For When You Feel Lost In Life

Stacey Rozells

No one has ever said that life is easy. All the peer pressure, terror teachers, and abundant drama at home. Sometimes you feel like losing the game and you don’t know where you’re heading. You might be anxious or under some kind of uncertainty.

It’s true that some part of our lives where what we have planned for the future before pitching ourselves into the crater is starting to fade in front of us. Like when nothing of your tactics and plotted points, worked out the way you wanted them to. You lost in the league you’re playing and think you can just surrender to ease the pain of failure you’re feeling.

There will be times when you reflect on the inaccuracies you did or the things you cannot do. Perhaps, sometimes, you seat on a bench in your school and see your classmates enjoying their leisure time while you, thinking what went wrong. Or at night where all the realizations come in our state of mind allowing it to torture your soul and blame yourself because of failing your own expectations or someone else’s expectations.

Probably you’re in defiance because maybe you thought you will find yourself any time soon. Let’s say you know your ambitions and dreams but the thorns of what you want to do and what you need to do keep you worn out, you will never find yourself. You will end up having confusions and long list of questions on where life is taking you.

No one knows where life is taking you but you.

Let’s be honest, life doesn’t provide GPS to get to the treasure and success you want. This paradox called ‘life’ does not also come with cheat codes to help you get to another chapter of your story. There is no easy way or shortcut.

The only thing you can do is to take control of your life and don’t allow life to take control of you. Go out of the frame so you could see the whole picture. Don’t let other’s opinion to keep you inside but let their opinions build you a stepping stone to reach your goals. Forget any of your insecurities and bring out your pixie dust then explode with bursting colors. Don’t mind if you’re going to spend 25 years just to get where you want to be, just soar high and be liberated. In our life, we need to try new things and dive into diverse environment so you can be stronger and wise the next time.

When you’re feeling lost along the way to your dreams, remember the people who drive you to start your goals and why you’re doing your best.

Stimulate yourself and ask why you ever started dreaming and if you’re really confident about yourself.

Keep in mind why you never gave up. Life may not have GPS to get where you are but expect that it will give you endless beginnings. Don’t worry if you get a new start because you don’t know where it will leads you. Just continue the dream you’ve always had. It’s just laying inside you and waiting to be burn so you can rise into ashes.

Being lost will sometimes bring us to the right path where we are suppose to be without the conflicts of what you wanted to do and what you need to do. What you want and need to do will be as one. Just keep on dreaming and never be afraid to start a new beginning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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