I Asked Each Personality Type To Open Up About Their Sexuality - Here's What They Had To Say

I Asked Each Personality Type To Open Up About Their Sexuality – Here’s What They Had To Say

ENTPs And Sexual Orientation

Of the 107 participants sampled:

74% identified as heterosexual
19% identified as bisexual or pansexual
6% identified as homosexual
1% identified as ‘other.’

ENTPs And Sex Drive

When asked to rate their sex drive on a scale of one to ten, the mean ranking was 6.83.

ENTPs And Hookup Culture

When asked how they felt about “hookup culture:”

26% of participants selected “I dislike it and rarely/never engage in it.”
66% of participants selected “I like some aspects of it but dislike other ones.”
13% of participants selected “I love it and almost exclusively look for casual hookups”

ENTP Commentary:

1. “Being ENTP has made me rather sapiosexual.”

2. “As an ENTP I constantly seek new things to explore in the bedroom – after a while one runs out of the “normal” bedroom things and starts to use whips, ball gags, restraints etc. Additionally I try to change up the location (more public/taboo) and make more elaborate plans for dominating/submitting. This all stems from my desire to constantly explore my own sexuality and my unhesitating approach to trying new things.”

3. “ENTPs need to be constantly improving, learning and growing… and my sexuality is 100% affected in this same way.”

4. “I don’t limit myself to one gender, or partner for that matter. I’m in an open/polyamorous relationship(s). I also like some kink/fetish stuff and tend to be switchy, depending on the partner, or circumstances. There are no rules or specific expectations when it comes to my sexuality. I just want everyone involved to feel good. Im constantly looking for new ways to do that better, and keep things fresh.”

5. “I believe that the ENTP’s tendency for boredom drives us to try new and exciting things sexually, however since my type dives deep into different interests, in this case, religion. My passion and respect for my religion has inflated my preference for heterosexual monogamy.”

6. “Being an ENTP I don’t have the emotional connection with sex that other types do, therefore I’ve been more open sexually. Also, I’m not attracted to one type or even one gender, I’m more attracted to their brain or how they are in bed. I also firmly believe that humans are not meant to me monogamous; but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry on a long term monogamous relationship; I just believe that you should explore all of your options before settling down.”

7. “I’m such a carefree spirit most of the time that for me, sexually, it’s so desirable to have someone take charge, tell me what to do, MAKE me do something. Because in any other scenario, I will not be tamed.”

8. “Being so smart and outgoing is a recipe for being a hot slut.”

9. “They call ENTPs the ‘innovators’ for a reason. I am wildly curious, and love figuring out things my partners love in bed, especially when they are open and curious as well, because that usually ends up with us both finding new things to get excited about. It’s never boring, and having that ‘let’s get weird’ attitude has brought so many crazy amazing experiences.”

10. “Most ENTP individuals can’t stand boredom and routine, which is why we need a partner who is willing to be adventurous and proactive in bed (or wherever else we are having sex).”

11. “I like a bit of push as pull, like in a debate. So I seek out people who can read me, know when to take charge, and know when to sit back and let me drive. I tend to be open to new things but I’ll only dip my toe in. You’ll never find me instantly down a rabbit hole for a partner.”

12. “As an ENTP, I think the need for new and exciting things tends to spill over into my sex life. I get bored with the same thing over and over again. I’ll try anything once!”

13. “Being an ENTP makes it easy to charm people. I am adventurous, have many different past partners of all different types. I am open minded and will try something I like if I like even a small bit. I don’t cry during sex and although I want to do it with meaningful people, its not a meaningful act. In the beginning I am very into sex and will give sex at any opportunity, but as I learn my partner it can get boring, I try to change things up but cant have sex more than 3 times a week because other things need to be done. I want to perfect my sex, my appeal all for my partner. I enjoy being single, but once I choose a partner they are what I grow with and for. Its intoxicating and breakups are harder.”

14. “ENTPs are open, progressive, creative and innovative thinkers who like to experiment in bed and with people. While we are not addicted to sex, we really really like it.”

15. “ENTP tendencies lend themselves to being effective in simplifying/purifying the sexual experience. We’re naturally inclined to evolve, the benefits of which are obvious in the bedroom with another E and a strong F. I personally am high in the thinking but can feed off the feeler’s energy. The results are extremely passionate love making, not goal-oriented or pragmatic practices in the sheets.”

16. “I’m open minded and more curious to try new things to find out what I like. Even though I’m gray-asexual I want to try a bit of everything, as long as it’s with a person I’m comfortable with.”

17. “I think Ne leads to a huge amount of experimentation. Having a Ti-Ne partner makes for an enriching and creative sex life!”

18. “I think my extroverted intuition makes me attracted to both sexes and the ideas of trying something new and not being afraid of what other people percieve as unusual. With my Ti, I just goes with what makes sense to me and gender doesnt typically matter when looking for a partner.”

19. “I tend to be energetic, dominant, interested in learning/trying new things, easily bored and preferring of intense experiences to soft romantic ones. I do have a hard time being present in the moment. I also tend to be loud, vocal, and not afraid of injuries. i think that sums up my personality in all sorts of arenas!”

20. “Being an Ne-dominant type is all about possibilities and experiencing new things. I would try anything once to feel I have had that life experience.”TC mark

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