Date Someone Who Has These 19 Qualities Because You’ll Probably Want To Be With Them Forever

Chirobocea Nicu
Chirobocea Nicu

There are a lot of these pieces going around. I have probably read all of them over the last couple of years. Date a girl who reads, Date a girl who doesn’t read, date someone who hates you/loves you/spoils you/adores you. All of them.

I recently got engaged to someone who makes me feel like a complete dork for love.

Think about the worst, soppiest rom-com you have ever seen and then multiply that by it-self and then add an unhealthy amount of cheese all over it. It’s that bad. And it’s delicious. We literally use terms like MFEO (Made for each other) for those of you are much cooler and more composed in the face of all this lovey-dovey stuff.

Anyway, we’ve known each other for about four months. It was just right. We kind of decided to get married about three weeks in – without technically being official. She wasn’t even in the country. It happened over the phone and we only said I love you like a week later. We get married in December of this year. By that time we will have been together for about six months. And that’s that.

She does read by the way, she loves me, she spoils me she adores me. But there’s more. So I thought I would share a concise list of the “someone” you should date because I feel sorry for the losers who don’t have that someone I have. I know that makes me sound like complete asshole. But it’s true. Most days, I have a moment or two where I feel sorry for myself, because who the hell were those losers I was dating the whole time, and what was I thinking? So here goes…

1. Date someone who makes you swipe right, everyday. They make you swipe right in life. You wake up next to them everyday, and you swipe right, and you know you’re going to want to do that with them for the rest of your life.

2. Date someone who without a doubt makes you feel like they’re swiping right for you all the time too.

3. Date someone who leaves in the middle of a lunch date with friends to bring you a takeaway burger because they don’t want you to be hungry while you’re working and they don’t want to wait until the lunch date is over coz they don’t want the food to get cold. So they would rather race over, make sure you’re okay, and race back

4. Date someone who loves all the same things you love and even if they don’t, they love you, so they love that you love the things you love anyway.

5. Date someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Like what time it is, or how you look, or what they (or you) are going to wear. Date someone who makes you feel like all this stuff is irrelevant and means nothing as long as you’re together.

6. Date someone who makes you feel like if all the humans had to disappear, you would be okay, coz it just means you would have more time with each other.

7. Date someone who doesn’t take up space, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re taking up theirs. Who you can exist with together, and still feel like it’s just another part of you in the same room and not someone who needs additional energy.

8. Basically, date someone who fuels you instead of drains you.

9. Date someone you can be completely crazy with. Who you can terrorize and bother in the morning because you always wake up earlier with a lot of energy and you need to play.

10. Date someone who makes you coffee, does the dishes, packs them away. Who does all the stuff because you do all the stuff for them too and it goes without saying. It’s another small thing that no one sweats.

11. Date someone whose laugh makes you feel like your pores are getting extra oxygen and you feel a bit euphoric.

12. Date someone funny. Because there’s nothing better than not pretending to laugh but really, really going for it like your whole body has no other option.

13. Date someone who’s clever. Who’s as clever as you are. Who is smarter than you are in some ways. And who are smarter than in other ways. Because that way, you’re always respecting each other because you’re always growing and learning.

14. Date someone who writes. Because they make you a better writer and they get it.

15. Date someone who loves to love. Who would understand that it’s okay to feel embarrassed about writing something like this, because they would probably feel embarrassed if they did it. But also, date someone who loves that you did this, and never embraces your incessant need to be affectionate and romantic to the point of vomiting.

16. Date someone who agrees with the fact that your love is actually disgusting and in previous lives, you would have judged another couple (just like you), really, really hard.

17. Date someone you can make fun of and who isn’t afraid to make fun of you.

18. But most of all, date someone who makes you swipe right, everyday.

19. And then, when you’re done dating that person, marry them. And keep them, and respect them and treat them well forever. Because they make you better, and you make them better and you finally realize what team-work really looks like… when a team really works together. Because when you’re always on the same side, you stay winning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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