50 People Share The Spooky As Hell Unexplained Mysteries That Haunt Them To This Day

fredrik Andreasson

1. literally The Grim Reaper

I saw what many would consider to be the Grim Reaper [serious].

I was playing poker on a late Sunday night when suddenly I got a very bad feeling. Chills ran through me, but I didn’t feel sick. I wasn’t drunk, tired, or even remotely feeling physically bad. I just had a sudden need to get home and make sure that my mom was safe. So I cashed out my chips and left.

Disquiet followed me all the way home, but I never considered anything out of the ordinary. I figured I was just thrown off by being out so late on a Sunday. The night was cold and quiet, but no stranger than usual.

When I got home, my mother was in the shower (she’s an obsessive late night cleaner, a habit beaten into her by her abusive stepmother). I called out to her that I was home, and she was very relieved. I went to hang up my winter gear by my window – and then I saw it.

We lived across from a park and floating down the sloping hill towards my apartment building was a massive hooded figured composed of tattered shadows. It was blacker than the surrounding night and seemed to warp the space around it. It moved fluidly and with clear agency, floating like a squid through water.

I’ve never felt terror like that. I knew I was seeing something I had no business seeing. It wasn’t thrilling, or exciting; it was just awful. This was before smartphones, but the thought of trying to snap a photo with a digital camera never crossed my mind. The truth is, I wouldn’t want it. I felt…awareness from this thing, and it wasn’t friendly. I felt that if it knew I saw it, something horrible would follow.

So, I closed my shades and hid under my blanket like a little kid.

I had the day off the next day (hence the late night), and a friend of mine came to visit. He told me cops were all over the place downstairs. He saw the look on my face, and I told him what happened. He laughed it off. We went to grab some food, I asked a cop what was going on, but they wouldn’t answer.

We came back and found a young guy wandering my hallway. He was a reporter and asked us if we knew where a woman in the building lived. We asked if he knew what was going on…

There had been a murder-suicide. A man shot his girlfriend and then killed himself. The murderer’s mother lived on the other side of the building. My friend gasped.

No, I didn’t hear the shots and then filled in the blanks with an imaginary specter. I’ve fired guns since I was a kid, and I know what they sound like. No, I didn’t watch a horror movie or have anything supernatural on the brain. I’ve never seen anything remotely similar since. I’m open to the idea of things we do not understand, but understand the importance of healthy skepticism.

But I know what I saw. More, even, I know what I felt. It was like peering behind a door that was never meant to be opened. People think they want to see supernatural occurrences, and perhaps there’s a good aspect to them. But I think the truth is most of us would absolutely freak if faced with something that’s not supposed to exist in nature. Things like what I saw go against everything we consider to be right, in a very profound way.


2. The Hole In The Wall

I remember an old house I lived in as a child. We discovered a hidden hole in the wall, big enough to crawl through. It led to a small peephole in the bathroom. I always wanted to play in the tunnel but mom wouldn’t let me. In that same house, we never saw a single mouse. Until one night they came flooding out of every inch of the house. Like I’m. Talking thousands of them. I remember my mom freaking out and rushing outside. Carrying us in her arms as she ran over thousands of mice everywhere!

When we came back the next day after staying at a relative’s. There was not a mouse in sight. None dead or any traces of them. We still talk about it at family events as the most fucked up thing we have ever saw.


3. Strange Voice on the tape recorder

When I was little I loved recording my own voice on the family tape recorder. What I would do was that I would record my voice really slowly, set the recorder to copy and record that at double speed to the secondary cassette deck. Basically making me sound like a smurf or chipmunk speaking at normal tempo.

One time when I was in the kitchen playing around with it, the rest of the family hanging around I did the same thing. I ended a sentence with saying “Och alla de andra barnen!” (And all the other children!). Dubbed, recorder played back and the whole thing sounded completely normal and said in my childish smurfed up voice “And all the other children!” with a second of silence followed by the harshest and deepest man’s voice I’ve ever heard (to that point) saying the same thing in a mocking voice.

It scared the shit out of all of us and no one can to this day explain it. Being older now, I realize it’s probably a very strange artifact of overdubbing, magnetic tapes and such. But there are qualities that I still don’t quite understand and can’t explain. Specifically how it could speak in a normal speed of voice (because the easy explanation would be that it somehow slowed down my voice, darkening the pitch) and still go all deep.


4. Someone At The Door

A while ago during the NHL lockout I was up at 3 in the morning watching the world juniors and I noticed this van pull into my cul de sac which was strange because I didn’t recognize the van because it wasn’t any of my neighbors. Then the Van stops right in front of my house and 3 people pop out. 2 goes to my neighbor’s house to my right and the other comes to my house. They’re all dressed in black and they’re going pretty quickly. I was pretty much frozen when I heard his footsteps as he came closer to my door and then nothing happened. Literally nothing the van drove away without anyone hoping back in. I never saw the guy leave my doorstep. It was snowing that night so in the morning I had to go shovel my driveway and I saw his steps go to my front door and stop. The footprints stopped at my door. There were no tracks leaving my front door nor where there any anywhere else.


5. Something UNNatural at the theme park

When I was a student, I worked at a theme park, probably the oldest in UK. One particular ride had its very own set of ghost stories, being a man of science, I quickly dismissed any spooky nonsense as people having over active imaginations.

A few weeks into the job I was asked to transfer into said spooky shop, which didn’t bother me at all because ghosts and stuff are absolute balderdash!

