18 Night Owls Share The Strangest Thing They’ve Ever Seen While The Rest Of The World Is Asleep

Creepy Full Moon On A Cloudy Night
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1. SOmeone looking in

“I look out my window. This person is walking out at 4 am. He suddenly stops and looks at me despite me looking through a tiny crack in the curtain. That’s the last time I did that.”


2. Taming A Stray

“Used to live in a building in downtown Reno. My window faced an alley but people thought it was a walkway. It was also right behind the plasma donation clinic. Watching homeless people dumpster dive into there was never pleasant. Witnessing methed out weirdos screw on or in the dumpster was even worse.

I didn’t live in that apartment long obviously only about 6 months. My favorite though was watching a guy trying to tame a life-long stray. Guy who lived in the same building had a good heart, clearly. He fed this cat daily. This cat ate his food, drank his water, even slept in a nice warm covered bed thanks to this guy. It snows here and that winter was very snowy so without this guy that cat may have died. Still, this cat wasn’t into being a pet though. 6 months I watched this guy try to tame this cat. Every morning and every night like clockwork this guy brought this stubborn stray food and water. This cat had probably been a stray since he was a kitten. I like to think that the guy and the cat eventually came to an understanding of mutual friendship.”


3. A Man Riding A Burning Scooter

“Saw someone messing with a scooter. Not sure if they were trying to hot wire it or what but as they got it running and headed out of the parking lot it burst into flames. Dude just calmly gets off it, lays it against a car and walks away. It melted everything plastic on the car and fucked up the paint.”


4. A Clown Fixing His Car

“One time, I saw an old beat up car break down in front of my building and a fucking clown came out of it. Took him like an hour to fix it. At one point some random guy showed up and started helping him. After a while, the guy got in a different car and left.”


5. A Car Photoshoot

“I had a time where I could not sleep in, at all. Nights I’d take a drink before bedtime, others I’d just have a stroll through town. One time before I wanted to go out for a midnight walk I found three guys in my street taking pictures of their car, which was in the middle of the street. The street is pretty empty so late at night (think 2AM-ish) so no one really noticed. They made sure to capture all angles of the car, but I think they were actually taking pictures of peoples driveway/house. Informed the cops and they were aware of it.”


6. A Storm That Lit Up The World

“The most electrical electrical storm I’ve ever seen. Lightning flashed literally every five seconds for around an hour or two. The lightning lit up the world bright as day.”


7. Cat Sex

“I have always been a night owl and I’ve worked several 3rd shift jobs in my life. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, I was going to evening classes and then working 3rd shift at a gas station.

I saw lots of drunk people, a few spectacular one car accidents, a few frisky females, criminals in action, assholes looking to fight, and cat sex, lots and lots of cat sex.”


8. A Mimic On The Other Side Of The Glass

“I used to work out later in the evening, around 9-10. My apartment’s gym is on the ground floor with huge windows. I’ve had a number of people stop and watch me over the past couple years, but my favorite was an African American lady who started doing squats in sync with me outside. Made me laugh, at least.”


9. A Skinwalker…

“My step dad and I were looking out our backyard gonna rainy day in October and we some a coyote stand up on its back legs and run away.

Not even lying some spook fanatics like to call it a skin walker I think. Something like that I believe.”


10. A Cat Murdering Another Cat

“My apartment sits overtop the second floor’s roof and is flat enough to sit out on. My bed is right by the window that I climb out of to sit on the roof, so when I’m inside it’s kind of like the screen of a little stage where various squirrels like to climb onto. One night I woke up to the sound of a cat making a weird noise, and it wasn’t my cat, so I looked outside to see two stray cats duking it out on my roof.

One cat was clearly not interested in fighting and was just trying to get back to the staircase so it could leave, but the other cat wasn’t having it. Anytime this pacifist cat tried to move past, the other cat would attack, pushing him further and further away from the stairs until the cat was on the edge of the roof. With horror, I realized the other cat was trying to knock this pacifist cat off the roof à la Super Smash Bros fighting style.

I couldn’t handle knowing the outcome, so I chose to just…roll over and go back to sleep. My cat continued to watch it all from the window, so I guess he got his kicks.”


11. Furniture Moving

“A Jamaican guy with a bone in his hair carrying a big wooden table, on his head at 2 am.”


12. A Pack Of Dogs

“Heard some howling at 2 and looked out my open window to see about 10 stray dogs gathered inside and around one of those covered park benches. I watched and whistled at them and after a while, all went off in the same direction. 20 minutes later I hear another howl and I look out again to see them slowly trickling in from different directions with probably food in their mouths. There was one dog they all seemed to answer to and dropped everything off in a pile in front of him one by one. Was kinda eerie but cool.”


13. A Man Digging In A Children’s Sandbox

“Was taking my 3 am cigarette, some dude was digging a hole in a children’s sandbox. After about 10 minutes he stopped and started dancing around the hole Michael Jackson style. He did that for about an hour and then just left.

Checked the sandbox the next day, found nothing there. Maybe he was digging something out, who knows.”


14. An Actual Bear

“A bear walking down the middle of the street at 2 AM.

This was in dense suburbia. The closest thing we had to a forest was the tiny grouping of trees around the elementary school up the street. And yet here was this bear just moseying down the street like it was no big deal.

Where did you come from, 2 AM Bear?”


15. Amish Drag Racing

“Amish teenagers ‘drag racing’ at 2 am.”


16. Eyes

“Someone looking into MY window.”


17. Packs Of Dogs Fighting In A Cemetary

“Saw a gang fight between two packs of dogs in an old cemetery. There was all kinds of drama — a surprise attack, leaders barking orders, an outnumbered straggler that was saved by reinforcements that came rushing over the hill, rearguard covering a retreat by the losers. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed. I was high as fuck, which made it even cooler.”


18. A Woman Thrown Into The Street

“When I was in college I lived in an apartment close to campus. It was right next to the police station so it was relatively quiet and provided for a good place to study. It was very common for me to study until 3-4am on a weeknight.

This one particular night I was studying around 2 am and it was totally silent. All of a sudden I heard the most horrifying scream outside and my blood ran absolutely cold. I froze for a second because I was certain that I had just heard someone get murdered. All of the hairs stood up on my neck as I paused and tried to rationalize what I just heard. After a few moments I got up to look out the window and that’s when I heard the scream again. Adrenaline began pumping through my body and my “fight or flight” reflexes kicked in and I was now convinced that someone was dying outside of my apartment and I needed to help them.

I looked out my window and saw nothing so I opened the outside door, fully expecting to see a dead body. Again I saw nothing so I walked towards the road looking around and wondering if I had just imagined these screams because no one else was outside and alarmed. That’s when I saw this girl laying in the middle of the road. I immediately approached her to see if she was ok and she was just laying down and sobbing uncontrollably. She told me that her boyfriend had pushed her down but that she was ok. A few seconds later her friends pulled up in a car, picked her up and drove off. I just stood in the middle of the road in total confusion but also in relief that no one was dying.”

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