19 Resolutions The Empowered You Needs In 2019

19 Resolutions The Empowered You Needs In 2019

1. Be heard.

There’s a voracious firecracker living in all of us, but for some, the idea of being heard rather than just seen comes easier than it does for others. Make 2019 your year of voiceful power. Don’t hold your tongue. Say what’s on your mind, and for the first time, don’t apologize for it.

2. Give yourself some major props–you made it this far.

Take one moment each morning to give yourself encouragement. Say something about yourself that you wish someone would say to you. Let your heart know that you’re on its side.

3. Realize that giving up doesn’t always mean giving in.

I’m as stubborn as they come, and one thing I never do is give up, even when it would be far healthier to do so. In 2019, make the promise to yourself that you will know when your heart’s had enough, and tell yourself that you won’t keep pushing just for the sake of doing it. Realize that giving something up doesn’t mean you’ve given in.

4. Slow down.

Life often feels like a race, and we’re so caught up with finishing first that we forgot to stop and look around for a while. It’s time to recognize that it’s not about what place you finish in, it’s about what you take away from it.

5. Find your oasis.

Find whatever it is that gives you peace. For me, it’s a planner, an open computer, and a lit candle. That’s what brings me peace on these cold nights. In 2019, make finding your oasis your priority.

6. Let go of people who aren’t holding on to you.

Holding on to people who aren’t holding onto you is a waste of energy that you deserve to use elsewhere. Take a step back, hold on to the relationships that nourish you, and cut the ones that aren’t.

7. Stop allowing people to walk over you.

It’s hard to stand up for yourself, but you need to make 2019 a year where you put yourself first. Your feelings should always come before anyone or anything else.

8. Remind yourself how big the world is.

When the bad things start to cave in, I agree, it can be suffocating, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last couple months, it’s that the world is way too big to be so tied up in one little part of it. There is so much out there for you to explore. The world doesn’t have to end here.

9. Wake up with the sun.

I’ve always been an early riser, partly because it simply comes with my work. I have to be up by 6:30 every morning, but now that I’ve done it for so long, I’ve learned to enjoy it. The quiet, wee hours of the morning are when I connect with myself spiritually, and I wouldn’t trade that for any snooze button.

10. Watch more documentaries.

Be more mindful with what you take in. Watch more of what stimulates and educates your brain, rather than the mindless drama that simply takes up your time.

11. Become involved with issues that are important to you.

If they matter to you, make them matter to someone else.

12. Play records more often.

I’ve always been a music lover, but vinyl is an old taste that is simply divine. It transports you to a different place and time, and for me, that’s the perfect escape.

13. Stop holding on to anger.

The only person anger holds back is you. Don’t give it that kind of power.

14. Be warm, be welcoming.

Make 2019 the year where you feel like home to someone else. Be so welcoming and so loving that you attract all that love back. Trust me, it’s so worth it.

15. Read more.

Try to read 30 minutes every morning and every night. While you’re at it, journal every morning and evening, too.

16. Give yourself room to grow.

Stop telling yourself that there’s some magical finish line that you have to get to. There’s no ending. You have your whole life to keep growing and learning. It doesn’t stop here.

17. Appreciate the little things.

The fact that you had enough time to make tea this morning. The breakfast you ate. The slow commute to work. The song on the radio. Appreciate the things that you often don’t even think about.

18. Learn as much as possible.

Never stop growing and never stop learning. Fill your mind with all the knowledge you can, and continue to filter it out into the world. Give someone else that gift of knowledge.

19. Laugh as often as you breathe.

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