I’d been working in the shop with a female colleague who was very superstitious and refused to be alone in the shop. Last thing to do at night was to turn off the lights, for which the light switch was all the way at the back of the store in a small stock room.

Obviously, I was nominated to turn the lights off. With my keys in hand and my nervous colleague stood half in half out of the front doors, I set off to the light switch confident and courageous. I flipped the switch and turned about face and headed back to the front door navigating a labyrinth of glass shelving. Half way back I heard the strangest thing…a child laughing and then four or five footsteps in rapid succession and then nothing.

My immediate thoughts are, someone is playing a prank. So a casually walk to the exit chuckling to myself about the pathetic attempt to scare me. My colleague wasn’t there, I could just make out her outline running towards the offices where we clocked in and out for our shifts.

Still laughing about the whole thing I went back to the offices expecting the entire compliment of staff rolling around laughing at me. But no, all were there comforting my female colleague who was now slumped in a chair crying. She had seen and heard a child running up behind me in the store whilst I was walking back to the front door. She went back telling everyone the ghost had got me.

The next day my colleague didn’t show for work, I was back in the same shop and still not 100% convinced.

This night I was closing up on my own, still unafraid cos science right? When I arrived at the switch I was convinced someone was watching me, ‘don’t be paranoid you idiot’ I mumbled to myself and I flipped the switch and began walking to the exit, only this time I could feel something watching me, like its eyes were burning a hole in my back…I turned and saw nothing, I began moving again and this time the unmistakable sound of a child laughing and footsteps, but this time something pushed me forward, I stumbled but regained my balance before I fell.

Science or not, I ran to the door slamming it closed behind me. I scrambled to get the keys in the lock and turn them before running back to the office.

I never went in that shop again. Not only had I witnessed something I couldn’t explain, I had felt it too. Now I keep an open mind, just because science can’t explain it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.


6. Someone Running Down The Stairs

I have a few times that I find interesting if not creepy.

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s home. It was an old farm house built on 1906. All of my aunts, uncle, and mom were alumni of FSU so during football season we would all gather to spend time together as well as watch the game. Anyway… lots of people were there. I was playing with my dolls on my grandma’s bed when I heard someone run down the stairs. The foot of the stairs was at the edge of the door to my grandma’s room. No one ever passed by the door after running down the stairs…which was odd. I got up to go see which cousin was there (probably trying to startle me) and no one was there. Being as young as I was I was like ‘meh’ and went back to playing with my dolls. Years later one of my aunts was telling me about grandma’s house and how it had noisy ghosts that liked banging things around and running down the stairs.

Another time was when I was 16. My best friend had dropped me off at home after hanging out. The house was empty. My parents were at church and wouldn’t be back for at least an hour. It was dark but I knew how to get around without the lights. I went straight for the bathroom to get ready for bed. As I was in the bathroom my dog came to greet me and hang out while I did bathroom stuff. It was completely silent and then I heard whispering coming from the hallway. It sounded like two women shooting the shit in whispers. It freaked me out but I figured it was my imagination. Then I noticed my dog heard it too. Her little head was cocked to the side like most dogs do when they hear something. That’s when I got creeped out. I ran to my room and stayed there until my parents got home.

The last time I am going to list here happened about 8 years ago. It was during daylight hours. I was getting dinner ready for my 3 kids and husband who would be home soon. After 3 kids I developed a bit of a big ole butt. On occasion, my shirt would ride up and just rest on it. I made it a habit to make sure that didn’t happen and pull it back down (I was self-conscious of having a big butt… not so much now). My daughter who was 9 at the time caught on to my insecurity and would pull my shirt down for me if I didn’t notice it first. I put a movie in so the kids were entertained while I prepared dinner when someone pulled my shirt down. I said thank you and looked to see which kid did it and no one was there. I looked in the den and they were all there watching the movie. So the ghost in my house also cared about my silly insecurities. Nice ghost.


7. A Chill On The Trail

My hometown is a mid-size California city with a large network of bike trails throughout. Though the city is well-developed, the trails are wooded and nature-y, and they take you through some really secret places of the city.

My friend and I were mountain biking on the trails, and we came up to a point where the trail passed under a low overpass. He was in front of me, and we were going at a pretty easy pace. As I went through, I felt something like a hand grab at my right ankle. I looked down, thinking something was caught on me, but there was nothing. I spent the next 10 seconds or so quiet, thinking about what could’ve caused it — maybe a hitch in my chain, I thought — when my buddy spoke up and asked if I had felt something weird when we were going under the road.

Without mentioning what I felt, I asked him what it was. He said he felt something like a hand pull on his right ankle. I told him something like, what the fuck yes I felt that too, and we were stunned.

We fucking hustled out of that trail. I’ve been back through that way a few times since, but I’ve never felt it again.

Thinking back now, it was unusually cold in that part of the trail, too. We’re talking a noticeable temperature difference in Southern California in the summer.


8. A Helpful Spirit

Ya know, this won’t be as elaborate or otherworldly as some of these… In fact, that’s the point. Anything big or ghostly, I’m immediately going to think I’m being pranked and get angry.

I was at my parents’ house, around age 18, and was up late in my room. I got a little hungry around 2 am, and decided to go rummage through the kitchen. I was quiet and moved in the dark so as not to wake anyone.

When I took two steps into the kitchen, the light turned on.

I was completely alone. As I said before, I get angry when I’m being punked. I went through that whole house, and everyone was asleep. I come back, the light is off.

