17 Chilling ‘I Met A Murderer’ Stories That Will Make You Paranoid AF

Jeff Isy

People gathered on Reddit to talk about the murderers they’ve met and whether they lived up to our expectations of what murderers act like. TIL there are a lot of murderers that don’t give off the ‘red flags’ we’d hope.

A true sociopath

“I’m a firefighter, so I’ve met a few on scenes (domestic abuse type situations), but one sticks out. We got dispatched for an “injured person”. When we got to the scene a guy, covered in blood, was sitting on the curb. When I asked him what was wrong with him, he said…(completely calm and casual like he was giving me directions) “Nutt’ns wrong wit me, but I kilt the fuck out dat man over der”, and he pointed to the side of the house.

I went around the corner and there was a man with a butcher knife sticking out the top of his head. I checked for a pulse but the poor guy had been stabbed a bunch of times and was obviously deceased.

We later found out he didn’t even know the man he killed, he “just wanted to see what it felt like to stab someone.”

So, to answer your question. What was he like?? A true Sociopath. And his calm and non-emotional demeanor only minutes after he had intentionally taken the life of a stranger scares the shit out of me.” — IFDRizz

Dead eyes

“Met one in central booking when I went to jail. Didn’t find out til later from other inmates that he was a murderer, but from the first second I saw him I got a bad vibe from him. Dead look in his eyes, like there was nothing going on behind them. Creepy as hell.” — DJ_L3mtastic


“I have met several murderers due to my job and they are usually quiet and more reserved than those who are accused of less serious crimes. I think the seriousness of the charge sobers them a bit.

I can’t remember exactly how many murderers I have actually met/talked to, but only one of them actually scared me. He was the only one who I believe would kill just because he felt like it. The others were either just people who came from a fucked up background and got caught in a cycle of poverty and crime or were legitimately mentally ill.” — crazy_dance

He said the neck is ‘rubbery’

“When I was locked up I met quite a few murderers.

One guy sawed off someone’s head, and if you talked to him he came across as a quiet nerdy dude who would never do anything wrong. He seemed like he just went psycho all of a sudden I don’t know. He said the neck is very rubbery when you try to cut it…like wtf. he got caught while he was out on the run. He smoked a joint outside a gas station and they called the cops on him. They had no idea who they had arrested until he got to county.

The weirdest part is interacting with people who are about to do life in prison or 40 + years and you’re only there for less then a year. Really put things into perspective.

Another dude that stuck with me is he kidnapped his ex girlfriend and tied her up in a closet. After he shaved her hair he put food just out of her reach and starved her slowly. She realized she was gonna die and so said that she loved him and wanted to be with him again, obviously a lie, and he released her!

This dude was stocky guy with a big beard, we nicknamed him buffalo bill. He looked like someone you’d run into at a biker bar.

Lots of very odd and creepy people in jail/prison.”

Friendly guy

“Pretty friendly guy, trying to put his life back together. He was a bit awkward due to habits picked up being in prison for over 12 years. He didn’t make eye contact or shake hands when I met him, he was extremely guarded about expressing his thoughts and feelings, his speech was slow and quiet, etc. He was honestly sorry for what he had done, and he was willing to talk about the crime and his prison time with people after he got to know them a bit. Sadly he ended up selling drugs because he couldn’t find a legal way to make money. He was caught and now he is back in prison, probably for the rest of his life. I haven’t been in touch with him or anyone else who knew him for a long time.” — njwmtn

My brother in law

“First one I met was quiet, reserved, and timid. He killed his wife and her lover; crime of passion. Had been out of prison for 15 or 20 years at that point.

Second one I met is actually my ex-brother-in-law. He is a stupid hick who is quick to anger, and the madder he gets, the more stupid he gets. He pulled a knife on me, but the police showed up because his parents called them earlier. He tried cutting his own throat with his knife screaming “they’ll never take me alive”, but his knife was too dull. I would have offered him mine, but the cops had already started beating his stupid ass. Less than a year later he stabbed a 15 year old boy to death.

