Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Answers The Question “What Do You Do When You Feel Down?”

We all approach self-care a little differently. This week, I talked to 400 MBTI enthusiasts from my Facebook page about what they do to make themselves feel better when they’re down. Find your type below to see what other people like you are doing to take care of themselves – and then leave your own favourite ‘Self care’ strategy in the comments!







I listen to familiar music, drink good wine and take long walks in the park with my dog (not all at the same time).

I play strategy games.

I sleep, do puzzles, and lounge. Also sing Karaoke (alone of course).

I read books, sip whisky, and plot a new strategy.

I meditate or journal- a few rounds of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works well too.

I either distract or plan: read, craft, cook, exercise (my longest running long term plan is to get fit) or plan a vacation to get myself back up!

I start a new project or whatever else will engage my brain.

I control myself and do not let the situation to control me in order to get up.

My type is INTJ and when I feel down, I spoil myself somehow (get something special to eat, take a long bath, get a new piece of clothing, get a new game/game for hours on end, go to the gym then the sauna, have a glass of wine and a cigarette..). Or sometimes I look for someone to talk to/take a walk with.

I read books, meditate, practice martial arts, and sometimes talk with my kalyana-mitra (Sanskrit for spiritual friend).

I sleep, vegetate or play a video game… basically whatever shuts that conscious part of my brain off for a while or distracts it.


I encourage others, journal, read, or find something to celebrate!

I drinks with friends, be with people and good energy. That or listening to songs and have a crying bout. Right as rain after that!

I volunteer or help someone else – or go do something fun (in public) where I have to act cheerful and then I forget that I’m not.

I am an ENFP and when I feel down I usually remember that a lot of people feel like that too and I jump on my page and share something funny with my followers to pick myself (and them) back up! Or I become pretty introverted and just recite songs or write lyrics.

I run away from the crowd and think. Or go to a friend and talk about it over and over until I/we figure out the answers.

I’m the most awesome type (ENFP, of course ^_^) and when I’m down I vent to someone I trust or go play sports and run all my angst out.

I take a walk in a huge, populated park/ chat with a friend/ go on tumblr and scroll through psychedelic pictures of plants for a while.

I’m an ENFP and when I feel down, I go to Costco to pick myself up! Something about walking around aimlessly in aisles and reading nutrition facts on food that just relaxes me.

When I feel down, I ride motorbikes to pick myself back up! Not that I ever feel down though.

When I feel “down” I usually go on a trip/make an adventure to somewhere I’ve never been/ to do something I’ve never done, with friends and family, or alone to meet new people.

My type is ENFP and I am an ultra-sensitive empath who requires a lot of downtime for processing social interactions and renewing myself. For self-care, I rely on meditation, yoga, clean food, reading, listening to ambient trance music for hours alone at night, and long, luxurious baths with essential oils and DIY facial masks created from organic ingredients in my fridge, like Greek yogurt and raw honey.

I go buy something and then dye my hair.

I surround myself around with other people & talk to people, even if it’s to go to the coffee shop and sit amongst the customers I don’t even know. Energy from people recharges me.

I’m a ENFP and when I feel down I retreat into solitude and fantasy and make a world (with fae and without orcs).

I watch a movie I love and try to find the tiniest glimpse of a new idea/adventure and think about it.

I tend to wander aimlessly outside in crowded areas to gain mental clarity – or just go to the gym.

I’m an ENFP, and I have to receive a personal spiritual revelation to get perspective on my circumstances.

When I’m down I like to dance. Impossible to feel sad when dancing.

When I feel down I hang out with friends, exercise, and read research articles to pick myself back up!

I need to do some “fangirling” and I need to start loving people again to pick myself back up!

Depending on the variety of down, I either steal people away on random adventures, and/or pack a hookah and induce a cuddle puddle with close friends.

My type is ENFP and when down, I wait half an hour and forget about it.


When I’m down, I usually host a game night and feed all my friends!

I go shopping and pamper myself.

I do yoga!

I like to find my group of friends and hang out with them and either play card games, go on an adventure or just talk or be with them. Usually just being in the presence of happy people whom I care about lifts my spirits.

I’m ESFP and I start messaging my friends hello to chat! Or I go on yikyak or something.

I’m an ESFP and when I feel down, I ask a friend if she wants to get dinner or do some type of fun activity. Or I ask my girlfriend to give me positive affirmations!

I’m ESFP and I invite friends over for movie night – and lots of food!


When I feel down I tend to isolate and to pick myself back up. I have more than one method – I’ll either binge watch a favorite TV show, read a good book or listen to music.

I isolate and analyze the situation/solutions. After the isolation period, I use upbeat music to get back out of my head and rejoin the world.

I listen to a lot of music and write occasionally when I feel down. Writing tends to churn out a solution to an internal problem after straight thinking and mental fixation take too long! Driving is also a very relaxing and freeing time to think and sort things out in my head.

Either have a 2-5 hour session googling random shit, or go on a bush walk.

I am an INTP, and when I am feeling down, I stay alone for a while, relax and try to think clearly. Music, television, games or reading something interesting also takes my mind off the tension.

I go outside and play with my dogs.

1. Obviously I would solve the problem that was causing me to be down but 2. Otherwise I would escape, escape, escape either into my bed or a book or a movie.

I go do something outside, preferably near water or in the woods.

Seconded on driving and writing. Walking: Solvitur ambulando. Caffeine. Nature. Isolated bubble baths with a fan on so I can’t hear any other noise. Reading.


What make me feel better is talking to my friends about their problems while having coffee with them. Or driving them around while they talk about their problems.

I’m an ENFJ and when I feel down I talk to my INFP wife about it and feel better.

I wish I could be better at fixing-myself-alone, but I am not, so my first reaction is spend time with people I love and trust. If that is not possible, my Se usually kicks me out, so I just go out and walk and usually sensory experiences will bring in a quiet meditation and inner peace.

I’m an ENFJ and when I feel down, I spend one on one time with a close friend and vent my issue (maybe over and over) to try and come up with a solution.

When I feel down I call my best friend cause she’ll usually come over and give me cuddles or a pep talk. When something is really, really bugging me I shut out people and go to the gym till Im usually sick – so I try and avoid getting to that level.

I read an outrageous novel with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s half-baked or meet a friend for dinner/movie.

I hang out with friends (…in the healthiest of scenarios. Sometime I order a pizza, watch Battlestar Galactica, and play tower defense games until I get sleepy).

My type is ENFJ and when I feel down I watch cartoons or read comics. About 99% or the times I feel sad it’s people related so I like to lose myself in some sort of utopia. Those fictional characters have the virtues I’m looking for in people so it comforts me.

I listen to disco music.

I go for a long walk with my Jack Russell, while listening to a book on cd. Preferably a Jan Karon novel.

I find friends having problems that I can try to help them with.


Solo kitchen dance party!

I’m an ISFP- if I feel down I select one of the following: going for a drive, going shopping, listening to music, exercising, watching TV with a favorite snack, taking a nap, or writing in my journal. The common thread is that I do these things by myself.

I drink tea and photoshop.

I talk to the right people and/or do stuff from my bed.

I’m an ISFP and I look at pretty things on the internet (or if it’s sunny I try to force myself outside because once I’m out there I find that this is literally the BEST pick-me-up).

I crawl on the sofa, under my blanket with my favorite chocolate and video game, preferably alone or praying.


I’m an ISTJ and if I’m down, I’ll tackle a project or make a to do list to pick myself up.

I listen to music and read books (at the same time).

When I feel down I like to distract myself by listening to music, exercising, reading, or enjoying nature.

I’m an ISTJ and when I’m down I try to do something else productive like cleaning or getting work done.

I reassess my situation, over a cup of coffee with a very close friend (who either has the same logic as mine or different so I can get another insight) and plan on what I will do to overcome the situation.

I’m an ISTJ and I usually sleep or do art things such as drawing to pick myself back up.


I give myself some quiet, alone time, have a cookie, talk to a friend, or pray.