Freaked me right out.


9. A Simple Nail Clipper

Not creepy in the sense that it’s harmless but really unexplainable. Grandpa’s nail clipper keeps disappearing for months on end and turning up in unsuspected places whenever grams asks me if I’ve used it recently. Must be grandpa playing with his beloved possessions.


10. Every Few weeks, The Same Thing

In the house I grew up in, every few weeks I’d see a woman in white walk down the hallway. I always had some explanation as to what it could be, and never told anyone about it. Years later, after my brother and I had both left home, he asked if I had seen her.

I still remember every detail, and I still get chills from it.


11. Something Trying To Get Out

The creepiest experience that I remember was when I worked at a haunted PepBoys store. I remember working with my friend the Asst. Manager well past closing time. The store had a lighting system that was on a timer so if you were in the store past 11:00pm you would have to manually hit a switch in a room off of the mechanics’ garage to keep the lights on in the store. Then when you were done you would have to turn the switch back off to automatic and the lights would all go off leaving the store and garage pitch black. Anyways one night we were working well past the 11:00 time frame, so I went into the garage and hit the switch to keep the lights on. I remember all the computers in the store would go to a black screen when not used for a period of time, and we had one of those DVR players on display that played a DVR near our registers. When we were finished I turned the DVR off, and took the CD out, then walked into the garage with my friend to hit the light switch back to manual, so the lights would go off and we could leave the store. My friend followed me with a flashlight so we could see back into the store. When we walked back into the store every computer that had previously been off had the green writing on screen that comes on when you touch the keyboard, the DVR was on that I had turned off, and was playing a static screen, and all the registers with those built in scanners that are in the counters, were glowing red and the laser lights were showing on the ceiling, you could physically pass your hands through the lasers, never seen them do that before. My friend said lets go now, and I turned off the DVR white screen and we booked it out the glass doors. As I was walking to my car and he was locking the outside doors, he screamed to me “did you see that.” I said “what,” and he said that as he was turning the key and locking the door, just as the door locked the door was hit by a huge force and physically bowed out like someone threw their body against it. I have other stories about that store as well if you want to hear them.


12. Ask Their Name Before You Give Yours

So back in 2015, I found myself in Iquitos, a small city in the Peruvian Amazon. I was seeking ayahuasca, the religious sacrament of the natives and a powerful hallucinogen. I had heard of all the hippy shit you’ll likely hear from people who have come back from the “Spirit World” but thought it was mostly trash. My interest in ayahuasca was that I had mild PTSD from a nasty stint in a Belizian jail and was struggling to sleep without drinking myself unconscious. The medicine calls you so they say and for better or worse I heard the call.

I ran into some Aussies on the way upriver to Iquitos and they put me in touch with a local curandero (shaman). I spent a week out at his jungle retreat with some other colorful characters and every other night we would have a ceremony and drink the ayahuasca. I probably should have stopped after the first night because after what felt like taking the strongest pingers of my life I was able to fall into a deep sleep for the first time in months. The following ceremony was not as profound, no visualizations again or sacred geometric voodoo shit but I wasn’t too fazed.

In case you haven’t picked up on this, I was cynical as fuck in regards to this idea of a “Spirit World” and hidden entities but on my third ceremony, I came into contact with something. The shaman told my little group that if you meet something you MUST ask for its name. Don’t tell it anything about yourself until you know its name. Anyway, I was on my own little island of psychedelic bliss thinking I was a glowing alien, all the while the shaman is singing and people are puking and shitting all around me. The guy next to me was screaming and crying. I go to get some water and am filling my bottle when I turn around and come face to face with something big.

It was taller than I am so I’ll guess maybe just under 2 metres in height. Its skin was black and shimmery, like oil on water. The closest thing I could compare it to would be a bear with mange and did I ask it for its name? No. I fucking screamed bloody murder like a normal person. It regarded me for a few seconds and then melted into the darkness of the jungle.

The scariest thing about my ayahuasca experience is that my hallucinations were not strictly my own. That guy who was crying next to me said he looked at me and saw one of them blue glowing avatar people, not a dissimilar experience I had before I met the “being”. The shaman asked me if I had contacted any entities, so I asked him to describe an entity he thought I might have met. He looked at me with oddly sad eyes and said he felt a large and malevolent force that had taken an interest in me. Anyway, demonic contact or not, I sleep fine now.

Tldr: I might have met a demon in Peru


13. Peeling Back The Ceiling

I remember when I was very young, maybe 3 yrs old. I used to see the corner of my bedroom ceiling peel back and an old lady would look through and laugh at me. It would make me scream and cry. I don’t know if it was a dream or something I imagined while awake? But I am pretty old now and still remember it.


14. The Room Of Doom

Having a large metal ladder thrown at me when I was alone, full story below.

