50 Super Sweet Things To Do For Someone Whose Love Language Is ‘Touch’


1. Hug them hello and goodbye.

2. Pull them close for for a second when they walk by.

3. Give them a scalp massage at a red light when you’re riding with them in a car.

4. Cup their face and look into their eyes when you tell them something sweet.

5. Hold their hand when you’re walking down the street.

6. Hold their hand while you’re just at home watching TV.

7. Lightly rub their arm while you’re sitting next to them.

8. Offer to rub their feet after they’ve had a long day.

9. Squeeze their shoulder as they walk past.

10. Rub their belly as you lay next to them in bed.

11. Take any extra layers you’re wearing off while you cuddle so you can have more skin to skin contact.

12. Shampoo and condition their hair for them in the shower.

13. Sit behind them while you watch TV and rub their shoulders.

14. When you’re sitting anywhere, sit close enough that you’re touching.

15. Kiss them in an unexpected place.

16. If they work at a desk, learn how to give them a forearm massage to help with tense “typing” muscles.

17. Pull them close before you get out of bed.

18. Make sure they get to be both the big and the little spoon.

19. If they’ve had a bad day, rub some calming essential oil into their shoulders.

20. Offer to paint their toes or give them a polish-less pedicure.

21. Loop your arm through theirs while you’re standing next to them.

22. Rest your head on their shoulder.

23. Hold their hand while they tell you about their day.

24. Grab their forearm and squeeze when they make a funny joke.

25. When you give them a hug, reach up and scratch their scalp.

26. Learn the art of massage.

27. Trace your fingers on their back lightly when they have trouble falling asleep.

28. Kiss their cheek after you hug.

29. Take them hands and place them around you (reverse hug).

30. Play with their feet under the table while you’re at a restaurant.

31. Make more hugs bear hugs.

32. Rest your head in their lap after you’ve had a long day.

33. Take a bath together.

34. Kiss their forehead.

35. Take a dancing class together.

36. Butterfly kisses.

37. Learn how to cut hair so you can cut theirs.

38. Hold hands while you watch a movie.

39. Squeeze their hand while they are talking to you.

40. Offer to exfoliate their body for them in the shower with a nice, grainy scrub.

41. When you give them a hug, give them an extra squeeze before you let go.

42. Kiss something they’ve scratched or bruised like they’re a little kid again.

43. Give them “mini” massages that only take a few minutes, but let them feel you spending time dedicated to just touching them once in awhile.

44. Hold hands while you fall asleep.

45. Kiss their cheek before you get out of bed in the morning.

46. When you’re sitting across from them, play with their feet with your feet.

47. Run your fingers through their hair while they’re looking at their phone.

48. Eskimo kisses.

49. Kiss their eyelids.

50. Whisper something in their ear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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