Ranking Astrological Signs By Who Is Most Likely To Stab You In The Back

12. Pisces

Of the 12 signs, Pisces is least likely to betray you. Pisces is arguably the gentlest sign in the zodiac. They can be a bit gullible, which would probably make them the sign most likely to fall victim to betrayal. People born under this sign are often very sensitive to the world and how people treat them, which contributes to their empathic abilities. Their empathy makes it difficult for them to treat anyone poorly, because they can feel the pain inflicted on others, and would hate to be the source of someone else’s discomfort.

11. Virgo

People born under this sign are often very loyal and kind. They are not the type who would stab you in the back. They are often very overly-critical of themselves, and work very hard on self-improvement. They are conscious of what they do and how they treat others, making them less likely to betray the people around them.

10. Cancer

Cancers are typically very loyal, emotional, and sympathetic. A lot like Pisces, they are less likely to betray you, because they are giant crybabies who feel too much and know what it’s like to be hurt by others. Cancers are also often very nurturing and prefer taking care of people more so than destroying them.

9. Taurus

Taurus are stubborn, possessive, uncompromising buttheads. Though, for the most part, so long as you don’t fuck with them, they won’t fuck with you. Above all else, don’t touch their food. You might not necessarily find yourself with a knife in your back, but there’s a good chance you’ll end up being stabbed by a fork in whatever hand gets too close to what isn’t yours to touch. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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8. Leo

People born under this sign are often arrogant, self-centered, and lazy. They wouldn’t consciously plot to hurt you. That would take too much effort. Betrayal just might happen naturally because they don’t give enough of a fuck to keep themselves in check and consider you or your feelings when it comes to their course of action. They’re too busy thinking about themselves.

7. Aquarius

People born under this sign often run from emotional expression, so they are more likely to be passive aggressive and hold grudges. Aquarius can also be very temperamental and uncompromising. The combination of these characteristics increases the chances of them betraying you, simply because they are emotionally disconnected to the people around them and are likely to engage in seeking revenge. Odds are that knife in your back has Aquarius fingerprints all over it.

6. Libra

People born under this sign are often very indecisive, much like Aquarius, and would rather hold a grudge than confront the problem. Grudges are usually the breeding ground for potential betrayal. Libras can also become easily detached if you push them too far. People born under this sign can be very vindictive. Libras are not likely to betray or hurt you unless you give them reason to. Once you cross a Libra, you will regret it because not only will they stab you in the back, they will also twist the knife and break the blade off just to teach you a lesson. Don’t mess with Libras.

5. Aries

Aries are often very moody and short tempered. They can also be impulsive and aggressive. Often described as the bullies of the zodiac, this fiery sign can be very goal-oriented and will happily trample anyone to get to their desired destinations in life, making betrayal inevitable. When it comes to the Aries in your life, be sure to proceed with caution.

4. Scorpios

Often distrusting, secretive, and violent, Scorpios tend to be one of the most avoided zodiac signs in astrology. People born under this sign can also be very intolerant, manipulative, and resentful. Scorpios are also well known for their appetite for vengeance, so be careful how you treat them. Even hurting them in the smallest way can come back to you tenfold. Scorpio won’t just betray you; they will make sure to ruin your entire life before they are done with you.

3. Capricorn

People born under this sign are often unforgiving, condescending, and goal-oriented. Capricorns will hurt you unintentionally because they are assholes with tunnel vision, and they will put their goals before their emotional attachments to people. The worst part is, they will betray you without even intending to do so. It won’t be anything personal, you will simply be the collateral damage of their existence. If you find yourself in their orbit, be careful and try not to get too close.

2. Sagittarius

People born under this sign often lack patience, get bored quickly, and can be very impulsive. Sagittarians have trouble committing to things. Consequently, they often end up breaking promises, which is arguably one of the worst forms of betrayal. People born under this sign often need to feel like they have control, and they value their freedom over everything. Honestly, Sagittarius will betray anyone in a heartbeat if it means that they can have more room to breathe.

1. Gemini

People born under this air sign are often incredibly flighty and impulsive. If it ever comes to a point where a Gemini needs to decide whether to fight for their relationships, or run away, they will choose to run away every time. People born under this sign are often two-faced, and you never know which version of them you are going to get. Geminis are typically a bouquet of red flags disguised as roses. They can smell just as sweet, but their thorns are sharper than any knife you could ever find in your back. They don’t even bother waiting until your back is turned, they will just make a target of your heart while you are looking right at them.

I’m trying.

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