22 More Times When Tumblr Got Myers-Briggs Right

The MBTI community on Tumblr is both alive and thriving. In case you’re missing out on the action, I compiled 22 of the best MBTI posts on Tumblr from the past month.

1. That time it called out the iNtuitive bias, hard.

2. When it explained how to stress out each type.

3. When it ruthlessly shut down function stereotypes.

4. That time they just rolled with a celebrity mistype.

5. That time it made function pairs hilarious.

6. That time it explained the struggles we’re all too familiar with.

7. That time it captured the struggles of conversing with someone who grossly misunderstands the MBTI.

8. When it explained what it feels like to resurface from a dominant-tertiary loop.

9. That time it didn’t give a sh*t that people don’t like to be labelled.

10. That time it nailed what it’s like to be an Ne-dom.

11. That time it got super sarcastic about function development.

12. That time it cracked down on Te in each position.

13. That time it got real about our search histories.

14. That time they nailed INTJ emotions.

15. That time it found all the weirdest online descriptions of type.

16. That time it explained the difference between dominant and inferior Ne.

17. That time it simplified the cognitive functions.

18. That time it explained your entire family.

19. That time it made the types into dads.

20. That time it combined the MBTI with everyone’s favorite card game.

21. That time it explained how each type manifests on tumblr itself.

22. When it showed just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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