A few years ago before I moved out of my parents’ house, I was living with them at a new house, I moved in a few weeks after they had set it all up, decorated etc

First, it started with footsteps, sounds etc and obviously my first thought for carbon monoxide but we had the place tested and it was clean

I hadn’t actually witnessed anything I couldn’t explain at this point and didn’t completely believe it all. Footsteps, doors closing could be just my mind playing tricks, my stepdad had said he saw a face in a dark room when he was painting the door frame and the door slammed in his face (note when we moved in the door was bolted from the outside with no door handle inside, which is creepy enough)

So now my experience: We used the room of doom for storage as I’ll call it

And I was putting some washing in there after work and was completely alone in the house except for the cat who was laying in the hall outside the room Against the far wall (about 2 metres away) is a heavy metal ladder used for the attic So I turn to leave and as I do the cat looks at me and arches her back and hisses towards the room I’m in, I hear a scraping noise behind me (the floor was wooden and hadn’t been carpeted in that room yet) and I turned to see the ladder standing upright and then after a second it tipped towards me

I jumped back and the ladder landed against the door and jammed it shut, trapping me outside. I managed to get my arm through eventually and move the ladder but it must have taken 30mins at least

No one in room afterward, I still can’t think of a logical explanation for a ladder leaning against the wall to go against its weight and then topple towards me

After that, we closed that door and it seems to die down and only minimal things would happen, such as doors closing and opening during the night

I’ve moved out now but my parents continue to report voices and other strange sounds as well as things moving but nothing as aggressive as I encountered

We also tried to contact the previous owner but she refused to talk to us for one reason or another and we did manage to pass a message through people we know and she said something along the lines of “I don’t talk about that house.”


15. Mr. Hopper

When I was really young, I used to spend the night at my cousin’s house. We’ve grown apart since but I still remember that there was always something really creepy about that place. We lived in Florida and they lived in backwoods areas, always in some old run down trailer. Which means total darkness at night and quite frankly it was ALWAYS unsettling.

So one particular night that for some reason sticks out in my mind, me and her were up on the top of her bunk bed just chatting, and she brings up her imaginary friend. Now imaginary friends are pretty common at our ages but hers always seemed… unusually serious. While I claimed to hang out with Pokemon and dragons, hers were more like actual people with fairly detailed personalities.

The only one that I can remember the name of was the main person, I believe his name was Mr. Hopper or something like that. She told me about how he got jealous and possessive of her and didn’t like when she ignored him, but she was ignoring him right now because he deserved it. I was looking right at her as she was saying this, and out of nowhere, we heard a sudden smacking sound. Looking over, we saw that a balloon in her room (one of those foil ones you can get at Wal-Mart) had suddenly gotten shoved against the wall and had a foot-shaped indent in the side of it. There was no way she could have thrown anything at it and no one had entered the room. Something appeared to have kicked that balloon across the room.

To this day IDK if it was a stray gust of wind or if Hopper really did get pissed at us but either way that really freaked me out. There always seemed to be a lot of haunted nonsense going on around her and she talked about spirits a lot.

Now as adults we don’t interact much but I’ll still remember all that stuff and I wonder if she does too. Oh, and I hope Hopper learned to fucking chill.


16. The Front Door Opens Itself

The front door of my parent’s house opens itself. It’s something that has happened many times and everyone in the house has seen it do this. If it just opened, we’d assume it wasn’t shut all the way, but no, the door knob turns itself all the way around and the door opens. In fact, I and my step sister were talking a few weeks back and it did it right in front of us. The creepiest was one night, around 3 am, I’d gotten up to use the bathroom. We always lock the door at night, which is directly in across from the bathroom. The door was closed and locked when I went pee. When I came back out, the door was wide open, which means whatever turns the door knob, also turned the lock.

This phenomenon along with other things that have happened (cabinet doors slamming shut by themselves, lights switches turning themselves off, footsteps in the basement when no one is down there, etc) really makes me wonder.

And then one night 5 years ago, I saw a thing for the first time. I woke up suddenly around 3 am and saw a black, tall shape at the end of the bed. It casually glided across the room and disappeared.

I have no idea what lives in their house. It’s never struck me as malicious, but sometimes there’s a feeling that you’re being watched and it’s all pretty creepy.


17. Dream Life And Real Life Converge

My best friend died when I was 17 and it devastated me. I drifted away from other friends and kind of fell apart until one night, I had a dream that he woke me up and was sitting on the edge of my bed. He told me that Amanda, one of my other extremely close friends, had flipped her car and didn’t make it out. I woke up panicking but eventually gathered myself and got up and started going about my day. A few hours later Amanda texted me to let me know that she had flipped her car early that morning and was in the hospital with a broken ankle and a few other minor injuries. I’m not a religious person by any means, but I have no answer for this. I lost my shit and it still blows my mind to this day.


18. A Shared Dream

When my son was 2, I had a terrible dream that he had died and that I’d been unable to cope with it and had broken down and just sat in his little red wagon out in the back yard all day. I woke up sobbing and then the phone rang next to the bed. It was my best friend calling to make sure I was okay. She’d had a terrible dream that my son died and I’d had a breakdown and she kept trying to get me out of his little red wagon. For the record that was many years ago and my son is doing fine, but it freaked us both out.


19. The day of nonstop deja vu

Everything seemed like it had already happened. I can’t describe the feeling accurately but damn was it strange.

I was 19, working in fast food at the time. No drugs, so this wasn’t some hallucination or something. Every customer was familiar. I even guessed what the next person would order. I got it right about 40% of my guesses. I also knew for whatever reason that our coffee machine would stop working and it did. I was put on drive thru half-way into my shift and all those people were familiar too.

I just can’t say how that happened…


20. The Paranormal Investigator

I was always interested in the paranormal because of so many events I had as a child and teenager. I’d see shadow people, black shucks, demons, etc. Turns out, years later, when I was 20, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. So it was all explained in the end and thank God because I was tired of the psyche trips and medications.

