How To Make The Most Of The Last Days Of 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How To Make The Most Of The Last Days Of 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Oh Aries, you know you’re stubborn, and you don’t need anyone to tell you that either. You know what you want and when you want it, and everyone else had better make room, but that’s what makes you such pioneers and leaders. 2018 was a big year for you with changes to your set routines and new people introduced into your life. You’ve had opportunities come knocking this year, and you’ve finally gotten out of your own way. In these last days of 2018, I commend you for tackling all that this year threw at you. Take this time to rest. Recharge. Refuel. Tackle 2019 with the same fire. You’ve got a spring in your step, Aries!


2018 has been a year of control for you, dear Taurus. You’ve experienced more publicity than you’re used to, and that has forced you to be more in control of your life. This year for you has been anything but boring. Your creativity has been soring. Your love life has flourished. You have reached potential that you didn’t even know you had. In these last days, reflect on all the pleasant gifts this year has brought you. Take the time to take the first deep breath that you’ve been given all year. You are so very blessed, and this year proved it to you.


You changed a lot this year, Gemini. You entered a phase of change destined to make you more refined, lighter, and freer than you’ve ever been. You’ve spent this year learning how to be more emotionally connected to the people around you. You’ve been more outgoing, more social, and more apt to explore the world around you. Take these last days of 2018 to realize how far you’ve come. You are a whole new person, and you deserve the chance to meet the new you.


2018 has been a year of transition for Cancer. You have found a new sense of independence, and a deeper appreciation for the people in your life. In these last days of 2018, I implore you to continue to find ways to tell those people how much you love them, whether it be through a letter, a phone call, or a conversation. Enjoy the feeling that sharing your love gives you.


You were a leader this year, Leo. Whether it be by unyielding circumstances or not, you got to take a chance in the pioneer’s seat. This led to great emotional and social growth in your personal life. In these last few days of 2018, take time for yourself. Give yourself permission to slow down. Have a day where you aren’t doing a job or working on a project. How about giving yourself a day to just be simple?


2018 was all about new beginnings for you, Virgo. You let go of toxic relationships, you reinvented your definition of home, and you chose to learn something new. Before heading in to 2019, take the rest of this year to understand why you let go of so much. Come to terms with the decisions you made, and stand behind them. Give yourself peace before entering the new year that you made some hard but necessary choices.


You faced some of your biggest fears in the name of self-expression and talent this year, Libra. It was hard for you. You had to learn how to be vulnerable. Give yourself some serious self-love before the new year starts, Libra. Run a warm bath, take a walk, meditate, do what you love. You deserve it.


You had many blessings come your way this year, Scorpio. Maybe a new job? More friends? A raise? Some great things have been happening to you leaving you wishing 2018 would never end, but believe me, 2019 will be just as great. If you haven’t already, start a gratitude journal before the new year, and start writing in it. That way, you won’t be wishing for time to stop, you’ll have your own time capsule with you wherever you go.


You’ve had a fulfilling year, Sagittarius. Because Jupiter has moved into your sign, there has been an influx in new opportunities for you. Maybe it was more business, a better paying job, or more happiness in your personal life. Either way, it’s been a busy time for you. In these last few weeks, take time to breathe. You’ve been so caught up in your new exciting life that you’ve forgotten, and that’s okay.


2018 was a year of power for you, Capricorn. You felt in control of your personal and professional life, which led to an increase of happiness all throughout the year. Before the new year starts, take time to appreciate this new power position you have, and find ways to manage the stress that comes with it. Make a list of de-stressing tips for when it gets too overwhelming. Prepare as much as you can before 2019.


You changed a lot this year, Aquarius. You made major moves, both figuratively and physically, and you persevered into relative unknown, which is uncommon for you. In these last couple weeks before 2019, recognize all the impressive leaps you made this year, and start a journal. That way, you can look back and always remember how far you came.


You found your confidence this year, Pisces. Instead of your typical dreamy self, you were more relaxed and realistic when it came to your goals this year. Before 2019 comes, give yourself reasons to believe in yourself more. This might be through a list, a journal, or a note on your desk, but promise to always tell yourself how amazing you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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