I’m fairly sure I know another murderer, but there wasn’t the evidence to convict him.” — SmartPrivilege

I found out what he did on Google

“I met a guy that had just got out of the joint after 21 years. When someone does 21 years it’s because of a heinous crime. He told me that right away and definitely had some social problems as to what was appropriate to talk about. When I got a moment to Google his name and find out what he did I was speechless and just wanted to never see him again. He ended up considering me a buddy and then showed me some pictures on his cell phone which got real weird the first was of this beautiful prostitute he had sex with right after he got out and a couple of other pictures of naked women, then a picture of his dead mother that was taken seconds after she died. BTW his crime- triple homicide 29 year old woman, 5 year old daughter and 19 month old son. Drug related biker revenge killings.” — doingthehumptydance

He hides what’s inside

“An acquaintance I know killed a teen when he was a teenager during a fight. It’s not almost like he knows he’s fucked up in life and tries to be constantly happy to hide what is eating at his soul. He drinks A LOT. He always wants to be around people. I think he hates being alone because what he has done haunts him inside. It’s like it’s eating at his soul and he uses his happy party drinks lots personality to hide this pain. Most of his friends do not know he killed someone.” — AnitaTT

I felt bad for him

“One of my relatives was involved in organized crime back in the 70s and 80s. He was never arrested or anything, but he definitely killed several people and injured many more (he was one of the resident tough guys). His name comes up in pretty much any book that’s been written about the time period. He got involved when he was young and by the time I knew him he was a really quiet guy, obviously just trying to keep his head down (no wife, no kids). I was a really shy teenager but I loved hockey and he’d always talk sports with me. He died a few years ago and he didn’t want any services, he was cremated and put in the same grave as his parents. I know he did horrible things but I felt bad for him. He spent most of his life trying to go as unnoticed as possible, doing the bare minimum to survive and bother as few people as possible.” — throwaweighhhhhhhh

They’re polite and respectful

“I work in a prison and I have interviewed and met numerous murderers, as part of my job.

Compared to the young drug dealers and gangsters, the murderers are very polite and respectful. They are usually among the most well behaved inmates in the prison.” — Brittanymaria423


“I worked in juvenile corrections, and this was my experience as well. The murderers were much more serious, more well behaved, and just all around better inmates than the others.” — omg_cupcakes

He pointed out places he put bodies

“He was a former mid-level mobster in the Patriarca crime family during the 70s and 80s. When I knew him later, he was openly racist and sexist and so fat that people stared at him in public. He’d scream offensive things at pedestrians as he drove by, like yelling “me love you long time!” at an attractive Asian girl minding her own business.
He had his hilarious moments but mostly I was repulsed by him. I was so embarrassed to be around him in public, but I tolerated him once in awhile because he was a close family friend of my girlfriend at the time, like an uncle to her. He was somewhat disabled because he was so fat, so it was difficult for him to walk around. He loved taking my gf on long drives and telling her stories about his mafia days. I remember there were a few specific locations along the coast where here’d always tell us, “There’s a body there…'” — YeahButThatsNothing

A little guy

“In my current job, I have met maybe one murderer. Small, little guy whom you would never think could kill. However, when you really think about it….guys like him are probably the most dangerous because they have perhaps been underestimated and/or disrespected their entire lives and are sick of it. Once they lose it, watch out.” — Executor21

Axe killer

“I went to school with a guy who grew up and did a bunch of meth then killed a hitchhiker with an axe.

When we were kids one day we were smoking cigs on the stairs of this apartment building when a little kid rode past on his bike. The guy jumped off the stairs and scared the shit out of the kid and then grabbed his bike and threw it for no reason at all while the kid cried. He just walked back to us on the steps laughing.

The craziest thing is he only did like 8 years for killing a guy and is already out of prison while some of my other friends are doing like 20 years for just getting caught with weed multiple times.” — Sixstringkiing

My dad

“My dad killed a guy in a bar fight. I visited randomly while he’s was in jail, until he got out when I was sixteen. He’s a truck driver now and we don’t talk much.” — TwinklesMcfrisky

Nice guy

“He was just…”normal”. Nothing sketchy about him whatsoever. Nice guy. He and my Dad went to the same marina and ended up becoming great friends with my Dad through their love of boats. Came round for dinner all the time, and we’d also go over to his “bachelor pad” for dinner too.

Turns out he murdered his wife in a jealous rage like 30 something years before and my Dad’s friend who lived in the same neighborhood as him at the time of the murder told my Dad.” — Bettyj6

I never liked him

“I’d known – and detested – one man for years before I found out he was a murderer. He was a frequent customer at a local business and one of the most ill-tempered, obnoxious people I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. The business owners always bent over backwards to accommodate him and none of the other customers complained about his behavior.

Turns out he’d hacked his business partner to pieces and buried him, and then got his original conviction overturned on a technicality. He liked to brag that he’d gotten away with murder.” — BlueMacaw Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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