This Is The Ideal Winter Aesthetic For Each Zodiac Sign

Winter is a time of glistening snowflakes, peaceful and quiet mornings, and gentle snowfall. It is a time of holiday joy and loving warmth in the hearts of all around you. It is a time celebrated but celebrated differently. Each of us appreciates the winter season in different ways, and according to your zodiac, this is how you celebrate the colder weather.

Aries: electric blankets, laying your face against a warm bowl of soup on a frosty evening, and sledding down big hills.

Taurus: nude sweaters, slow mornings accompanied by a fresh brew, and sipping hot chocolate by the fire with someone you love.

Gemini: scarves that tickle your neck, the need to do everything and nothing at all, and going Christmas caroling to really get in the holiday spirit.

Cancer: entire days spent in bed, counting the stars on a clear night, and being surrounded by the people you love.

Leo: warming your hands against the fire, that happy feeling of being able to pull out your winter wardrobe at the beginning of the season, and picking out the perfect holiday gift for someone.

Virgo: the sound of hail tapping your window, the changing of the weather, and finally getting to decorate your home with all the Christmas-y cheer.

Libra: ice skating dates, listening to Christmas music six months too early, and driving around town to see all the beautifully decorated houses.

Scorpio: pretending not to be freezing cold, unapologetically eating ice cream in -10 degree weather, and running home during a blizzard with your best friend.

Sagittarius: the way snow glistens in the sunlight, the sudden gush of icy wind right as you walk out the door, and building giant snowmen.

Capricorn: early sunsets, the fear that colder weather means that finals are coming soon, and hosting a Christmas party and seeing everyone around you happy.

Aquarius: first snowfall, seeing your own breath in the cold, winter air, and getting to sing the Christmas songs you’ve wanted to sing all year.

Pisces: collecting snowflakes in your hand, the feeling when your heart stops when you almost fall on ice, and seeing your loved ones open their gifts with a look of sheer joy on their face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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