayed from the morals you so dearly uphold and it’s time that you forgave yourself for having done so. You are imperfect, ISTJ, just like everyone around you. But you are trying – and this counts for more than you know. You have not always gotten it right, but you remember and learn from the times when you got it wrong. And you will not let those opportunities to do right pass you by as you move forward.

ESFP: Forgive yourself for the times when you weren’t there for those who needed you.

There were times when you moved too fast, ESFP, and failed to notice who you were leaving in the dust. There were times when your loved ones needed help and you weren’t there to provide it. There were times when your self-interest outweighed your investment in others and it’s time that you forgave yourself for all of it. You’ve learned through the people you’ve hurt, through the hearts you’ve broken and through the help you didn’t give, that you need to look out for those around you. And you won’t let the opportunity to do so slide from this point on. You won’t let yourself fail to be present when it matters.

ISFP: Forgive yourself for hesitating when you should have leapt.

There were times, ISFP, when you ought to have leapt but you looked for too long and let the opportunity pass you by. There were times when you were so scared of what others may have thought that you failed to take action on what you wanted. There are times when you doubted yourself instead of believing in yourself and you wish you could go back and reverse your (lack of a) decision – but it’s time you forgave yourself for all of it. You’ve learned the hard way that good things come to those who go for them. And you’re no longer the person who sits idly by while the things you want pass you by.

ESFJ: Forgive yourself for the times when you had to close your heart.

There were times, ESFJ, when you gave too much and got burned. There were times when you closed yourself off to those around you because you needed to protect your own heart. And it’s time that you forgave yourself for having done so. You need to take care of yourself, first and foremost, before you are able to nurture others. And a big part of caring for yourself is knowing when someone else is toxic. So forgive yourself for the times when your heart was closed instead of open – you were acting from a place of self-preservation and it was nothing if not absolutely necessary.

ISFJ: Forgive yourself for the things you didn’t say until it was too late.

There were times, ISFJ, when you ought to have spoke up but instead you stayed silent. There were relationships that fell apart because you could not voice the way you truly felt. And it’s time you stopped beating yourself up over all of it. None of us get the timing perfectly right, and you have learned the value of speaking up while it still matters. You withheld what you withheld because you wanted to keep the peace. Your intent was not malicious and so it’s time you forgave yourself for the outcome – going forward, you know you’ll do things differently.

ENTP: Forgive yourself for the ways in which you’ve let yourself down.

There were times, ENTP, when you failed to live up to your own expectations. When you crossed a moral line, let a dream fall by the wayside or failed to follow through on something that mattered to you. And it’s time you forgave yourself for the outrageous expectations that you once held yourself up to. You are daring, creative, inventive, but you cannot work miracles. You cannot make the absolutely impossible happen and it’s okay to be bound by those physical limits now and then. You’re only human, ENTP, and it’s time you allowed yourself to understand that. It’s time to forgive yourself for the ways in which you’re perfectly ordinary.

INTP: Forgive yourself for the action you didn’t take.

There are times, INTP, when you are uncannily perceptive of how something is bound to play out. There are times when you have watched your loved ones walk down paths you knew would lead them straight to destruction. And it’s time you forgave yourself for all the times you did not speak up. You are not a fortune-teller, INTP, and you have to let people make their own mistakes. You are not responsible for preventing every possible disaster just because you’ve thought through the consequences. Others are responsible for their own choices. And some people have to learn the hard way.

ENTJ: Forgive yourself for the times when you were not enough.

There have been challenges, ENTJ, that even you have failed to rise to. There have been dreams you couldn’t fulfill, loved ones you couldn’t protect and opportunities that you have not cashed in on. Because you were not enough – not smart enough, quick enough or industrious enough, to make them work. And it’s time you forgave yourself for all of it. You are not always going to be the best, ENTJ, even when you are trying your hardest. And it’s okay to accept the innate humanity within that. It’s okay to sometimes let yourself place second.

INTJ: Forgive yourself for not having it all figured out.

You have always been searching for answers, INTJ, but there are times when you will not have them all. There will be times when life is a half-finished puzzle and you cannot collect all the pieces you need to complete the picture. And it’s okay to wait these times out. It’s okay to still be in the process of searching. You don’t have to have all of the information in your hands to move forward – you just have to learn to move forward with patience. With acceptance. And with forgiveness, for the times when you do not have it all figured out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark