“I’m Turned On By Muffin Tops” And 21 Other People’s Bizarre Fetishes

From the juicy boys over at Ask Reddit.

1. Muffin tops

I’m turned on by muffin tops.

2. A girl who has to pee

When I’m around a girl that has to pee really bad I get very excited.

I don’t know why, I’m not into getting pissed on or anything (nothing wrong with that though) its just a little kink I have.

3. Big ears

It’s not a big thing, but when girls ears slightly appear from under their hair.


4. Lazy hair days

For me, ponytails can turn a 7 into a 10

5. Passes for girls in glasses

Girls in glasses. omg i don’t know what it is!

6. Freckles

Freckles, motherfucking freckles.


7. Lipstick

Girls putting on lipstick. “The Redder the better” I stopped dead in my tracks one day when was walking, after seeing a glimpse this smoking hot girl just sitting in her car applying fire engine red lipstick. She caught me gawking, and I shuffled away quickly.

8. Weird one

I’m attracted to intelligent females that can hold a conversation and are not incredibly racist.

Its a fetish because I live in Texas.

9. Armpits

Girl armpits are fucking hot.

10. Gingers

RED HAIR RED HAIR RED HAIR! I don’t know what it is, probably my Irish roots, but GOD I love a girl with red hair.

11. Big noses

Noses. All about big noses.


12. Boots with heels

I don’t really care for heels, unless they’re in boot form.

Then they’re the hottest things ever.

13. Being full

I love eating until I’m ridiculously full and can barely move. I don’t know why, but even just fantasizing about being full and eating a lot of food turns me on.

14. Weight loss

Skinny girls that used to be fat.

15. ?

A really nice wrist just gets me going.

16. Aren’t we all?

Emotional instability. Like a moth to the flame I find myself totally entranced.


17. Masks

Girls in masks or otherwise having their faces/heads obscured.

18. Socks

Ok fine. Long socks, knee socks, leggings, stockings. When i see it worn right I immediately am unable to focus without every thought being related to ” holy fucking shit, look at them legs”

19. Winter clothes

I find thick knitted sweaters on girls to be sexy as fuck. They just look so warm and cosy. More attractive than low cut shirts imo.

20. Christina Ricci

Big foreheads and pasty white skin. Christina Ricci is a goddess.

21. Stretch marks

Not me, but a friend of mine absolutely loves stretch marks on boobs. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Also, cellulite on thighs. But hey, to each their own.

22. Blair Waldorf

Headbands or hairbands. No idea why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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