34 People Share The Most Disturbing, Messed Up Thing That Ever Happened In Their Own Hometown

16. A Father Leaves A Message

My younger brother used to go to a small private school in my city. He was acquainted with a girl that was several years younger than him. One day, she stopped showing up to school for a while. I guess the teachers had tried to get ahold of the girl’s parents, but couldn’t reach them, and had just assumed they moved. Turns out she had been brutally murdered by her dad, who also killed her mother, and wrote in her blood on the walls of their home. The teachers had to inform the kids that she died, but I don’t know much about how they did that, but I remember my brother coming home with a wristband with the girl’s name on it with a heart.


17. The Charismatic Youth Leader

I went to this small church in town that was very charismatic and had a lot of really good people. The youth leader always creeped me out, though…he was an ex-convict, ex-drug addict, ex-everything, and had a lot of stories from his life before he came to the town I was living in. We stopped going to that church, and I forgot about him for a while, he eventually became the pastor of a new church, and was gaining a lot of popularity in the community….then he was arrested after his house burned down with his wife in it. The story was he had been seeing one of the girls in the youth group off and on over the years since she was a teenager. He was caught taking vacations with her when he said he was going on retreats and spending money on her, but since he was a Christian and didn’t believe in divorce, he planned out a way to make it look like there had been a gas leak in the home, and that it was an accident. He was found outside of the home as it was burning, and his wife died inside. He’s now in prison, and his girlfriend has his child, and it’s soooo weird seeing her around town.


18. A Mother Sets A Fire

Me and my sister (10 and 8 at the time I think) lived right down the street from a couple of our really good friends, who were sisters(4 or 5 and 9?). One morning our mom comes and tells us not to go to school, and she has to talk to us about something serious. Well, it turns out that our friends’ mother burnt the house down the night before, killing both of the sisters because she was fighting with her husband and didn’t want to lose them in a custody battle. My sister named her daughter after the older girl.



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