34 People Share The Most Disturbing, Messed Up Thing That Ever Happened In Their Own Hometown

23. Labour MP Jo Cox

I’m sure people will have heard of this but MP Jo Cox being murdered in broad daylight outside a library in a small market town.

I knew Jo personally and found out at work, it was devastating and hearing more details about it in the following weeks made it even harder.

For those who don’t know, Jo Cox was a labour MP here in the UK, she was very well liked. She also rallied for the UK to stay in the EU. She was on her way to do a surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire when she was shot and stabbed. I’m not going to name the man who did it because he doesn’t deserve to be named.

Jo died of her injuries in hospital, during the attack her assistants tried fighting off the attacker but she told them to get back and let him hurt her.

It was crazy to think that someone living so locally was a Nazi, he had Nazi memorabilia in his house as well as books etc.

It’s almost a year since this happened and we’re all still shocked by it.

R.I.P Jo, you were a shinning beacon in dark times.


24. Online Chatting Turned Deadly

I used to sing in a children’s choir in a small town with a girl named Trisha. She was 15. One day, she went missing. She ran away from home, supposedly. Eventually, her body was found a few miles away. Turns out she had been chatting online with a guy much older than her and left home to be with him. He brutally murdered and dismembered her. They found her jawbone in his house which he kept as a trophy. The children’s choir sang “Goin’ Up a Yonder” at her funeral. It was very, very sad.


25. Gambling And Murder

A burnt out body in a suitcase was discovered in a rest area near me, recently. Turns out it was some Chinese guy from Manchester trying to take on the dead person’s identity to pay off his massive gambling debts.



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