50 People Share The Spooky As Hell Unexplained Mysteries That Haunt Them To This Day

26. A Ringing Bell

I used to live in an old flat on a brick street in the city, and during the day, I could sometimes vaguely hear the footsteps and daily activities of the dude who lived above me, but, generally, the building was pretty quiet.

Occasionally I would hear a small handbell-type-ring while I was getting ready for work, but being that I lived in the city, I just chalked it up to weird ambient city sounds. I started my shift at 4 in the afternoon every day, so the city was bustling each day as I readied myself for work.

My shift ended at 12:30, and I was typically home by about 1 am, but on this particular evening, I got home around 1:30, and had committed to baking a cake before the next day. Being that I wanted it to cool, I began the arduous cake baking process, one cake at a time.

Around cake 3 or so, I was cleaning up, getting ready to mix some frosting in my kitchen when I heard a little bell. It was clear as day, one solitary ring, right next to me. It didn’t echo up from the street and was not in the next room. It had a very metallic, very distinct tone, and it sounded like it came directly from my right. All three of my cats came running to see where the sound had come from, and we all kind of looked at each other with a “holy shit you heard it too” expression. I searched and searched, but never found any bell in my apartment, and never heard it again.

I think creepy things just happen to me though, I swear to God. My sister and I both confirmed a shadow lurking in my parents house, I have had phantom old-timey music play out of nowhere during my sleep, caught by a sleep recording app, and I could swear I once saw I cat burglar do a duck and roll straight out of mission impossible across the hood of a car in my neighbor’s driveway.

Nighttime is weird, man.


27. An Angry Spirit In The Living Room

I was 23 years old. I just moved to a new state to start a new job fresh from college. I’m psyched. This is my first apartment. I did all kinds of research about the neighborhood so I wouldn’t end up someplace scary and I felt good about myself.

Arrived on Wednesday, did personal inspections of apartments Thursday, moved on Friday, first day of work on Monday.

On the next Wednesday, I’m lying in bed when there is a loud commotion in the living room. It sounds like my furniture is being thrown around. I reach out and my cat is safe beside me. I’m not an idiot. I’m not going into the living room! I sit up in bed until dawn. My cat is completely chill. The noises finally stop and there is light.

I went into my living room and nothing. It’s fine. Not an unpacked box out of place. I turned and walked into my bathroom.

Blood. Dried, brown, and streaked as if someone had smeared it with their fingers all over the white countertop. Nothing on the ceiling, floor, walls or mirror. Just on the counter.


28. Voices That Stop When You Seek Them Out

Well, I’m glad it’s morning now – as recalling this always makes me feel incredibly creeped out.

Many years ago, I was staying at a friend’s family house in the school holidays. The house was large & old and he had often suggested it was haunted by a little girl. However, he was always relaxed, it didn’t bother him at all. I often laughed it off, thinking it was a joke.

My friend’s family were away on holiday – and he had a summer job certain days a week, so I would stay and hang out in the evenings – sometimes looking after his dogs in the day. So one morning I was alone in this massive house (5 floors!) and went down to get some breakfast. As I got down to the ground floor I could hear talking coming from the living room – really clear voices. I instantly thought that I had left the TV on last night, as I remembered struggling to turn it off before going to bed (my friend had already gone to sleep).

So I walk towards the living room – the voices were REALLY loud and clear – I entered the room 100% expecting to see the TV on, but as soon as I stepped through the door the voices stopped and the TV was off. I froze. The house was now deathly silent. My rational brain was having a small meltdown, there was no public street nearby, there was no one in the house. It made no sense.

So eventually I shook the feeling off, grabbed some breakfast then had a shower. The shower directly faces the bathroom door. Mid-way through the shower, the door starts to open up. I know I had closed it securely, I had closed that door many many times. I stood there in a silent panic, clutching the soap and watching the door open slowly, genuinely expecting there to be someone standing on the other side. It finally swung open. There was no one there. I stopped showering. I wasn’t enjoying this morning much.