Now let’s circle back about 3 years prior – I became really interested in paranormal investigations. This was around 2003/2004 and way before the shit became popular on TV shows. I formed my own group of four people. I had a hi8 video camera, brand new at the time and top of the line Sony, that had night vision. Digital cameras weren’t really developed enough at the time to produce any quality, so we still used film. I had a $400 EMF detector, IR sensor, other night vision web cameras, etc. I was really into the shit for the technology at the time.

So, through some acquaintances, I had come across a story that wasn’t far from where I lived in Cali but still a pretty far drive out in the middle of BFE. The story behind it was a father, with two daughters aged 12 and 5, lived in this ranch style home way out there and he would abuse them physically and sexually. The story goes that the oldest girl finally got fed up and decided enough was enough. Her father smoked, so she decided to let the gas run on the oven for however long while she went out and hung herself from a tree on the side of the house. The fumes had, of course, put her sister into a never waking sleep because the gas had been running quite some time before the father came home. He lit a cigarette on the way inside and boom. All dead.

So I was able to locate this property after some time because we didn’t have GPS then, folks, just Thomas maps. It really was out in the middle of nowhere, no homes for several miles. The home showed significant fire damage, so the story had matched so far. Of course, this was all reported to have happened in the 80’s, so the home was also covered by graffiti and all kinds of crap.

It took about two hours to locate it and we got there right before dusk, so we started setting up the cameras and spent a few hours after dark trying to get readings. We didn’t get a single thing except for a few spikes from the EMF but they were closer to the edge of the 3-acre property where utility lines may have still been active, so I disregarded them.

We packed up around midnight and went home. I spent the next morning reviewing the footage – nothing. We went back that night at dusk again and once more set up shop. This night felt different – uneasy..uncomfortable. My three friends agreed after about an hour of being there and we decided to stay together in groups of two. We took turns exploring the house, the barn and the field around the property. The EMF detector was going off every few minutes with high spikes, especially in the house and near the tree. The IR detector was picking up some hot spots, too.

We decided to head out a little earlier that night. Again, the next morning I spent watching 3 hours of film from the video camera but nothing. I had dropped off a few rolls of film to be developed but it would be a few days to get those back.

We return for what would be our final time. We get there about two hours before dusk this time and I start setting up the video camera as my friends start spreading out to walk the property again and this extremely uncomfortable, sick feeling hits me. I still can’t describe it til this day. I felt nauseous, shakey and this overwhelming dread that something’s just wrong.

I can only describe it as a flight or fight response – my gut was telling me to get the fuck out of there. We had walkie talkies and my friend, Crisco (nickname), radios to tell me she thinks we should leave because she’s not feeling well and she’s feeling really light headed. The other two chime in and agree that something just feels off tonight. The car isn’t parked on the property, but the dirt road to the side to leads up to it and I start hauling the camera/tripod back as I’m closest to the car. All of a sudden, that sick feeling gets to the point that I feel like I’m going to double over and something tells me to run.

All of a sudden, there’s a blood-curdling scream of a little girl somewhere close by. Keep in mind, the closest home is 5 miles away. There’s nothing here. This scream was the kind the brought tears to your eyes – like this little girl’s bones were being snapped in half. It was high pitched, horrified, shattering.

All of a sudden, all 3 of my friend’s race right by me with Crisco in the lead shouting, “GET IN THE FUCKING CAR! GO GO GO GO!” We’re practically trampling each other to get into a 90’s 2 door coupe and we take off.

It wasn’t just the scream that instilled fear in us. It was the feeling. We had worn out our welcome and a presence there was telling us to get the fuck out or else. When we got home, I went to get out the equipment out of the trunk and there were two little child handprints in the dust on it. Just like we had all felt, we only had seconds to get away.

That sick feeling followed us all the home and into the next day. I had taken a picture of the front of the house right when we got there and when I got the film back 2 days later, I was shocked at what we all saw. All these years later, at almost 32 years old, it makes tears well up in my eyes. I’ve survived 2 near fatal accidents and nothing has ever made me feel like that did.

This isn’t the original. I had sent the negatives to a paranormal society in Northern Cali for review and never got them back even though they did respond to say there appeared to be no tamper of the images and were genuine. I only have a digital copy remaining that I marked maybe 12 years ago to point out what’s in the photo.

Here you go:

 photo GhostPicture1.jpg

You can tell how old this is, it’s still on photobucket.) There’s a very clear figure in the doorway, peeking around it and another to the right that you can see a clear outline of that looks like a man walking to the left.

If anyone took the time to read this, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the photo. Again, it’s OLD. And a digital is all I have remaining.

Heres a few more pics of the property. This is the barn:

 photo 9006.jpg

And the tree the girl supposedly hung herself on:

 photo Picture024.jpg

Here’s all the pics I have left. Just hope to prove these are all authentic. The one that matters is blurry because I wanted to highlight the abnormalities in the photo and at the time I had a shitty scanner, Windows XP, and Paint. It did hell on the photo.

 photo 9004.jpg

Road leading up to the property:

 photo 9001.jpg

My younger brother who rode with us the first day to check it out:

 photo Picture030.jpg


 photo Picture028.jpg

Another angle of the house:

 photo Picture022.jpg

Pic of the doorway at night:

 photo 9016.jpg

This is a second entrance to the house and the basement dead drops to the right as soon as you walk in, fucking weird:

 photo 9008.jpg


21. The Alaskan Moose Camp

This happened almost 7 years ago in the middle of nowhere Alaska. I went on a camping trip with my twin brother, our friend, and my new puppy. There is this first come first serve public use cabin not too far from where we live and so we decided to head out. We were teenagers at the time so we had our mom drop us off at the trailhead and plan on meeting her the next day at a certain time. We start hiking and get about 4 miles back to a moose camp (a place moose hunters camp) and decide to stay there because we saw a car parked at the trail head. We didn’t pass anyone on the trail so we assume the cabin is taken. So we put up our tents and start a fire, make some dinner, then go exploring. We have some target practice with the shotgun and then head back to camp. Our friend that was with us insisted on calling his girlfriend so I let him use my phone. There is only one bar of service so the call keeps getting dropped and eventually my phone dies.

