5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Want To Be Like Blair Waldorf

Ever since discovering Gossip Girl (a drama about privileged NYC teens) on Netflix about a year ago, my life has been filled with irrational envy for one of the main (and fictional) characters, Blair Waldorf. Blair’s actions give the impression that she is a power-hungry, conniving, class-A bitch — which, well, she is. So, you may be asking, why the hell would I be filled with a burning desire to be her? Blair utilizes her negative traits in a productive way that typically results in her achieving exactly what she intends to. So, based on the knowledge I’ve acquired by watching all six seasons of Gossip Girl twice, I have compiled a list of reasons why Blair Waldorf should be the topic of every young girl’s “My Role Model Is…” grade school essay.

1. Blair is extremely intelligent.

She graduates at the top of her class at Constance-Billard while being involved in countless extracurriculars, attends an Ivy League school, and is able to whip up a complex scheme at the drop of a hat (err, headband). She has a sharp comeback for every rude comment and dumb question directed at her (which happens frequently when one possesses as much brainpower as Blair), which also is a factor that leads to her icy exterior. But hey, who has time for pleasant niceties when there is a city that needs to be ruled?

2. Blair knows exactly what she wants.

Unlike her best friend Serena, who is constantly wishy-washy and unable to make a decision, Blair has a picture in her head of what she wants her life to resemble and sticks to it. All Blair wants is “a simple fairy tale,” and she definitely has her fair share of them during the show. In every episode, Blair has her mind set on a certain objective and doesn’t stray from the path to get it.

3. She then goes after exactly what she wants.

Though Blair has a team of minions at Constance, NYU, and Columbia that aid her in her quests to conquer her goals, she is always the driving force behind attaining what she wants. She will plow through anyone and anything if it means it will get her a step closer to something she wants, rather it be catching the unattainable Chuck Bass, landing an internship at W, or becoming a literal princess. Blair often gets her “bitch” label due to this relentless trait of hers, yet those dishing out the unfair description are generally the collateral damage of her (successful) missions. “If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.” Well put, Queen B. Take notes, girls.

4. Blair is classy and has fantastic style.

Blair has a hot bod, but would never, ever be seen sporting a crop top or shorts so short that they leave nothing to be desired. Dresses, skirts, and heels are her fashion staples, all of which provide her with an aura of sophistication and class. Modern fashion trends often encourage young girls/teens to flaunt their tiny waists and lean legs with revealing and stripper-esque clothing articles—a craze that would cause Blair to involuntarily reenact her bulimia days. Audrey Hepburn’s high-class style and image are ideal to Blair, which she faithfully expresses throughout the entire series.

5. Blair doesn’t settle for less than she deserves.

Since she initially told her best friend, “I’m not a stop along the way, I’m a destination” early in the series, Blair has stuck to her declaration throughout the show’s entirety. Blair waits for absolutely no one and if someone disses her, she throws him or her out of her life faster than she tosses out last season’s Louboutins. When the Bass she loves more than the world trades her love for his hotel, Blair chucks (no pun intended) him aside instantly. When the same Bass exhibits terrible judgment out of grief and beds the vulnerable Little J and then has the nerve to (almost) propose to Blair, she banishes Jenny from Manhattan indefinitely and cuts Chuck from her life (until they inevitably start scheming again as “friends”). Blair knows that a powerful, independent woman like herself deserves to be treated like the princess she is and makes no exceptions when it comes to her friends, family, minions and lovers.

Blair is by far the most inspirational fictional character I have ever come across while binge watching a television series on Netflix. After I watch a GG episode, instead of clicking on “Watch Next Episode,” the after effect of Blair’s genius and confidence motivates me to get out of bed, put on a skirt and some lipstick, and take the world by storm — Waldorf style. Blair reminds us that “some people are simply better than others,” and every young woman should aim to be the “some people,” just as Blair does every day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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