After getting changed and playing on my phone for about an hour, my nerves were good enough to go back downstairs and let the 3 dogs into the house. I went into the living room (the same one from earlier) and switched on the TV. A couple of minutes later all the dogs come trotting into the room… and they suddenly all go crazy. These normally placid dogs start growling and barking at one of the corners of the room. There is nothing there, a blank space. The dogs had been so calm and relaxed up till then. All 3 had their backs arched and were barking at the same identical spot in the corner of the room.

At that moment I was scared and the other things that had happened had creeped me out. I’ll admit it, I was scared.

The dogs continued to go crazy for another 3-5mins until they all suddenly stopped and ran back downstairs to where they sleep, leaving me on my own in that room. I head back up to floor number 5(!), where my bedroom was to use my phone and call my friend at work. He didn’t pick up. Sitting in the bedroom, a noise caught my attention. Although quiet at first, it was getting louder. It was the methodical ‘thudy-creek’ of slow footsteps up the old wooden staircase. I freeze and cannot move. I feel a little sick and my palms are more than sweaty. The noise sounds identical to footsteps and is getting louder. I can hear the creaking of someone’s weight travelling across floorboards. It is so clear i can trace exactly where they are on the staircase. The steps get closer, reaching the top landing where my room is. I’m like a rabbit in headlights, just waiting to see the girl from the Ring walk into my doorway. The steps are now approaching until they’re right outside. Then they stop. Nothing. Deathly silence. I’ve had enough, after this I fed the dogs, got out of the house and told my friend about all of this in the evening. He laughed and called me a pussy saying the house used to be a doctors surgery and there was nothing to worry about.


29. Hungry Ghost Festival

When I was around 10, I followed my stepfather to his house during the Seventh Month/Hungry Ghost Festival. We were waiting for the lift on the first floor and there was a CCTV monitor that rotates between the camera at the first floor, the first lift and the second one.

What really spooked me out was the monitor that displayed what was in the second lift. There was an old man in it slouching really badly, didn’t really give much attention to him. Monitor switches to the first-floor camera, followed by the first lift. The CCTV monitor switched back to the second lift’s camera and poof! The old man was gone. What was scary was that none of the lifts stopped at any other levels at all. The two lifts were descending to the first floor and it did.


30. A Guest In The Bedroom

Heard my 2 year old daughter cry out in the bedroom. Get up, walk in. It’s dark in the bedroom, so all I see is shadows and silhouettes. See her sitting in the bed. Think “gosh, she’s getting tall!” Then the silhouette suddenly flew up into the ceiling. Rush over to the bed, my daughter is asleep curled up in a ball, as far away on the other side of her cot as possible, on a side she’s never slept on before and hasn’t since.

I’ve no idea what I saw.


31. A Green Mist Through The Window

The night my dad died my brother and I both saw something come in the window. Neither of us can say exactly what it was but it was like a thin green cloud.

It came in the window which we had opened it to give him some fresh air in the evening and it moved – not drifted – towards my dad then disappeared. He died that night.

He was very sick so the dying was not totally unexpected but the green cloud was. We’re both atheists and scientists, but we know what we saw and we both saw it.


32. Now You See Her, Now You Don’t

My friend and I were driving home from another mate’s place when we see a girl standing in the middle of the road. My friend (driving) slammed on the breaks and I kinda shut my eyes for a second. When I opened them, no one was there.

She looked at me and said, “did you see that girl? Where the f*** did she go?”

It was terrifying.

Admittedly, we were driving past Nat’s track a place that we both knew of and creep us out. And we were both a little stoned.

Also, it was near a school so someone could have run off however we couldn’t see a trace of anyone!

I will never forget it. We both saw her, and then we didn’t.

We definitely shared a bed that night!!


33. Seeing into the future?

Okay, this is 100% true story and definitely the scariest thing to ever happen in my life so far. Back in the summer when I was in between sixth and seventh grades I was biking back home from a girls house. She lived roughly eight blocks away, so biking home late was a norm. It was around eleven at night. Biking home, enjoying the warm misty night I turned down a block arbitrarily in the direction of home. My nose was assaulted by the stench of death and old. Not unlike the smell of a really unclean hospice center. This particular block has a nice one story brick house with three low trees in the front yard. In the middle tree was an old man in a jacket, jeans, and a blue cap hanging in the crook of the tree. I stopped my bike and stared… the man croaked/ moaned. Thus I promptly sped off home, freaked out and hid in my bed.

A week later I happened to cross in front of that same house during the day. There was a nice young girl and the SAME OLD MAN putting groceries into the house. I slammed on my breakers and asked her if the fellow was okay, explained what I saw, and confirmed that the smell was the exact same. This gal was the old man’s daughter taking care of and living with him. By her account he never has been out at night, never owned or owns a blue hat and to please leave.

Not another week later he fell off a ladder into the tree and hanged…wearing a brand new blue hat.

Super WTF. But I can’t explain any of it…

Still think back on it to this day and wonder if I could have done something different. This man died painfully at 87 and I could and would have stopped it if I wasn’t so damn scared.


34. An Angry Spirit At PepBoys

Ok, another PepBoys story, we had tire racks in the back behind where we kept fresh tires and as people would purchase them we would go back there and get the tires down and bring them out to the waiting customers. On a few occasions, I would be at the tire desk helping a customer, and three tires just rolled out, on their own in front of customers, nobody was back there, either cause I checked. Another tire experience was there were three or four of us back there talking with our Asst. Manager in the tire rack area. My Asst. manager had his hand on the tire rack and we were joking around, and I believe someone brought up the ghost, and all of the sudden three huge tires come flying off the rack and land at my Asst. manager feet from about three shelves up above our heads. The manager also told us that he had been called to the store in the middle of the night by police because of a burglar alarm, he let the police inside the store they had guns drawn and searched the whole store finding no one, and nothing out of place, so as they are leaving the store they hear a huge crash, and run back into the store in the back storeroom and find a huge shelf that probably weighed 400 to 500 pounds had fallen down, and these shelves were bolted to the walls.


35. Combat Veteran Shares his most terrifying moment

To this day I still have no clue what I saw. My buddies and I decided to go to an abandoned insane asylum (bad idea I know) we got there and started exploring, then I saw lights on in one of the buildings, which shouldn’t be because, you know, abandoned and all. Anyways I decided to look in through a window. All I remember was that it had large industrial equipment, and standing in the middle was a tall shadow thing with bat-like ears. I have never been so scared of death in my life. I just panicked and told my friends we had to dip. Then on the way out people were standing in the entry ways to the buildings. Except they looked sort of like the salt and pepper from old TVs that lost connection. I don’t know if I believe in the supernatural or if my mind was playing tricks on me but it’s a night I won’t forget ever.

And FYI I am a combat vet in the U.S. Army. And still have never been as scared as that night.


36. Movement in the reflection

Not that creepy, but when I was younger I often saw a number of tall shapes stand in my room, they didn’t do anything, they were just present. Nevertheless, they did scare me, and I had a period that I slept with a bedside lamp or with the big light on.

When I was 11, I got a tv for my birthday, and I swear that I sometimes saw things moving in the reflection of the screen of the tv. Usually, I would turn on the light and sleep with it on. Still, when I stay over at my parents’ house, I sometimes see the movements in the reflection of the tv. I now ask them to go away and leave me alone, or I ask my mom (she passed away when I was 11) to protect me, which helps.

I now live in a student accommodation, and I haven’t seen the shapes anymore. However, sometimes I can’t find my keys or something else, and then suddenly they are exactly where I’ve looked a minute before. I’d like to think that it’s my mom just joking with me.


37. Lights On A The Old Plantation

I live in southern Georgia and grew up next to an old civil war home/plantation overlooking the water. My friends family owned it and it was always vacant but well kept. She would tell me stories about her mom staying there one night and the furniture moving or being upside down the next morning. I always just thought she was trying to scare me though there was no need, I stayed away except when I went to get my mail.