I like to either nap or take walk alone on beach. I also like to have a small piece of a favorite expensive chocolate to savor with a pot of tea.

First I’ll eat a good meal, then I’ll spend all of my time in private and meditate my thoughts on the problem and cry out the feelings. Sometimes I’ll vent all of my thoughts into a journal so I can read it later.

I spend one-on-one time with a safe friend, or do volunteer/ministry work.

I knit/crochet, journal, talk to my partner or closest friends, spend time in nature.

What makes me feel better is having nice drink and watching a favorite (usually funny) TV show, taking my dog to the park, or spending intentional time with a small group of friends.

My type is ISFJ and when I feel down I get in touch with my spiritual blessings or what I received from God and I also go outside and get in touch with nature to pick myself back up.


I will isolate and go far away to the beach or for a drive.

I tinker with my aquariums, play racquetball with my brother, go fishing, sleep, plan which wine I could make next. All while drinking.

I go to work.


I ride the hell out of my bicycle, and see where the road takes me.

I drink absinthe while reading a book, with classical music playing in the background, usually Rachmaninoff piano concerto #2. Or go do something random and spontaneous with or without anyone around.

I explore (ideas, environment, thoughts, or whatever is available).

I go out/drink (terrible response to stress, I know).

I’m an ENTP and I usually go on a random adventure with a close friend to pick myself back up. Like a road trip without an exact destination while geocaching on the way.

I sleep and watch trash TV.

When I feel down I jump on an indie music blog like indieshuffle and discover extremely new music that most people have never heard of then I go share said music w/ my mainstream friends … To make me feel better.

Whenever I’m down I sing and dance to loud music or simply go explore the great outdoors. Or simply watch sci-fi/comedy movie. Or meet someone. Or… or… or…

What makes me feel better is drinking and venting or vrinking if you will. Often to an ENFP who will provide me with shots and tough love.

My type is ENTP and when I feel down, I get out of the house and explore or I solve a new problem to pick myself back up!

When I feel down, I avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid… Until I can’t avoid anymore, then I shake myself awake go into hyper-overdrive-problem solving mode, get extremely unemotional, dry, determined, somewhat mean and uncaring, fix the problem that has me down to pick myself back up. Or sometimes I just put on lively music and force “the dance” to come forth.

I listen to stand up comedy.

To pick myself back up I need to have a challenge that is isolated from whatever’s getting me down. So like a strategy board game or an escape room or something along those lines. Also it’s better if its a social activity.

I get out of the house and onto the busy city street. Immediate uplift. I don’t like being isolated.


I workout. It helps me to work through the problems in my head, while burning off the stress/sadness and find a solution.

I have a really long quiet bath.

I have a variety of options but would most likely seek out something that helps a cause that I support. Helping others less fortunate quickly resolves my own situation.

I write out a plan.


I make a trip to Target and make a few impulsive decisions (like buying my favourite ice cream)!


I’m an INFP and when I feel down I give myself time for introspection and writing.

I read self help books/blogs or watch romantic period drama TV series.

My type is INFP and when I feel down I pray about it, I talk to my husband to help process the feelings, and then I remind myself that no matter how crummy I feel if I just give it some time I will start to feel better and there is no way to force or rush the process. It always works.

I like to go to the beach alone!

My type is INFP and when I feel down, I watch I Love Lucy or British comedy or other funny movies/films to pick myself back up! Or I write out all my thoughts until I get out all the toxic feelings.

I listen to music, read a book or play “World of Warcraft” and when i’m really deep down I used to talk to my mother.

I run while listening to badass music….or else completely retreat and write piss-poor, gloomy poetry (They both work. The first one works faster).

I listen to music, bake bread and snuggle with my doggies.

I go on a long stroll with a loved one that leads to a long sit by the sea in silence, that ends with a long journaling session that helps put all the pain in proper perspective.

I drink tea, eat chocolate, and watch tv until I’m rested…but if I’m really in a funk, it’s volunteering or doing something creative that will pull me out!

