Read This If Your Life Needs To Make A Comeback


The pesky thing about life is that it refuses to remain stable for long.

You settle into a routine. You hit a stride. Results start rolling in. And then before you know it, a slump inevitably hits.

Your progress drags. Your successes break down. The life that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate begins slipping through your fingers and you find yourself in one of the dreaded dead-zones in life – one where the projects that once enticed you feel commonplace. Where the love that once grew you now limits you. Where the plans and dreams you held for the future now seem trite or unreachable or outdated and the life you’ve cultivated is irrelevant. You are somehow suddenly irrelevant to your own existence.

And what do you do at that point?

Most people continue plugging onward – showing up exhausted to the same office every morning, loving the same person in the same habitual way, making the same mindless choices that once inspired them so fiercely.

Because that’s the easier way to go about things. That’s the safer path, the surer route, the road that allows you to live on for years after the most brilliant parts of yourself have quietly packed it in and died. That’s the path that most people take straight to the grave, but it’s not the only option you have.

Because you still possess the power to make a comeback.

The thing about comebacks is they’re tricky – they aren’t a complete abandonment of all that you’ve done and known. We don’t always have the liberty of abandoning our entire lives completely. And so we set out to find a way to jumpstart them – to bring back the vivaciousness of living back into our everyday routines.

And the way we do this is by recycling ourselves. By breaking down what’s working, what’s not working, what’s holding us back and what’s pushing us forward. And then we have to have the strength to let go of the outdated habits we’re clinging to. The comfortable routines we’re following. And the easy, tried-and-true methods we’ve ben using for so damn long.

Because the truth about comebacks is that they don’t allow us to take our entire selves along with us. They demand that we take only the best parts, the brightest parts, the parts that inspire and adapt and morph.

How you were was not working anymore, and so you cannot come back as you were. You have to come back as you’ve never been.

When you make your comeback, you must come back with brand new struggles. With new challenges. And eventually, with new, carefully crafted strengths. Come back as a version of yourself who doesn’t have it all worked out yet, but who will. Come back as someone who is willing to adapt to the new in a way that the old you was not.

Because the truth about comebacks is that they only become necessary once we’ve managed to pigeonhole ourselves. We find something that’s working, so we do it to death. We forget about the other options. We abandon other routes to success. But those routes to success are out there. We just have to allow ourselves to take a step back and consider them from a new, unbiased angle.

To make a true comeback in life, we have to be willing to take the steps forward that feel like steps backward. We have to be willing to let go of the parts of ourselves that we’ve grown all to comfortable with and accept the parts we’re wholly unsure of. We have to learn to take risks all over again – in the exact way that we have forgotten.

Because the truth is, your comeback can’t happen until you’re willing to let yourself happen – in a new way, in a new form, in a fashion that doesn’t come altogether naturally.

Because you cannot come back until you’ve first gone somewhere new. And all the magic lies on the other side of that adventure.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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