One day, we were swinging (like usual) on a rope swing suspended from an oak tree at her family’s restaurant, which is situated on the other side of the home with a tall wooden fence dividing the properties. I think I may have been 11 or so at the time. We noticed an upstairs light turn on in the home. Now, remember the home is vacant and in my 18 years of living there I only saw the owner enter once. In an instant, the light flickered off and another downstairs light came on within a second. There are probably 4-5 windows on each of the two floors. This light deal happened a few times and we were freaking out but trying to figure out what was going on.

Then, we see the shadow of an old man in a dark upstairs window. The eyes were glowing red. We RAN far and fast and since then I avoided making eye contact with that house. I don’t believe in ghosts but I can’t explain it and neither could she. People don’t believe me but I know we saw what we saw. By far the creepiest thing to happen to me in my life.


38. Something In The Pool

About 6 years ago my neighbors went out of town and I was tasked with feeding their fish as well as taking care of the house and pool. This also meant that I could use the pool whenever I wanted. So naturally I did what any 20 year old would do and I brought my girlfriend of the time over there at night.

It was a nice summer night with no wind. The moon was out with no clouds. We couldn’t figure out how to turn on the pool lights, so we said screw it and went in anyway. With the moon being so clear and bright it was as if the light was on anyway. The only thing this changed was that the water looked like a sheet of black glass in the light. Imagine a peanut shaped pool where on one end is me and my girl swimming in the shallow end, and on the other side is a deep end with a water slide. We were swimming along, not doing anything wrong. Maybe just hugging a bit and talking. We both stopped dead when we heard the deep breathing. It sounded almost like Darth Vader breathing. We both looked to the deep end of the pool where the sound was coming from.

In the moonlight, we could see a black silhouette of a head sticking out of the pool right my the waterslide. The noise was coming directly from the shape. Normally that would be enough to scare someone, but the part that freaked us out was the feeling that both of us explained after. It was a feeling like someone twisted a knife in our gut. Like something extremely evil and wrong was there and we needed to get away. We didn’t get away though. We stood there in fear, looked back at each other, looked back at the shape, and it was gone. No ripples in the water, no lighting changes, just gone, and with it went the noise. We both stood up and tried to see if someone was in the pool with us that we didn’t notice. Nothing. We both slowly got out of the pool, grabbed our towels and then ran like we have never run before. As I was running out of their back yard, my gf was ahead of me. I crossed into the front yard when I felt a two hand push on my shoulder blades that made me face plant into the grass. No one was there. After all these years, I tell people that it wasn’t the head, the noise, or the push that scared me the most. It was the gut wrenching feeling of something being wrong that did. My ex will still not talk about it to this day.


39. A “Cloud” Of Screams

My only true “ghostly” experience.

I was driving down a highway in Colorado at about 11 pm on my way to Taco Bell to try a new burrito and write about it in my advertising blog I started back in college. It was around midnight and I was recording a voice memo for my own personal reference when I heard what sounded to be the screams of children. Screams like you would hear coming from a pool or a roller coaster. But the sound seemed to travel through my car, from front to back, lasting around 5 seconds. Felt like I drove through a cloud.

The kicker is that I actually got it on tape. Would love to hear anyone’s explanation for what this could be.


40. The inexplicable smell of gunpowder

Walking around historic Brattonsville at night. The smell of gunpowder is overwhelming. Hearing noises from inside the houses when no one lives there nor has lived there in years. And not just wind noises or paranoia noises. Heavy thumping and scraping noises from inside the Bratton house. To the point of us actually calling the cops because we thought there was some serious robbery going on. Cops found nothing, but I and my buddy did get a summons for trespassing. You live you learn.


41. A Passive Observer In His Own Body

When I was a kid, about 6 or 7 years old, I remember sitting in the backseat of the car while my mom was driving. I can’t remember where we were going but it was raining. As we were driving through a tunnel I remember having this feeling as if someone or something had taken over my body. I was still aware as to what was going on but I couldn’t control my actions. A passive observer. I remember feeling this uncontrollable urge to jump out of the moving car and “watched” as my hand, very calmly, reached over to the door and unlocked the door. As I opened the door (not fully, just like when you pull the handle and the locking mechanism disengages) I sort of snapped out of it and closed the car door back over. Who knows, it was about 20 years ago so it may just be a half-remembered dream but I am 99% sure it happened and could not even give you a hint as to how or why.


