10 Uncomfortable Things You Need To Do During A Pandemic

10 Uncomfortable Things You Need To Do During A Pandemic

1. Slow Down

Use the pandemic as an opportunity to chill out for a while. If you are always used to having a busy schedule or working more than one job, this might be the break you didn’t know you needed or the one you have been avoiding for so long. You won’t be able to do it all like you always did. This is an unusual scenario. Treat it as such. Be realistic with yourself regarding what your capacity is at the moment. Don’t burden yourself with the things you can’t do, focus on the things you can do. One thing at a time. One task at a time. One responsibility at a time.

2. Remain Calm

Don’t freak out. Don’t overthink. Don’t obsess about the news or the statistics. Because when you do those things, you will lose perspective and you will let fear take over. This is an uncertain situation for all of us, all over the world. The more you dwell in your worry, the more anxious you become. Don’t let anxiety become your new normal. Pray. Meditate. Go to therapy. Do what works for you to welcome calmness over anxiety at any given opportunity.

3. Be Mindful

Think about the impact your actions have on other people, on your community, on the ones you love. The next time you go out, practice social distancing and self-hygiene. Don’t shop for things you don’t need. And when you shop for things you need, don’t over shop. Leave some for others. When you see an opportunity to help someone, take it. Better off, make an opportunity to lend a helping hand.

4. Be Honest About Struggling

When someone asks about how you’re doing, tell them the truth. Don’t portray a fake state of mind on social media. Speak up about what you are going through and share your uncommon thoughts. The world needs authenticity and transparency more than ever. When you are being brave by showing the world your true self, you allow others to do the same. Ask for help. Talk to someone.

5. Reach Out To People In Your Life

FaceTime your parents. Call your grandparents. Call your aunts and uncles. Call your best friend from childhood. Call the friend who always checks-up on you. Call the friend who hasn’t been themselves lately. Call the friend who just returned from a trip overseas. Text your coworkers. Email your manager. Reach out to anyone you can reach out to during these difficult times.

6. Make Peace With Your Past

Revisit your past but from a new perspective. A perspective you haven’t considered before. A perspective that is not yours. A perspective that sees the situation for what it is. A perspective of growth and acceptance. Hash out any disagreement or hurt feelings you have with anyone. Do your part. If it works, great! If it doesn’t, you tried. This will not be easy, but it will be worthwhile. You will feel at peace with yourself. Your present will become better and your future will thank you for it.

7. Connect With Yourself

Do the things that enrich your soul. Maybe it’s self-care activities. Maybe it’s planning the rest of your year. Maybe it’s doing a vision board. Maybe it’s reading books. Maybe it’s binge-watching tv shows or movies. Maybe it’s taking a nap every day. Maybe it’s taking long showers. Maybe it’s enjoying your favorite drink. Maybe it’s working out at home. Maybe it’s taking a break from social media. Maybe it’s dancing in your living room.

8. Spread Kindness

Be kind to others. Be kind to people you’re interacting with virtually or in person. Be kind to your family when they are worried about you. Be kind to your friend who hasn’t replied to you. Be kind to your neighbor. Be kind to the person at the grocery store. Be kind to the cashier. And most importantly, be kind to yourself.

9. Practice Gratitude

Start using a gratitude journal. Write on a sticky note one good thing that happened to you or one good thing that you did today. Thank people around you. Enjoy the gift of being alive and the privilege of being safe.

10. Stay Hopeful

Keep your head-up. Have faith in humanity. Believe that this will come to an end. Be positive that we will come out of this together; stronger, wiser and better.

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