7 Reasons Why INFJs Could Rule The World And One Reason Why They Shouldn’t

Thomas Jefferson. Eleanor Roosevelt. Nelson Mandela. Ghandi. What do all these historical leaders have in common? Four things actually: Introverted intuition, extroverted feeling, introverted thinking and extroverted sensing – in that order. Each of these impressive characters were believed to be INFJs. We don’t always see this rare type in positions of leadership but when we do they absolutely shine. You might even say that INFJs could rule the world.

Here is why INFJs would make ideal world leaders:

1. They have the impressive ability to predict the actions of others.

A unique characteristic of the INFJ personality is their ability to predict with eerie precision which move someone’s going to make next. Whether this is a sleazy political candidate or the powerful leader of a nation, INFJs tend to be one step ahead of everyone they meet. They can prepare and execute plans according to what will likely happen, not just what is happening currently.

2. They empathize with and respond to the feelings of the masses.

INFJs are highly in tune with what’s going on in the world around them. They feel the pains of inequality and unfair treatment as if they were experiencing it themselves. A healthy INFJ can apply rational solutions to emotional problems, which is no small feat to master.

3. They are idealists with follow-through.

INFJs see the world as it could be and they set their standards high. However, what distinguishes the INFJ from the other idealist types is their ability to convert their visions into tangible actions. An INFJ with a dream is an INFJ with a plan. They are in equal parts dreamers and doers.

4. They gain trust quickly.

INFJs connect quickly and deeply with almost everybody they meet. They pick up on emotional subtleties that other people miss and can efficiently get down to the core of what it is that someone wants or is hurting from. People who know INFJs for a short period of time feel as though they’ve known them forever – which makes this type easy to trust.

5. They’re inspirational as hell.

INFJs know exactly what they need to say to motivate, rile and inspire masses. They are eloquent speakers who offer concrete plans alongside their promises. They can instantly make a distressed group of people feel impassioned through addressing their concerns with precision and clear-cut decisiveness.

6. There are motivated by helping others rather than by personal gain.

The morals of an INFJ are highly stable – this is because they feel the pain of others almost compulsively. They cannot be happy with themselves until they know that they have done their best for those around them. While this attitude can exhaust an unhealthy INFJ, a healthy version of this type uses their powers for good. Their strong-willed, influential presence is focused on helping others, not on benefiting themselves.

7. They are humble and down-to-earth.

INFJs are as far from being tyrants as it’s possible to get. This type rarely thinks of themselves as “above” or superior to others. They understand that we are all in this life thing together and we’re all simply doing the best we can. INFJs understand the core nature of humans better than any other type – which is why, naturally, they should be ruling the world.

There’s only one thing in the way of this plan, which is:

1. INFJs don’t want to rule anything.

An INFJ would hate ruling the world. This type dislikes taking center stage and prefers using informal methods for inspiring others. INFJs are wildly uncomfortable with telling others what to do, despite the fact that they probably do know what’s best. If there’s anything INFJs don’t want to be it is responsible for all of humanity – which is unfortunate because they would be absolutely excellent at it.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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