42. The Watcher ON The Walkie Talkie

Playing with walkie-talkies as a kid, old 70s mega-sized walkies. It’s Summer. I’m with my brother and three friends. I’m 12, the others 12, 11 and 10. Suddenly a stranger’s voice comes across them and begins talking to us.

It’s obvious it was a nearby guy messing with us but he did it in a real sadistic way that still gives me chills. I basically tell myself it was a really sick joke/prank, tbh. He was a grown man, not a kid or young adult. It was a real voice, no taking or modulating. His voice told us that much. He told us all what we were wearing and where we lived. How he was going to kill us all, etc. However, he mentioned what my friend was wearing the day before and not currently so that felt like a watcher type deal. All in a super calm, serious, monotone voice. No laughter or “I’m gonna scare these kids!” tones. He knew us by name and residence but also details that seemed very observant, even at the time. Details like when and who we last played at the basketball court with as well as what we wore at the court. The last time we went swimming. One was that my buddy loved orange creamsicles (he’d grab one whenever we went to the corner store). All fine but the two areas weren’t in eyeshot of each other. It’d take following or general looking out to connect the things he mentioned. Stuff like that, specific and observant info. He really knew the youngest of us (I’ll call him Billy). He knew everything Billy did, even the stuff we just did on a whim in relative outdoor privacy. So, not a parent or anyone but someone that was watching. Still, it wasn’t what he said as much as how.

Listen to how the Zodiac Killer spoke on the phone and that’s about it. He just suddenly stopped, too. No “see ya soon” or similar bullshit. He just stopped after we tried to go back and forth figuring out who it was.

When he stopped he didn’t totally stop though, he just stopped responding to anything we said or did. We went from “haha who is this” to “no really, who is this” to “oh really, whats my name!” to pretending not to be horrified. He just stopped talking eventually. We all stayed together at my house that night and on a dare we turned it on about 2 hours later. We didn’t speak into it, just listened. It was completely silent except for sounds he clearly wanted us to hear that he’d broadcast every 10 mins or so. The sound of walking around as he whistled a creepy tune, what sounded like knives sharpening or rubbing on another knife, what I’d now say sounded like sexual pleasuring. Nothing blatant or deliberate but there. After an hour or so of just listening to these bursts he stops in the middle of whatever he was doing in one burst transmission and says “It won’t be tonight, you can all go to bed now. Smart to stick together……(sigh/deep breath)….smart.” Then that was it. Never another direct transmission but we thought we heard similar random sounds about 3 days later. A 5 min burst of a chair rocking or wood creaking or something as if accidentally bursting from inside a pocket.

Adults got home about an hour after that and we explained it all. They took it as a douche being a douche, basically “relax, you’re fine, go to bed” but it fucked our heads up. I think they thought we were exaggerating or it was goofy like how I imagine everyone thinking it was when I tell it. Even here I imagine people rolling their eyes or thinking “IT’S CLEARLY JUST SOME DUDE PRANKING YOU.” Something on a deep level was very disturbing about it, it wasn’t kids being scared of the boogeyman. It was my first taste of what I’d call “real sickness.” I’ve dreamt about it a couple times this year alone, dozens over the years. His vocal demeanor was worse than what he said – how he’d kill us as the others watched and nobody would find us and, depending on how “good” we were, he’d decide if he’d go back to get others in our family and around the neighborhood. Shit like that. Specific, creepy shit but told in a terrifyingly relaxed monotone. Horrible shit but that tone…man.

I hate to play off that as anything but a sick douche being sick and fucking with us but a couple years after a young boy did die nearby but it was ruled an accident. He suddenly couldn’t be found and then he was found nearby a couple hours later. About a decade after that, another kid around the same age was horribly murdered and it’s never been solved. Blatant murder. It made Nancy Grace and all that shit. National news. No connection other than town and general area but it leaves a 0.00000001% bit of doubt in my mind. I told the police this story in hopes it narrowed the location of a suspect or place to look for one. They looked at me like I was crazy (ha). Like, “so a man once said he’ll kill you on a walkie talkie forever fucking years ago? Ok, thanks.”

