9 Things That Are Going To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Unappreciated

Quit Running From Love And Let It Find You

Stop waiting for that person to see your worth. No matter how hard you try to make your best effort, if that person doesn’t even appreciate a single thing, then it’s useless. You are wasting your time. You are only making a fool of yourself. Sometimes things are obvious but we are denying it to ourselves and thinking that if we will still give another ounce of kindness and affection, they will finally see that we are the one perfect for them— but that’s not the way it is. Someone who really loves you will appreciate you in the littlest thing possible.

Stop thinking that because of your kind gestures, they will eventually like you back. This is why most people with genuine hearts are being taken for granted. This is where most of the heartbreaks. They are abused because they will always understand, they will always forgive and they will still be there no matter what at the end of the day. Reality is that, no matter how many good things you do for them, how many late nights you spend talking to them, how many sacrifices you are willing to spend on them, if they don’t feel the same way and if they don’t see you the way you see them, then it’s all useless.

Stop thinking about them. Stop spending your time thinking about how they are or what they are up to. Stop thinking how their day was. Stop thinking if they’re feeling fine or not. Stop thinking that a thought of you ever crossed their minds. Stop waiting for them to ask you for the first time how are you because you know that won’t happen because in reality, you are the only one who truly cares.

Stop making them feel they are special. You will eventually get tired of showing them your truest affection. You will always be the one who remembers. You will always be left with nothing. You will always be the one who makes the effort and you know for yourself that without your only effort, things will never work out, never. Never forget that you too are special. You also deserve the same treatment you are trying to give out. You are worthy of the effort and not just a bit of attention from someone. Stop letting them feel this way. You will be the one consumed in the end.

Stop thinking that you are the one they need— because obviously, you aren’t. Stop fantasizing that you are the perfect one created for them that’s why you are willing to give out your all, your best and your much for them to appreciate you for the first time or at least for once. Don’t assume things and most of all don’t assume someone’s feelings. You are only hurting yourself in the process. You cannot say to yourself that you are the one because you don’t know what they are looking for, you don’t know what they want and you don’t know what they need. So stop figuring it all out because answers are written down all over your face and you are just closing your eyes from it. You are only hiding from what is the reality.

So learn to let go. Let go of those false hopes. Let go of those high hopes. Let things work themselves out. Don’t try too hard for people who didn’t ask you to be special in the first place. Don’t care too much for people who aren’t deserving of it. Don’t let anyone be more than special when you know there’s nothing to look forward in the end. Don’t let anyone consume your best self, your truest emotions, and genuine heart. Instead, learn to let go.

Quit running for love and let it find you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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