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We Are All Made Of Stars

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We lay on your red carpet after we drank too much and by morning the fabric would surely hold the smell of cheap cigarettes, but you wouldn’t worry about that now, maybe later, now all you needed was to lay still with me and look through the window and wonder

And I said: what, why? Why do you need to know? What does it matter?

We’ve grown up being told we need a reason for everything, that there’s a meaning behind every single thing and if only you figure out what it is, you’ll succeed, you’ll have made it. Wake up, make your bed, get out, be nice, work hard, eat well, be nicer, work harder, read good books, say your prayers, go to sleep, have peaceful dreams. Repeat.

But it’s not for us, darling, it never was. I don’t believe in a higher meaning, nor do I need a purpose to live for. I believe in us, in life, in the magical reality of everything around us. Look at it, then look again, look harder because I can’t make you see until you want to. 
This is it. This is all there is to it, and it’s wonderful enough as it is. I don’t believe in god or praying. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. There’s no afterlife I’m hoping for, no deadline I’m dreading. I don’t need to know what we’re put on earth for – I don’t believe we were put on earth to begin with. We became and here we are.

Insignificant to the universe, we could easily not have been here and all would still be as it is. But we’re here now and for that we’re infinitely blessed. You get to feel the cherry blossoms in your hands. Swim in cold water while the sun rises and warms your shoulders. Make love and cry because you’re sad or cry because you’re happy and never have to explain, because the tears stain all the same. You get to grow and dance and drink and see the world in every place you travel to. See birthmarks on your skin develop into patterns that mirror constellations if only you’d look long enough. I’ve got Orion on my thigh and your back’s just one mark short of Cassiopeia.

If you take us all apart, you’d find we’re all made of stardust – as are the trees, the frogs, the grass as well as the dew on it – why would we be any more special? I’ve never seen a tree stop mid-sway to contemplate why it’s moving and if it’ll ever get any closer. It sways and sways and sways and pretends it makes the same wind blow that it is rocking to.

We hold remnants of long lost stars in our veins. That’s not an answer, but it’s still magnificent and nothing can ever be both pointless and magnificent. TC mark

image – NASA

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    • Alexa

      I have read this same exact sentiment recycled into about 5000 different articles and quotes and its starting to get really obnoxious.

      • Lindsay Lohan

        Maybe you should have stopped reading them 4999 articles ago if you think they’re “obnoxious”. I suppose you just don’t get it.

    • Only L<3Ve @

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    • Ryz


    • lr

      I love things like this, writing that awakens the soul and makes me feel very happy and eager to be alive and here and now! Very beautifully written :)

    • Coya

      OOH just what I needed. Dusty, mysterious, and wonderful

    • Angela Joyce

      I love this. I don’t care how “recycled” it is, I love it. Because it’s true. And I love the way each person seems to “recycle” it differently.

    • MT

      almost incredibly naive. what is the point?

      • nishantjn

        the point is that very short thoughts allow more room to appear ambiguous and mystical.

    • sazzletoff

      This is beautiful and truly heartfelt.

    • Duncan

      I dont know why so many people are being so negative, I love it. I dont think there is nearly enough of this kind of writing done. Completely void of nonsense, just pure known fact, which is the perfect amount. Whenever I am feeling depressed, I think about everything she is talking about, and I feel stronger. Thank you for such a beautiful article.

    • Cait

      Beautifully and powerfully written.

    • Guest

      Honestly, that Lawrence Krauss quote loses its beauty every time its re-perpetuated. Even more so when the proper (and entirely scientific) answer doesn’t immediately precede it.

      • No

        Agreed, you’ve taken a scientific quote by a brilliant physicist out of context and made it irrelevant by using it for your vapid, navel-gazing article which has nothing to do really with what Krauss was trying to say. This shit annoys me, I enjoy the down-to-earth humour on Thought Catalog, but pretentious articles like this are beyond irritating. Awful piece. And anyone who says “Hey, you didn’t have to read it” I read it because I thought that eventually the writer might get to a point I WAS interested in because of the title.

        Also Duncan: “Completely void of nonsense, just pure known fact”

        You’re wrong. It was nonsensical.

        • faifaifan

          She has, but I do not see what’s wrong with it. The limitations of words is such that it cannot fully convey what’s inside her head. She’s expressing a whole lot of emotions through the quote, not meant to be perceived specifically the way you have perceived it. What’s wrong with just reading and appreciating it?

          It’s probably nonsensical because you could not find it within yourself to figure out what she meant. You’re probably threatened intellectually because you feel you’ve understood the quote far more than she does – you think she doesn’t get it because she is ‘misusing’ it.

          She expressed herself; it is her right, and rather eloquently I must add.

          It is not her failure to write it in a ‘more acceptable’ way, but perhaps yours for being equally incapable of seeing what she meant.

          Let’s face it, quotes are being misused all the time, and nothing is worse than a person being caught for using a language whose origin or proper meaning he is unfamiliar with, but can you blame them?

          The quote is eloquent, and just because it’s been said by an intellectual does not make it his. Language belongs to everyone.

        • Esther

          Pschsch you’re wrong, YOU are pretentious.

        • No.

          Why? Because I actually try and understand the authors I quote? What’s wrong with trying to genuinely reflect on science, there’s beauty in science and I’m just saying I would have enjoyed this more if the writer read the author’s work and maybe wrote about what she got out of it. Instead of taking one quote she liked and then writing something that is fairly generic in style and tone when it comes to Thought Catalog.
          My bad. Hope you have a cherry-blossom filled year.

    • Ruth Tam

    • Sarah

      A bit of a cliche, but beautiful nonetheless.

    • cheerdummy

      Great post – I’ll be reblogging it onto my own :)

    • Aria

      I thought this was beautiful. Thank you.

    • cheerdummy

      Reblogged this on Cheer Dummy.

    • Mitzy (@mitzyredmango)

      … the thought of living or being who we are without wasting time trying to find the reason for our existence is kind of comforting.

    • pkushy

      nice read ma

    • Liva Paudere

      This has potential – with a good editor. For now for me there are too many cherry blossoms and too much stardust. The cliches make it seem as if the writer didn’t really want to think about it all that much.

    • khljfghf ljglg

      i think this is amazing.

    • Shatha_A

      Sweet :)

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