Had to hear the voice and what it said as it knows who you are but you have no idea who it is. Zero idea. It felt like a guy being honest. Just how it felt then and now. Had to be there.


43. Speaking With “Ax”

Ouija boards seem cliche to talk about but I have also had some crazy experiences with people that repeated no matter who I tried it with.

Me and one friend tried everything we could to eliminate all doubt – at a particular place we could get similar responses no matter who would do it. We brought in at least 6 different people – partnered with me, partnered with my friend, or sometimes we’d bring 2-3 people and have them do it without us.

Every time we did it in a certain room of his house, it would do the same thing you mentioned with the “jajaja” part, except it did “axaxaxax” instead. It started when we would ask its name, it wouldn’t move to letters – it would just start randomly pushing across the board to spots between letters and leading to the edge – this was the first thing that seemed weird to us. We kept asking over and over again for a name between other questions, and eventually it just started going between the a and the x, picking up speed until we couldn’t keep up with it; it didn’t fly out of our hands or anything, it would just stop when one of us lost contact with it. Weirdly enough, it used it like it was laughing at us too. We learned early on that whatever was responding was fucking with us, we’d ask series of questions and the answers would get weirder and weirder until one of us would say “Ax are you fucking with us?” and again it would start going between a and x. We always knew that was its way of admitting to us that it was bullshitting.

We studied this thing for about a full year, but it’s not something that anybody will take you seriously about. the closest we ever got to acknowledgment was when we tried blind testing it by inviting 2 girls we were hanging out with to give the board a try. We didn’t tell them about Ax, but we had a notebook half full with notes about it – all the answers we’d gotten and weird things that happened, and pictures of the room that we took during it all that kept showing orbs in various places of the room. The only thing we were able to prove to them was that they got “axaxaxax” as a result for multiple questions before we told them about what would happen. We tried to prompt for further proof, but we couldn’t find a way to do it. The girls were sufficiently freaked out and both thought that the other girl was in on it with us, but it proved enough to us to take it seriously.

Whatever it was though, was actively trying to fuck with us and did not want us to get any sort of proof. Whenever we tried to record our sessions on video, it would just not move until we turned it off. we could take pictures but not record. it would give us consistent answers if it was just the two of us, but anyone else we brought in it would give mostly similar answers, and always do the axaxax thing, but it would give random answers and then just laugh or just move the glass piece in circles until we moved onto something else. Whenever we asked his age it would give us the answer 234, but with other people it would just go to a single digit and stop.

Like I said we had a large notebook filled with notes, but we were never able to figure it out and it was never taken remotely serious by anyone other than ourselves. We didn’t even have a real board, we just used a piece of cardboard and a shotglass.


44. Feeling Her Pass

I was working a summer job at a retirement home doing small jobs like mowing the grass and painting. One day I was painting the upstairs hallway. It was a warm day and with no AC I felt quite warm. The hallway had doors to resident’s rooms on either side, like a typical apartment hallway, and I was alone as most of the residents were in the common areas. But after painting for about 30 minutes, a really strange chill hit me. It was like nothing I ever felt before. It was like nothing I can even describe, but the weirdest part is it seemed to compel me to walk down the hall. I didn’t even think, I just walked, guided by something to door opened just a crack. Only that door. I looked through and saw a lady, lying in her bed. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I backed away, shook off the feeling and got back to painting. About 10 minutes later a nurse went into the same room, then quickly exited. Minutes later the doctor arrived and I was told the lady was very sick and had just died.

I don’t believe in ghosts, or the afterlife or any deity. But that I cannot explain.


45. Cursed Land

I grew up about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah in Utah County and there’s this park up in the mountain foothills in the city of Pleasant Grove called Kiwanis Park.

The park is really cool during the day and serves as the trailhead for a great, short hike to a waterfall. During the night, however, the park is an entirely different story…

Back in 1849, the park was the site of a massacre between natives and settlers that left a handful of natives dead. Growing up, I heard many rumors that not only is the park extremely haunted at night, but that occult practices like animal sacrifices occur there (I once found a dead deer skeleton there in the woods that I felt corroborated the occult rumor, but that’s not even the creepy part).

