A Spotify Playlist For When Everything Feels Too Much

A Spotify Playlist For When Everything Feels Too Much

1. Nights – Frank Ocean

For when you’re spinning out about the nonsense of the world and you just need to vibe and fantasize about what it’d be like to feel anything else. For when you need someone else to say the words that you can’t about how angry you are.

You are from a past life / Hope you’re doing well bruh

2. Thru These Tears – LANY

For when you’re trapped missing someone that you feel like you should have let go already. For when you feel extremely indecisive about letting someone go. For when you need to remember how far you’ve come, and feel even more hopeful about where you’re going.

In the end I’m gonna be alright / but it might take a hundred sleepless nights

3. The Other Side Of Paradise – Glass Animals

This one is for when you or anyone that you have or had feelings for is caught up in the one-dimensional parts of this world. When the chase for fame and riches outweighs quality of life, and it leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Superparadise I held on to / But I settle for a ghost

4. Hard Place – H.E.R.

The perfect song for when you love someone who it doesn’t make sense to love. When it would make much more sense to walk away, but your heart won’t let you.

And even when you cause tears / You’re the one who wipe them away / Maybe that’s the reason I stay

5. lovely (with Khalid) – Billie Eilish

Listen when you feel like you can’t escape the ghost of the memory of someone. When the mere thought of them is enough to keep you in a vicious loop of misery and you need to hear that someone else has been through the same.

Isn’t it lovely, all alone? / Heart made of glass, my mind of stone

6. Myself – Bazzi

For when you feel better off for staying out of the rat race and niceties of society. For the outcasts. For the ones who are dedicated to self-improvement and need an anthem for it.

I’m not concerned with drama / I left that shit in school

7. Pink + White – Frank Ocean

This one is for when you just need to vibe and feel nostalgic for a better time. Just get lost in the thought of a pink and white sunset and forget whatever you’re feeling so hard about that’s at hand.

What a life / Remember how it was / Climb trees, Michael Jackson, all in this year

8. FU4E – Lost Kings

For when you cut a super toxic tie and you just need to jam it out in the aftermath. It’s just upbeat enough with lyrics that cut right to the point. You’ll forget that jerk in no time.

But there’s just one thing, listen in / I know who you are

9. Life Itself – Glass Animals

Listen to this one when you’re feeling bitter about your life not turning out the way everyone said it would. Sometimes you just need to bask in the resentment of all the fantasies you were promised when you were younger.

Come back down to my knees/Gotta get back, gotta get free/Come back down to my knees/Be like them, lean back and breathe

10. Better – Khalid

When you just want something meaningless. Sometimes there’s more meaning in the meaningless than we like to admit, and this song spells that all out.

You say we’re just friends but I swear when nobody’s around / You keep my hand around your neck, we connect, are you feeling it now?

11. i’m so tired… – Lauv (feat. Troye Sivan)

For when you feel sick of looking for love. When the alcohol isn’t strong enough. Or when, as mentioned, it feels like everyone around you is falling in love to your song.

Trying my best to meet somebody / But everybody around me’s fallin’ in love to our song

12. bellyache – Billie Eilish

This one is for when you’re just totally over it and need to fantasize about murdering a bunch of people. Also for when you feel like you suck as a human, but you really just don’t care anymore.

I wanna make ’em scared like I could be anywhere / Like I’m wreck-less

13. Closure – ELEO

This is for the ones who have to lead their own example and be their own heroes. For the ones who had to learn early that unconditional love means exactly that – without conditions. There are people who are supposed to love you unconditionally, and the sooner you forget about the them the better off you’ll be. It’s a song that proves you aren’t alone and shows you how the benefits of letting go outweigh the pain of doing so.

Men don’t cry/ You told me when I was younger / Foolish pride / Found it now I’m older

14. All These Years – Camila Cabelo

For when you are reminiscing about that old love that you haven’t and probably will never get over. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else sing about it.

‘Cause after all these years / I still feel everything when you are near

15. My Own – Preston Hutto

For when you want to distract from your own issues and just throw it into loving another. We’ve all been there. It’s like the drug of an empath. This song illustrates it well.

Baby let me fix all your issues / I can take away all your pain

16. Another Sad Love Song – Khalid

This one is for when you are entering a new phase of life and you’re going through all the emotions of that. Sometimes the warmth from a burning bridge outweighs the benefit of the bridge itself.

I must be honest, I have a lot of pride / But I’m broken inside

17. Coaster – Khalid

When you just want to ride the feelings of loving someone that will never be fully yours. Sometimes you just need to take a break from trying to move on and let yourself sit with the pain of being ready to give your all to someone who can’t take it.

I may not be over you, but I’ll try inside / I’m feeling better now, finally feeling special now

18. We Find Love – Daniel Caesar

For when it feels like you’re just on a carousel of pain. Going through the motions of falling in and out of love and just giving up on it all together.

We find love, we get up / And we fall down, we give up

19. when the party’s over – Billie Eilish

This one is for when you are so used to going to bed alone but there’s someone who changes that for you every now and then. But that someone will never be consistent. They always leave you hanging once the party is over.

Call me friend but keep me closer (call me back) / And I’ll call you when the party’s over

20. Gonna Love Me – Teyana Taylor

When you’re loving someone through the rough parts but you want to stick it out. Not everything that is difficult deserves to be cut loose. Least of all the one who holds your heart.

Sometimes I don’t think we really say enough / Why is it so hard to keep in touch

21. Roll Some Mo – Lucky Daye

This is a track for when you just want to vibe with someone special and be grateful for where you’re at. Things can feel heavy sometimes, but other times the pressure just feels like a presence.

The life we live is lavish / We don’t have to be here

22. Fly Away – ELEO

A song for when life’s given you enough. For that moment when you feel like you’re about to give up but something in you is telling you to push a little harder. For when you realize that self-love is the most important of all and you’re ready to start fresh without whatever has been holding you back before.

Don’t you give up don’t you worry about too much / Hold your head up cause you know you’re good enough

23. Eastside –benny blanco, Halsey, Khalid

For when you just want to run away with that young love. When you remember that young love was enough and there wasn’t all of the usual pressures holding you back.

And then, oh, suddenly we turned twenty-three / Now we got pressure for taking our life more seriously

24. Malibu Nights – LANY

This is for the ones who feel like they’re wasting their time on a love that’s gone. It takes time to heal, and you’re never too young to know what heartbreak feels like.

I feel my body giving up / Can I hold on for another night? / What do I do with all this time?

Let go or be dragged.

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