I decide it’s bedtime so I take the gun and the puppy into my tent and go to sleep. I wake up to my brother shaking my tent and asking me “did you hear that!?” Now my isn’t exactly the most rational of people so I don’t really believe there is anything out there but I get up anyway just to appease him. It’s pitch black out at this point. We sit by the fire for about ten minutes and I don’t hear anything so I say I’m going back to sleep. I lay down and not five minutes later I hear a big crash out in the wood. I ask my brother “did you hear that?!” he replies “Yup!” So I take a flashlight and the shotgun and go sit by the fire. My brother and I were born and raised in the middle of nowhere Alaska so we know about the wildlife and how to deal with encounters. So we make noise and throw more wood on the fire to scare away whatever it is.

It doesn’t work. We start hearing crashing increasingly frequent circling around us and the tent. Whatever it is there are more than one. They make no sounds other than the crashing around. You would expect to hear grunts from bears and yips from wolves. Moses would have moved on with us making so much noise. It goes on for hours the circle getting tighter and tighter. They completely ignore my pack that contains all of our food that is tied in a tree a ways away. Their focus is on us. When we saw a shadow pass between our tents we said enough is enough and it was time to get the hell out of there. I get my phone it turns on and I call my mom. Magically I have 2 bars and I tell her to come get us now. I hear “I’m on my way.” And the phone dies completely. It won’t turn back on. I tell the boys it’s time to pack our things and go. They of course protest saying we should leave it but I can’t bring myself to do that. We pack everything and move to my pack hanging in a tree. Whatever these things are they are still circling us.

I cut my pack down and right after it hits I hear a loud crash about 50 feet behind us. At the same time, our friend who is facing the other way see a shadowy from and yells “what the fuck was that?!!?” We know it’s time to move. I take rope and make a leash for my puppy but he is trembling so hard he can’t walk. I make my brother carry him. The puppy is about 30 lbs so it’s not really easy. We start back for the road.

The trail is pretty swampy and muddy. It wasn’t an issue in the daylight when we weren’t being stalked by god knows what. I’m walking in the back with the flashlight in my teeth and shotgun half cocked my brother is in the middle with the puppy and our friend is in the lead. We are slipping and sliding all over the place and we a still surrounded. We keep seeing things pass on the trail ahead and behind. When we are about a 1/4 mile from the road we stop hearing them. I must say I have never in my life been more relieved than I was when I saw my mom waiting for us. We loaded the packs and got the hell out of there. We told my mom what happened and she was pretty freaked out. Well, she was already freaking out because of the phone call. I have never experienced anything like that before or after. I have been back to the same area multiple times with no issues. I couldn’t tell you what was out there and to be honest I don’t care to find out.


22. In The Dresser Mirror

I don’t recall this because I was 2, but my mother told me this story when I became older.

I used to live in the Philippines in an old wooden house where generations of my family lived. I know. It’s generic setting for a generic scary story.

Anyways, one night, my mother was watching TV downstairs and lost track of 2 year old me. She ended up looking for me and eventually started yelling my name out to find me. With no luck downstairs, she checked upstairs.

Upstairs, all the lights were off, but there was some light from outside that gave my mother some visibility. She looked through the room closest to the stairs. She saw me standing completely still in front of a wooden wardrobe with a huge mirror.

According to her description, 2 year old me was pointing and staring at the dresser mirror. I was still, quiet as if I was mesmerized by something I see. She asked, “What are you doing upstairs in the dark?”

I turned to her and replied, “There’s a bloody man in the mirror.”

To this day, although I don’t remember experiencing it, when I think about it, it gives me goosebumps. Even now as I write about it, it makes me feel uneasy. Why would 2 year old me say that and why would I stare and point at a wardrobe mirror? My mother SWEARS it happened and even though I’m not really one to believe in ghosts, this story makes me wonder sometimes.


23. Scratch Marks

When I used to live in my mum’s house there was definitely something odd happening within the house, specifically my room in particular.

There were times when my little sister who was around 6 or 7 at the time used to laugh and point at the windows and say “why is Morgan pulling that silly face” Morgan was my other younger sister, whenever she said that, there was never anything or anyone at the windows – no reflections that could be mistaken as a face and no-one outside.

I used to personally wake up with scratches on my skin from time to time and I have very little fingernails because of my bad habit – sometimes these scratches were bleeding, there were other times; I would be laying in bed with my girlfriend watching some TV and out of nowhere a penny rolled out from under my bed and stopped at my cupboard – my girlfriend freaked but by this time I was used to weird shit so told her “yeah its just the ghost” which she wasn’t too happy about.

Another time I was laying in bed and a glow in the dark sticker thing I had on my ceiling fell off and slapped the flooring and I have never jumped so much in my life, of course this could be due to gravity but the sticker also had a small part of the ceiling attached to it like it was forced off.

