9 Creepy Stories And A Quick Response To Each Of Them

Everyone loves a good old fashioned ghost story, but what happens when you attempt to tell one via Reddit? My favorite part of any online post is the comments – that’s where you find the shining stars of society. Relieve your childhood by reading these Goosebumps-like horror stories (MY DAD IS A PLANT?!?!), followed by the most hilarious comments I could find, so that you can also sleep at night.

1. A Terrifying Wee-Woo.

Work at a funeral type place where you have to receive bodies from the airport and then move them into refrigerators at work. This place is creepy at night and known for having ghost stories with all the dead people.

One time at 10pm, [I had to] hoist a 200lb body onto a gurney out of the car as ambulance went by down the street. Right after it passed I heard a faint male voice making siren noises “wee woo wee woo” slowly. I was the only one alive in the building. As a tiny 5’3″ tall girl, I got out of there as soon as possible in case there were some playful ghosts in there.
Response: A full grown ALIVE man pretending to make siren noises would creep me the fuck out. So, a ghost one would be even worse.

2. You’re a Wizard, Harry.

Went to Lincoln City on the Oregon coast for a weekend getaway with my mother and sister when I was about 14. Mom suggested we go into a palm reader’s place to see what our futures hold. My mom and sister enter ahead of me and before I can step foot in the place an old woman screams at me not to come in. She comes to the door and says that the dark ones can’t come in. She proceeds to ask me, while I’m standing in the cold on her stoop, if I see “them.” Mom rushes past her and grabs me, yelling for my sister and I to get back in the car. Mom proceeds to explain to me on the drive back to our hotel that the reason we moved so often when I was little was because I would complain about people watching me sleep at night and hearing voices. Weird considering there’s a huge chunk of my childhood (from about 4 to 9-10 years old) that I don’t remember whatsoever.
Response: You are the chosen one.


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