Zodiacs Ranked From Crazy About Christmas To Absolute Grinches

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are the elf of the zodiac. They are the first to decorate their place, office, and car and they put their Christmas tree up before anyone else does. Sagittarians are the true embodiment of the Christmas spirit. They make everyone around them feel joyful and light-hearted. Don’t worry about getting excited for Christmas this year because Sagittarians got your back!

2. Gemini

Geminis are the Christmas perfectionist of the zodiac. Geminis like to be ready for Christmas ahead of time. They take Christmas seriously especially when it comes to decorations. Geminis want the perfect Christmas tree with well-wrapped gifts under the tree and everyone sitting in the living room hanging out together and getting ready for the Christmas traditions. Geminis love Christmas because it’s about family and there’s nothing Geminis love more than seeing Christmas lights and decorations all over the city. You’re going to hear a lot of orders coming from Geminis this season. You gotta be patient!

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are the Christmas wish list maker. Capricorns will create their wish list months before Christmas. They’ll remind you of what they want. Capricorns are the best at giving gifts because they make sure that they will at least get you one item off of your list. And they think that you’ll do the same for them. Watch out for the Capricorn’s wish list for this holiday season!

4. Leo

Leos are the caroler of the zodiac. They will give their best performance singing the Christmas carols. Leos will also play the radio non-stop on their way to everything: work, gym, school, or running in between places. They will take advantage of going to family gatherings and maybe even church just to sing their heart out. Get ready for a Leo’s musical Snapchat stories.

5. Pisces

Pisceans are the movie geek of the zodiac. They wear their ugly sweaters before the holiday season starts because they cannot hold their excitement. Pisceans make a specialized movie calendar and they make sure that everyone is brought up to speed. They create the perfect movie setting. So they make homemade popcorn, hot chocolate, and Christmas cookies. Better be prepared to see lots of Christmas movies with a Pisces!

6. Taurus

Taureans are the Santa Claus of the zodiac. Taureans are out and about during the holiday season. Taureans want to have the best Christmas experience possible. Therefore, they attend holiday events and Christmas office parties to celebrate Christmas as much as they can. Be prepared to do lots of Christmas shopping with a Taurus!

7. Libra

Libras are the people kissing under the mistletoe. Libras like Christmas because it allows them to be their true romantic selves without coming across too strong or needy. Libras make the holiday season extra special because they are on a mission to make your heart melt. Get ready to be surprised on Christmas because Libra has something in store for you.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are neither Elves nor Grinches. Scorpios like to please everyone. If their family and friends wants to celebrate Christmas, they will too. If not, they won’t. Scorpios go with the crowd because they just want to have a lovely time and make the holiday season a memorable one for all. Scorpios will leave it up to you to make all the arrangements—big or small. So except to be the one who calls the shots for Christmas!

9. Cancer

Cancerians are the Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. Cancerians are moody by nature, so their level of enthusiasm about Christmas depends on how the year before was for them. If it was a decent year, then they are going to have an enjoyable time during the holiday season. If it was a terrible one, then they are not going to have a pleasant experience. Be aware of a Cancer’s mood swings this year and remember not to take it personally.

10. Aquarius

Aquarians are the social justice worker of the zodiac. Aquarians are not opposed Christmas, they just hate the fact that there are people who will not get to celebrate Christmas because they can’t. Aquarians strongly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the holiday season without worrying about staying warm, being safe, or having food on the table. This year, get ready to get on board because Aquarians will stand-up for those who cannot stand-up for themselves.

11. Virgo

Virgos are the almost Grinch of the zodiac. Although Virgos might come off as pure Grinches, they secretly love the holidays. Virgos don’t like it when people buy expensive things just to show off or pretend that they are good people during the giving season when in fact they are pure assholes. Because Virgos are low-key by nature, people think that they are being haters when they criticize the behaviors of others during the holidays. You are about to get a reality check from a Virgo this year so listen carefully!

12. Aries

Aries are the absolute Grinches of the zodiac. Because of their impulsive nature, Aries sets themselves up for failure during the holiday season. Aries gets themselves so worked-up before Christmas comes and then they get so disappointed when what they hoped for doesn’t come true. Maybe their best friend couldn’t make it, maybe they weren’t approved to get a couple of days off, maybe they didn’t get the gift or attention they wanted. Aries can become absolute suckers of joy and party poopers if they want to. If things don’t go their way, they will become negative and a bit dramatic. Try your best not to get on an Aries’ bad side this season so everyone can have a peaceful Christmas! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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