Darling, Don’t Come Back

if ever you find yourself
delirious and overwhelmed
with the temptation
to reach out to me,
I hope you choose
to crawl back into the grave
that you dug for yourself instead.

don’t come back.
You made your bed
and now
I hope you cry yourself to sleep.
Feel free
to count yourself
among the dead,
because now
that’s all you are to me.
I hope you run out of air
before you run out of memories.
I hope I disturb
your peace.
In your eternal rest,
I hope I’m the one
who haunts your dreams.
I hope the earth collapses
and consumes everything.

I hope the soil
makes a home of your lungs.
I hope you forget the words
to every prayer,
every comfort,
every lullaby
your mother has ever sung.
I hope no one
hears your calls.
I hope you remember
through the crushing weight of it all,
that the pain you feel
doesn’t compare
to the damage you inflicted
when you walked away.

I find solace
in the depth of your grave,
though six feet
isn’t far enough
for the ones
who cannot be saved.

it is what it is.
I hope my name
rests on your lips
as you choke and gasp
for your last breath.
despite your pulse,
always remember
you chose a coward’s death.

My condolences.
I’ll send flowers to your Momma.
Leave them on her porch:
A burning bouquet of forget-me-nots
in remembrance
of all the things you forgot
like the way
you said you loved me
before you disappeared.

I hope you know
for the first time
in a long time
I’m genuinely happy
that you are no longer here.
Of every girl
you’ve ever hurt,
I hope I’m the one you fear.

don’t come back.
are no longer
welcome here.

About the author

Gina Clingan

I’m trying.