We had a “psychic” woman who was friends with my mum come to the house and she refused to enter my room and stood at the door because “something didn’t seem right”. Also when I eventually moved into my own place, my second oldest sister moved into my room, the first night she was there she screamed and ran out crying as she put it, “there was a shadow moving along the bottom of the ground backward and forward like someone was crawling around.” Definitely something weird there. Oh, also there were like finger/drag marks on the ceiling too even though I had never touched it the whole time I was there.


24. Experiences Of A Hotel Night Auditor

I work overnight in a hotel at the front desk running the night audit. Now, a) I’ve always been a skeptic to anything religious or paranormal, but I’ve always found a bit of an interest in the possibilities of ‘what if,’ and b) I haven’t seen or experienced anything really weird or unexplainable myself, as 95% of my time is spent in the lobby, but I have had many coworkers who have claimed to see the same thing over the years. Most of them have worked in security or back of the house operations.

My hotel is an older hotel in a downtown metropolis. We are in a skyscraper with over 20 floors above ground, and several below. We have several ballrooms and event spaces; our grand ballroom is 2 levels below street level, we have another ballroom and several event rooms on our second floor, just above the lobby, we have meeting rooms on our third floor, and our top floor is all banquet/event space. Guest rooms start on the 4th floor and go all the way to the second highest floor, which again, is purely event space. Overnight, these event areas lie dormant and dark, but are routinely patrolled throughout the night by our security staff, who are mostly just making sure that guests haven’t gotten lost or that a homeless person hasn’t snuck into one of these spaces and set up camp, which does happen occasionally. Mostly though there’s nothing. Well, mostly nothing. And here we find the creepy things that can’t be explained.

Almost every security guard has been uncomfortable walking around on the third floor alone at night, as opposed to any other floor in the hotel. With it being strictly meeting rooms, there are no guests after hours on this floor and it is very quiet. The hall lights on this floor are always on regardless. Still, numerous security guards over the years have talked about feeling like they were being watched on this floor, and are overcome with a feeling of not being wanted there. And a few of them have reported experiencing the same phenomenon, of hearing a little girl’s laughter, or seeing what looked like a little girl just out of the corner of their eye. This little girl spirit has been identified by different employees over the years, even ones who haven’t worked together. But then there is also another presence that lingers on the third floor and gives them a sense of dread.

Then there’s the north stairwell. We have 2 stairwells in the building, one on the north side and one on the south. These are most commonly used for fire evacuation or employees, or the occasional guest who’d rather get a good workout than taking the elevator. Anyway, there’s an urban legend surrounding the north stairwell. Legend has it that decades ago when the hotel was young, a little boy fell down the stairwell from the top floor and died. Since then, I’ve heard reports from security, housekeepers, banquet people, all sorts, about hearing a little boy running and playing in the stairwell, and then finding that there’s no one there. Chalk it up to a ghost or overactive imaginations, but if there is a record of said death, I haven’t seen it. Still, many people have claimed to have had the same experience, even guests.

Then there is the case of the shadow person on the top floor. A couple years ago we had this security guard who didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see, but he had an experience on the top floor that freaked him out so bad that after he had returned, he was pale as a sheet and in a cold sweat. When he does his patrols, he would normally keep the lights off, and shine a flashlight at anyone he may have found (usually a homeless person who snuck in for a quick nap) to disorient them and gain the upper hand. He had pretty good vision in the dark and a great sense of the layout of things, even in the dark. Anyway, so he’s on his patrol on the top floor one night, the lights are out, and he sees a clear outline of someone standing in front of the window on the far side of the room, silhouetted against the lights from the city against the skyline. He decides he’s going to quietly sneak up on this person and quickly turn the flashlight on to surprise them. He’s watching the person closely and can make out the unmistakable human shape of them; solid, impermeable, firm. When he’s about 15 feet away, he quickly turns on his flashlight, but as the beam hits where the person was supposed to be, there’s nothing. Just a reflection of the flashlight in the window, dust in the air. Nothing more. Confused, he looks around, shining his light this way and that, but no one is there, the room is empty. He turns the light off. The shape that was in front of the window is gone. He walks over to where it was and takes a moment to look out over the city, confused, thinking his imagination must have been playing tricks on him. But at the same time, he also felt like he was being watched, and had a feeling of slight dread wash over him that made the hairs on the back of his neck prickle up. He turned around back to the door and was instantly shocked again. It should have been closed, but there again was the shadow of a person, only solid, and this time, he saw eyes, glowing, red, looking at him. He was frozen for a moment and watched as the figure slowly, silently backed out of the room and closed the door. That’s when my security guard noped on out of there, hopped on the elevator, and came back down to the lobby to tell me, my other desk agent, and my bellman what he had just seen. We had never seen him like this before, and he swore he was telling the truth. So we took turns going up to investigate for ourselves. Granted, it was creepy up there with all the lights out, and we did feel uncomfortable like we were being watched. Maybe it was just our imaginations running wild because we were expecting to see something, or maybe he was right and there was something vicious up there, who knows. After that night though, he was always reluctant to do his rounds and did so with the lights on. Anyway, that’s his story.