One year when I was in high school, my cousins from Washington state came into town. I was out driving around with them past midnight one of the nights and we decided to get a little adventurous and visit Kiwanis Park after I had updated them on the history and rumors. We drove up the steep street towards the park’s entrance and hit the last 1/4 mile section after the houses end. About 1000 feet or so past the last house (we’re driving pretty slowly at this point since the road is now unpaved) we catch sight of something in our headlights on the passenger side of the car – as we get closer, we realize it’s a person dressed in a black, full-body, hooded cloak walking slowly up the hill towards the park. As we pass the person, he/she slowly looks up and straight at us – we couldn’t make out much of the face except for the eyes. I’ll never forget those blank, white, emotionless eyes…

I jammed the car into reverse, flipped around as soon as I could, and we noped right out of there. I never did try to go back to Kiwanis Park after dark again…


46. Transported Back In Time

During my senior year of HS, I developed feelings for a girl in my class, Lexi. We hit it off and were always talking, and flirting, but never anything more serious. We went to homecoming together that year. I’ve always been very shy, while she was always very outgoing, and an amazing dancer. That night was more or less our climax, as we danced close, and almost kissed, but nothing more came of it. She ended up dating another guy instead of me, and I became pretty depressed about missing my shot. I held a grudge against her for a while, but eventually made my peace with her, and we became friends again. A few years after HS, she developed cancer. I reached out to her and offered my support, and she was appreciative of it. A few months later, she passed away. I attended the funeral, and also made my peace with the guy she dated instead of me. Her death hit me pretty hard, as I saw her as being put into my life for a specific reason. I would visit her grave every so often to try to keep her in mind, and found it to be comforting.

Fast forward a few years, and I was going through some pretty bad stuff with an ex. We had just broken up after a pretty long and complicated relationship. I was pretty distraught and found myself driving around at 3:30 AM. The only place I could think of to go was Lexi’s grave. The cemetery was obviously closed, so I parked at a nearby park, walked over, and hoped the fence. I really only needed to sit and think, and be alone, so that’s what I did. I was sitting for awhile, probably about 30 mins, when I felt something behind me. I turned around, and it was as if I was transported back to homecoming senior year. It wasn’t just a memory or flashback though. I was suddenly there, at homecoming, sitting at our table. I could smell the food, feel the chair under me, have the lights from the dance floor hitting my eyes. Lexi walked up to me, took my hand, and asked me, “Are you just going to sit on the sidelines all night, or are you going to dance?” This EXACT same interaction happened at homecoming that night when I was too afraid to make an ass of myself dancing, and just stayed at the table. I felt her hand pulling me up from the chair, and walking with me to the dance floor, where we started dancing. I must have stayed in that dream/trance/vision for a good while until I felt my phone in my pocket buzzing with a notification. Then it hit me that in HS, I didn’t have a cell phone. I checked my phone, looked up, and was back in the cemetery.

Not sure what exactly it was that happened that night, but it felt so real. I’ve had pretty vivid dreams in the past, but nothing to the extent that I could smell the perfume that a person was wearing, or feel the music pounding in my chest.


47. A Feeling Of Danger

For my entire life, I’ve had ‘feelings’, like instant intuition. I’m also extremely empathetic and can usually tell what others are feeling.

For an example, I was talking with a friend (visiting them in California) and I suddenly stopped talking mid-sentence. After a moment they asked if everything was alright, and without blinking I replied a close friend of mine had just died. As it turns out he had actually been hit by a car while walking on the side of the road, and I received a call just a day later.

I get ‘feelings’ often, and usually, follow up on them however I feel best. I also have a very strong fight or flight instinct that almost always turns to ‘fight’ mode.

Now that I’ve explained that, the story can be told.

When I was younger, around 15, and had really been ‘listening’ to those feelings for about 2 years, I discovered that entering the basement of my house made me extremely uncomfortable.

It was like a constant ‘tug’ making me want to go back upstairs, and for years I didn’t even realize there was a door in the basement that lead to another room.

