17 Men On The Moment That Made Them Realize ‘She’s One Of The Good Ones’


1. “When she asked me out! It told me she didn’t play games and wasn’t going to make me do all the work — and that she’s confident, which is super sexy.”

2. “I came home from work on a Friday night and she had my bag packed and told me she was taking me away for the weekend. We went to a hotel on the water a few hours from the city where we live and all we did all weekend was lay in bed and go in the hot tub. It was totally relaxing and I loved that she cared enough about me to notice my week was hectic and plan an inexpensive getaway without even telling me she was going to do it.”

3. “We were dating two weeks and I made a comment about how she was probably seeing other people. She stopped, looked me in the eyes, and said ‘why would I see someone else when I have a chance with someone like you?'”

4. “Not a moment but just the fact that she treats me with respect every day, even when I’ve messed up or we’re in a fight.”

5. “On my birthday she surprised me with a basket of beers she had collected for me. It’s a hobby of mine and I know some of them are hard to find or only sold in other cities. I can’t believe she spent so much time working on something that’s totally for me. She doesn’t even drink beer!”

6. “I was only seeing her for a few months when a good friend died suddenly. I was totally wrecked for awhile and having her by my side was one of the only things that ever made me feel better during that time. She wasn’t filled with platitudes and never rushed the grieving process for me. She just let me talk when I needed (and more often than not, just kept me company doing something dumb like watching Netflix). I realized that she was the kind of woman who would stick around and really support me during any other bad time life threw at me.”

7. “Having beers with some guys from work and listening to them all complain about their gfs/wives and realizing I don’t have anything negative to say about my gf. She’s awesome.”

8. “I noticed I gained weight, and I knew she probably noticed too so I talked to her about it and told her I wanted to be healthier. She started cooking for me more instead of us going out to restaurants — she wanted to, I was fine going out. She made these really amazing meals that were pretty healthy and always “accidentally” had tons left over so she’d portion them out into containers for me to bring to work for lunch. I loved the way she supported my goal without being over the top about it.”

9. “I overheard her on the phone talking to her friends about me and kind of braced myself for her to be venting, but she was just… bragging I think. It was all really nice things.”

10. “When she told me she was a vegetarian. I haven’t eaten meat in 8 years and it’s a fairly big part of my life.”

11. “I’ve never dated someone before who isn’t trying to change me into whatever kind of guy they thought they’d marry. She doesn’t complain about my dogs or the way I like to sleep in on weekends or the way I dress. Ever since the first time I brought her to my apartment and she liked all the things other girls haven’t, I feel more like she is a partner and less like she’s someone I have to spend all my time pleasing.”

12. “When I realized she kept up correspondence with my Mom and never told me about it. My mom is a little bit lonely and I hate thinking about it so when I found out they’d been messaging a few times a week through Facebook I was really impressed by her. She took time out of her life to make conversation with a lonely old lady, just because she means a lot to me.”

13. “I noticed that it didn’t really matter what plans I suggested, she was always up for them and we always had a good time. We’re both quality time people, so finding someone else who is happy to just chill out and be together was awesome.”

14. “For me its whenever she talks about her job. Her entire face lights up and she talks about what she gets to do every day and where she wants to go in her career. I like a woman with drive.”

15. “After a long night of sex on our two year anniversary. We work at keeping our sex life exciting and passionate, and from my friends I know not everyone is willing to do that.”

16. “We were at Target just running errands and we were standing in one of the aisle both clutching our stomaches because we’d made each other laugh so hard. This was the least ‘fun’ kind of outing, but we still had fun together.”

17. “She took a massage class so that she could give me better massages. I don’t know how I got so lucky.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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