Finally, ghost calls. Now, this is something that I have personally experienced, though it could easily be dismissed as faulty wiring or crossed connections in the phone lines. Who knows. It’s an old building that’s undergone numerous renovations, there’s bound to be a few electrical quirks here and there. Anyway, every call to the hotel comes through PBX, our phone operator. The operator is tucked away in a room in the back of the house, just behind the front office. A front desk team member will cover PBX when the operator needs to go to break or lunch, so I take over back there frequently during these times since there are two of us at the front desk. That way we still have coverage at the desk and on the phones at all times. We are a fairly large hotel. Overnight, we don’t get as many calls as during the day, but they do come through. Most calls are to set wake up calls, or guest inquiries about the hotel, or the city, or late night dining options. Then there’s the occasional person who wants to make a reservation at 3 am or speak to the front desk, who we patch through. And then there are the ghost calls. We call them ghost calls because there’s no one there making the call, the room just calls. There are a handful of specific rooms that make ghost calls to PBX, and occasionally to the front desk also, but mostly it’s just to PBX. What happens is that the operator gets a call from one of these rooms, and all they hear is either silence or static for a period of time, before an eventual disconnect. But it’s not just one call. The calls will come sporadically, for hours sometimes. Usually, it’s only one room calling over and over seemingly at whim, sometimes 2, but it’s always one of the regular ghost rooms. I know them by heart by now. The calls will come whether the room is occupied or vacant, but even if the room is occupied, it isn’t the guest making the call. One night, a long time ago, a newer operator got his first ghost call in PBX, got a long bit of silence before hearing the click, and wanted to make sure the guest was okay. So the operator called the room back, and the current guest answered. The operator had asked the guest if they had just tried to call out, but the guest, who hadn’t touched the phone at all during their stay until just then when the operator called, said they had not. The operator apologized for disturbing them, assumed they got the number wrong, and hung up. A few minutes later, that same room was calling. But it wasn’t the guest. It was a ghost call. You get the idea.

Normally the phone won’t work if the room is vacant and not checked in, but for whatever reason, the ghost rooms will call whenever they please. Sometimes we go months without ghost calls, then all of a sudden, a room will be active for a night, or a few days, then back to business as usual. Almost everyone who’s worked the phones has received their fair share of ghost calls. Engineering has checked and re-checked the phone systems and the wiring, and everything appears normal. We’re stumped as to why this happens, and while there is probably a rational explanation for it, I would say that it still falls under the category of creepy and unexplainable. And yes, guests do occasionally die in hotel rooms. No, I do not know if these rooms specifically have been rooms that guests have died in. Make your own connections.


24. Runner On The Dunes

Dad’s a truck driver. When you drive cross country, you can’t always make it to a truck stop before you have to shut down and sleep, by law.

I used to go with him every Summer for many years. We were in the middle of the New Mexico desert in a gravel and desert sand loop at the side of the highway that truckers use to shut down and bunk for the night.

There are only two other semi trucks, it’s late and I’m an insomniac 12-year-old. It’s the middle of the desert. Just highway and red dust for as far as you can fucking see. I hate driving through the desert for exactly this reason. I’m from the Midwest and we have hills and trees and corn fields that break up the horizon.

It’s completely cloudless and because all the trucks are off there is no light pollution. It’s past midnight and I open up the cab blinds and look out at the dunes. The moon and stars are so bright that it might as well be noon to me. So I can see miles into the dunes. I’m 12 and I hate these roadside turnoffs, no bathrooms, no lights, no nothing.

Out over the dunes, I see a black blotch walking along the crest of a dune. It stopped and just looked out at the trucks, for a good long while. If I had to guess, 20 minutes? 12-year-olds don’t really keep track of time well.

Finally, the silhouette starts walking down the sand and is about 150 yards from the trucks before a driver turns his engine to idle and gets some AC in his cab. It turns and runs WAY too fast back up the dune and I didn’t see it again. I didn’t sleep till the sun started to rise. I woke up in California, my dad joking that I slept through 3 states. After the San Diego Zoo, I pretty much stopped freaking out about it.


25. Grandpa’s Figurine

My grandpa used to have a figurine of some cartoon character hanging from the shelf above his nightstand that I always liked, we would play with it from time to time, it hung from a string. When he died, my mom asked if I wanted something from him and I told her I wanted that but when we went into the room we couldn’t find it, so I just assumed somebody else beat me to it and took it, I then forgot about it,. a couple of years passed and then My grandma died, her death struck me severely and sent me into a big depression. She died in the morning in her room, there was no time to get her to the hospital. the funeral started around eight p.m., it was also Christmas Eve. I’ve never liked funeral homes or Christmas, and as I was so affected by her death I asked to go home, so I took a cab alone. When I got home most of the houses around had parties but mine was totally dark. That house had some strange things happen every now and then but I had never been afraid, I went in and didn’t turn on any lights because I didn’t want to attract any attention from the neighbors who were starting to go outside to play with fireworks. I climbed the stairs and as I was about to get into my room I decided to go into my grandparent’s room instead. I laid down in their bed, where my grandma had passed hours ago and started crying. I was there for about 20 minutes when I decided to get into my room and try to get some sleep.

As I was getting to the door of my grandparent’s room I heard the floor crack (wooden floors) as If someone had stepped on it really hard, I also felt the rest of the floor tremble, I turned on the light and found the figurine my grandpa had hanging from it usual place but moving as if someone had just placed it there. I took it and went to my room sobbing and slept with it in my hand. That night I dreamt of my grandma calling to tell me that she was on her way to see my grandpa and that everything would be ok. I’m totally sure the figurine had not been there for at least a year because if I had seen it I would’ve taken it and I spent a lot of time in that room during the time leading up to my grandma’s death. I still dream of them often and once a psychic told me that’s one of the ways in which people who have passed on communicate with people still here.


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