One day I noticed that door when my father asked me to move some stuff. It had been hidden behind some old boxes, and when I asked my father about it and he said that they’d never noticed it. The boxes had been sitting down there since before we moved in.

He suggested I go check it out, take the flashlight and see if maybe we can turn it into a game room.

Being a young chipper lad I ran full tilt to grab that flashlight and made my way back down to the basement. That feeling of unease returned, and as I got closer to the door it seemed to intensify. The light in the basement was near the stairs and I’d already turned on the flashlight to make opening the door easier.

I opened the door, moved to step inside, and froze in place at the same moment the flashlight turned off. In front of me was a pitch dark room, and my flight instinct had suddenly become so strong that it was freezing me in place (due to my rather severe fight instinct).

Quite literally the hair on my arms and the back of my neck was standing as I slowly backed away from the door, suddenly slamming it shut and watching as the flashlight turned back on.

Seconds later I realized I was sweating intensely, and even as I moved to exit the basement I refused to turn my back to that door.

To this day I still don’t know what caused that, and for years it gave me a fear of the dark that was so intense it became a warning sign in my dreams (if they were becoming nightmares).


48. Being Polite To John

I and a friend used to rent a house when we were in college. We found out three months in that the previous owner had died of natural causes in the house, and we were the first tenants after this.

We had all manner of odd things happen around the house, from opening a closet when we were moving in to find the guy’s clothes still in it to having things fall off shelves and the like without anyone near them.

It was an older house so we could attribute a lot of this to that. Oh, Jack was asking through the living room, which shook the floorboard and made the desk shake, resulting in the empty glass falling, etc.

Also, lights would occasionally go off or on by themselves, but we feel like this might be wiring.

Well, the weirdest thing that happened to me when I lived there was in the bathroom. Oddly, directly across from the toilet was a door that had a mirror on it. I guess you could watch your facial expressions while defecating if you’re into that, but I usually opened the door partway so I wouldn’t have to stare at myself.

One night I opened the door partway and took a seat on my throne. As I was reading a magazine (smart phones weren’t a thing yet), the door slowly opened the rest of the way. I figured there must be some slant or something causing it, so I laughed it off with a “haha, very funny, John” (that was the precious owner’s name).

As soon as I said that, the door slammed shut.

Then the light in the bathroom turned off. Not just flickered out. The switch moved.

Since it was very dark in there at night (no windows), I immediately apologized to John.

The light turned back on.

I was very polite to him after that.


49. Mom Isn’t Having It

When I was little, I went to a daycare and the chaperones there all had these walkie talkies that I thought were really neat and I wished I had one. One summer, I found a pair of the exact ones the chaperones had at a yard sale and my mom bought them for me. The next day, my mom was driving me somewhere (I don’t remember where) and I had one of the walkie talkies in the seat next to me. Suddenly one of the walkie talkies turns on and we hear a child screaming hysterically “MOM! MOOOOM, WHERE ARE YOU?!” while sobbing. A few seconds of silence passed and then we heard laughter. This was no ordinary chuckle, shit was like legit maniacal laughter straight out of some psycho murderer movie where the killer gets off on the misery of their victims. My mom didn’t miss a beat. She reached into the back seat, grabbed the walkie talkie, and hurled it through the open window without a word. Upon asking here what we just heard she just said I don’t know and left it at that.


50. An Unexplainable Intruder

My mom and I were living in a small house in Laguna Beach back in the early 80s. My mom was out of town and I was home alone. Before I went to bed, I made sure to lock all the doors and windows because this was when Richard Ramirez was terrorizing Southern California. I woke up in the middle of the night because my dog, who was sleeping on the bed with me, started to growl. I looked to see why he was growling and I could see the figure of someone standing in the kitchen staring into my bedroom. I could not make out any features or even clothing; it was just a dark shape, like a shadow person. They didn’t move or make any noise, just stood there. I ducked under the covers in terror and the dog jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. I couldn’t hear anything and eventually fell back asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I double-checked all the doors and windows and they were all still locked. But the dog was outside on the back porch.

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