I do mundane chores, take long walks, plan getaways, make playlists, swim, write, or find someone I trust to cuddle quietly.

I’m an INFP, when I’m down first thing would be to get some hugs from my niece and/or nephew since they’re usually good at brightening my mood, then find something to fix/work on (car/stuff around the house) or take my bike out for a ride (weather permitting).

I knit and binge watch sci fi.

INFP and nothing. I just observe my feelings and dwell into it, I don’t try to push them away and after some time they will pass and I will calm down like the ocean after a storm. Talking to another NF about my feelings is also helpful.


I listen to upbeat music, watch a movie/show I love, or talk with my loved ones.

I’m an ESFJ and I blast music in my car/home and sing my lungs out. If I can get a group of friends together to go karaoke, that’s even better!

I volunteer!

I focus not on helping someone else (working as a nurse is good for this)!

I normally seek my friends’ company to hang out and vent!

I hang out with my friends and have a cocktail.

I am ESFJ and I usually seek out my mum or sisters to talk myself better. Talking a brisk walk also helps.


When I’m down I tend to either isolate until I’ve thought through the situation enough to come to a conclusion or call someone I trust with everything and talk to them until I feel better.

When I feel blue, I shed a few quiet tears alone, then I read the quotes made by the greatest people in the history of earth (or read their stories) and tell myself even though I might never get there, I must never stop trying.

I cry it out in a hot shower while possibly listening to sad music.

When I feel down I generally shut myself away from other people, listen to music or play an instrument and, if the problem is particularly severe and confusing, I’ll write out my thoughts so I can identify exactly what’s going on in my head. Or I’ll go for a walk with my dogs. I also rely heavily on my faith in God. All of that usually helps a good deal.

My type is INFJ and when I feel down, I read a favorite fantasy novel to pick myself back up.

When I’m down I like to think about the situation, listen to music and write affirmations, or talk with my close friends that I can trust.

I usually curl up with a good book. If I am just too severely down to even concentrate on reading, I’ll usually try isolate myself to just think about life and listen to very loud, powerful music. If the down-in-the-dumps attitude continues, I’ll either change my environment and go somewhere completely new or reach out to one of the few souls who know me well enough to make me come to my senses. It’s difficult to get out of a funk sometimes because I cannot make myself simply think about something else. When I get this way, i cannot simply allow myself become distracted. I suppose I’m a tad stubborn in that manner. I have to work through it, feel it, and then move past it with an improved mindset about whatever had me down.

I light a high quality scented candle or put on a favorite perfume.

I pray, take a walk in the woods, or write.

I either figure out the most rational way to fix the problem, or (if it can’t be fixed immediately) I find someone else who is struggling and overwhelmed, and help them the way I wish I could be helped. Keeps me from focusing on myself once it’s past the point of being helpful, and I get a second-hand mood boost.

Here are a few things I do: Swim in the sea, drink wine or tea with a close friend and analyze the situation, walk in the park with dogs, send snail mail to my family, write a letter to a friend.

I take a walk alone to a solitary place with a beautiful landscape and think.


I’m an ENTJ, and when I feel down I go out to a restaurant or café, or gym, and enjoy the company of others and the surroundings.

I do something physical, like skating or weights or organizing closets.

When I feel down then depending on the time available, I accomplish something small but significant or reassess my systems for accomplishing things so I can be more effective.

I volunteer or do something social and fun.

ENTJ here. I usually assess the situation and context, figure out where things fell apart, then put a plan together to address the problem. Talking things out with trusted friends helps. And sometimes just “sitting with it” and letting time do its thing is the best thing; this isn’t my natural tendency but it’s been a useful skill to learn.

I work more, or make a list of things to do (including fun things) and do it!

My type is ENTJ and when I feel down, I like to evaluate my life progress and make goal lists to pick myself back up! Or else anything productive.

I engage with people to re-energize.

I analyze the situation to figure out why I am down, what caused it. Then I research and read about it as much as I can so that it doesn’t happen again. When I am satisfied and confident enough that I have it under control, it’s all good again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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