6 ‘Bridgerton’ Pairings Who Should Take Center Stage In Season 4

The ton is not OK. By that, I mean that homophobes and literary purists alike are complaining about Season 4 of Bridgerton even though it hasn’t been written yet. Why, you ask? Because of one character’s gender being swapped. Fans of the original Bridgerton books are not loving the Season 3 reveal that the original book character of Michael Stirling is now a woman, Michaela, in the show. After all, this means that Francesca and Michaela might hook up, just as Francesca did with Michael in the source novel When He Was Wicked. Lord forbid! As if Bridgerton were the first adaptation in history to have changed its source text, ruining the lives of tens of Internet commentators. 

Still, Bridgerton trudges on, and Season 4 will deliver us a new power couple. But who? As someone who has not read one Bridgerton novel, I now present my predictions/wishes for who should make out next.

The obvious couple: Francesca and Michaela

I am not a Bridgerton purist, and I literally can’t be since I’ve never read any of the books. Also, I am not a homophobe. Both of these facts make me the perfect person to not care that Francesca and Michaela might hook up. Plus, did y’all see how Francesca’s jaw practically dropped to the floor, Looney Tunes style, when Michaela introduced herself? Clearly, this is a woman who’ll pry Francesca out of her shell – and a ton of us would like to see it. 

The overdue couple: Violet Bridgerton and Lord Anderson

Violet deserves some time off to go on a fabulous vacation with this mysterious hunk. She’s married off half of her children, after all! Isn’t that enough? Shouldn’t there be a minimum number of married-off children that a Regency woman hits before qualifying for retirement? Or is it more of a “years served” situation? Either way, Violet deserves a break. Maybe Daphne can come back and watch the kids next season while Mom blacks out next to a pool in Cornwall.

The surprise couple: Benedict Bridgerton and the guy who invented the hot air balloon 

Bridgerton seemed to be teasing a throuple between Benedict Bridgerton, Lady Arnold, and Paul Suarez, and then pulled away at the last minute, freeing Benedict to stick his Bene-dict elsewhere. However, since he’s happily queer now, he might as well explore that untapped side of himself. What better place to start than the place where it all started? Obviously, I’m talking about that hot air balloon party. Maybe Benedict will look back on that day when he met Lady Arnold and realize that there was another person, the inventor of the hot air balloon, who had been watching and waiting this whole time, hoping that Benedict would realize that he had done all of this – the inventing, the unveiling, the accidental release of the balloon, the ensuing chaos, the near-involuntary manslaughter of Penelope – for him. 

The literary couple: Eloise Bridgerton and Mary Shelley, acclaimed writer of Frankenstein

History says that Frankenstein author Mary Shelley was bisexual, and Twitter says that fictional character Eloise Bridgerton should be bisexual. They’re the perfect match! Also, they’re alive around the same time, and maybe the same age, too. (I’m not clear on Eloise’s age anymore … She’s supposed to be a young adult, right? But as of June 2024, the actress playing her, Claudia Jessie, is 34? But I guess we’ve all decided to overlook that?) Anyway, Eloise and Mary would have a lot of books to argue about, and they could theoretically meet by accident in a Scottish forest while on separate solitary nature walks.

The physically attractive outcast couple: Cressida and the blonde traveling vegan that Penelope rejected

Both of these people ended Season 3 unattached and physically distant from the ton. Maybe Sir Vegan’s travels will lead him to research ancient stone circles in Wales, placing him in close proximity to the equally blonde Cressida, with whom he shared a flirtation at the beginning of Season 3. As he is an 18th century version of a travel influencer – he’s even vegan, a very influencer-y trait – he’ll prove very alluring to budding hair stylist Cressida, who has honestly been through enough already. Give them a break! (But make this happen off screen, please.)

The age gap couple: Lady Danbury and Prince Basic 

Like Violet, Lady Danbury deserves a romance of her own. Yes, she got one in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, but that was technically years ago. It’s time for this Lady to spread her wings and catch herself a sexy young thing. I’m talking about Prince Basic, the hottie with the body who Francesca rejected in favor of Lord Music. Prince Basic will be hurt, confused, and desperate after Francesca’s rejection of him – and what better person to sooth his ego than the matron of the ton? Bring it on. Now I’m excited for Season 4! 

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