I Asked Each Personality Type To Open Up About Their Sexuality - Here's What They Had To Say

I Asked Each Personality Type To Open Up About Their Sexuality – Here’s What They Had To Say

 Sonja Lekovic
Sonja Lekovic

Unfortunately, we did not receive enough ESFP responses to deem any of the survey results significant.

ESFPs And Sexual Orientation

Of the 31 participants sampled:

81% identified as heterosexual
13% identified as bisexual or pansexual
6% identified as homosexual

ESFPs And Sex Drive

When asked to rate their sex drive on a scale of one to ten, the mean ranking was 7.19.

ESFPs And Hookup Culture

When asked how they felt about “hookup culture:”

35% of participants selected “I dislike it and rarely/never engage in it.”
65% of participants selected “I like some aspects of it but dislike other ones.”
10% of participants selected “I love it and almost exclusively look for casual hookups”

ESFP Commentary

1. “I have always thought of myself as very kinky and overly open minded when it comes to sex and gender, exploring and looking for different things out there. Realizing I was ESFP fit that orientation perfectly, I feel that my personality allows me to always look for more, ask for more and definitely WANT more. And I really don’t understand how can someone be so limited when it comes to sex and not want to explore.”

2. “I really don’t like rejecting people so I’d rather lead them on than give them an outright ‘no.’ So I’d rather keep the option open than close the door forever.

3. “I like spontaneity in my partner! My last FWB and I would always make plans to meet at the last second. Don’t know if this is the nature of college or just me specifically. When someone makes a point to meet up with me, or tries to set a specific place and time, I am less interested. I realize that this is a recipe to attract a lot of assholes… but it is what it is.

4. “The conversations I have with my partners are very fun and ‘concrete,’ if you will. As in, we don’t really discuss philosophy or literature or anything abstract. (Not that I don’t like these topics, I just think they can be a bit heavy in this context) It’s more oriented around what we did that week or our mutual friends or our hobbies. I’m pretty outgoing and social so I tend to be attracted also to extroverted people. I tend to like funny, laid-back guys; not really into the strong silent type, mostly because I’m too self-conscious around them (worried that they think I’m shallow or flaky or too peppy).”

5. “I’m open minded as a P and also very affectionate as an F. My S makes me very in tune with what feels good and what doesn’t.”

6. “As an ESFP, I’m always looking for fun.”

7. “Not a question I have ever thought about. I think that because of my extroverted sensing, I tend to engage well with others, and therefore have a higher sex drive. However because of my introverted feeling, I tend to want a close partner rather a one night stand.”

8. “Not sure if this makes sense but with my Se I tend to jump into these situations a lot like “yeah, let’s do it!” and then my Fi will kick in. So if I don’t feel a connection with whoever I’m with I might not really feel engaged during sex and will probably regret it before we’re even finished (why I don’t really do random hook ups). On the other hand if I do have a connection (and they’re good!) I’ll feel really intense emotions… happiness, nostalgia, sense of achievement etc… sometimes a little too strongly even for simple things like a kiss. I’ll usually analyze how things went afterwards and draw a conclusion on the situation itself and how it made me feel… I find it really hard to verbalize my feelings but I’ll know internally how I feel!”

8. “I believe my personality takes a big part in my sexuality. I love people, I’m playful and I I’m fearless in bed. It doesn’t help that my love language is touch.”

9. “It helps me take sexuality as just another fun activity that will bring me closer to people, or the person I am interested in.”

10. “I’m open to new experiences. I always seem to look for a connection deeper than just the physical act. I love to view sex as a show or performance in a way… Like I can act however I feel given my mood and the circumstances (submissive, dominant, pornstar, innocent, etc.). I think my personality type shines in bed because I play different roles frequently but always look for that deep connection and sensuality that seems to be lost in most casual hookups. I also make it my main goal to please my partner. It makes me more happy than pleasing myself, another characteristic of my personality type.”

11. “I care more about my partners orgasm than my own.”

12. “The extroverted sensing function makes me want to ‘give’ rather than ‘receive’ due to my enjoyment of touching and sensing through the five senses. Touch, taste, smell (i.e. foreplay) to me is more erotic than someone for example going down on me, or even penetration.”

13. “As an ESFP, my entire perspective is oriented around the sensory experience. Sex is (in my opinion) THE most sensory experience a human can have. When I’m having sex with my boyfriend I’ve noticed that I’m more engaged in the moment than I am at any other time (which is saying a lot for an ESFP).”

14. “I believe that since I am ESFP I like being social and engage with different kinds of people which makes me curious of trying to be experimental with my sexuality. There are just not one thing for me, I need a lot because I get bored easily.”

15. “A lot because of how the situation arises and how I feel about it. I am able to give in fully to the experience and just enjoy it. There really isn’t much though just totally in tune to my body and what is happening to it and how I can surprise my partner.”

16. “Because of my personality type I like to have a lot of fun and be around people so that contributes to my personality in bed.”Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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