Here Is The Top 'Love Language' For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Here Is The Top ‘Love Language’ For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

We all display love a little differently.

Some of us like to shower our loved ones with praise and affirmation. Others convey love through physical touch. Some of us want nothing more than to give gifts to the people we care about, whereas others prefer to run errands for friends and loved ones. Of course, some people don’t always display affection overtly but prefer to spend time around the people they love as a means of expressing their investment.

Noting the distinct differences between each of they ‘styles of love’ mentioned above, Gary D. Chapman categorized them into five distinct groups which he now refers to as the Five Love Languages. He discusses each preference at length in his bestselling book ‘The Five Love Languages,’ which is known to have helped many couples and families reconcile their differences and understand the ways in which they each recognize love.

As a Myers-Briggs enthusiast and a great fan of Gary Chapman’s work, I had one burning question to resolve: How does each Myers-Briggs Personality type like to give and receive love?

Curious to discover the answer, I posted a survey to my MBTI Facebook Page, asking participants to identify their Myers-Briggs personality type and then vote on their top one or two love languages. After receiving almost 2500 responses in 48 hours, I was able to compile data on each personality type, to determine how each one likes to give and receive love.

Click on each of the personality types listed below to discover how your friends, partners, family members and loved ones like to give and receive love!

Artisans: ESTP / ISTP / ISFP / ESFP
Guardians: ISFJ / ESFJ / ISTJ / ESTJ
Rationals: INTJ / ENTJ / INTP / ENTP
Idealists: INFJ / ENFJ / INFP / ENFP