Here Is The Top 'Love Language' For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Here Is The Top ‘Love Language’ For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Survey Results:

ENTJs displayed a strong preference for quality time as their primary love language. They also recorded moderate scores on physical touch, words of affirmation and acts of service.

As Te-dominant types, ENTJs are efficient to a fault. If they’re setting aside time specifically to spend with you, it means you matter to them – no questions asked. This type may not be quick to express their love but that doesn’t mean it’s absent – on the contrary, ENTJs are often undyingly loyal to those they decide to let into their inner circle.

To show love to an ENTJ, set time aside to spend with them one-on-one. Learn about what matters most to them in life and don’t shy away from participating in their favourite activities if they invite you along – this is their way of welcoming you into their world. When it comes to affection, ENTJs tend to appreciate physical touch, so don’t be afraid to initiate hugs or other forms of contact with them! This type is cuddlier than they initially let on. Last but not least, a moderate amount of ENTJs report words of affirmation or acts of service as their love language of choice – so make sure you are verbally expressing your love for them or running little errands for them from time to time – you never know what exactly ‘love’ looks like to your particular ENTJ!

To receive love from an ENTJ, notice the ways in which they’re rearranging their schedule in order to spend time around you. They may not be quick to express their love overtly but they’ll do so by inviting you into their lives and sharing their interests with you. Also, be open to receiving physical affection from your ENTJ as you grow closer – they use touch as a method of expressing their love and appreciation for you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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