34 People Share The Most Disturbing, Messed Up Thing That Ever Happened In Their Own Hometown

12. Five White Men Assault A Black Teenager In Nova Scotia

Not my hometown, but my SO’s.

A few years back a teenage boy was found wandering around a rural road near the town. His clothes were ripped up and he was injured. From what I remember, he also had shackles attached to his ankles – but I can’t find a news story that confirms that. Turned out he had been kidnapped and physically and sexually assaulted for several hours by two five hillbillies nearby.

Apparently, they sodomized him with a drumstick and penetrated his skin with a corkscrew.


13. “away on a business trip”

Husband of an older couple disappears from the community. The wife made excuses for his absence ‘He’s away for work, He’s found another woman’ etc then took off overseas. The son, suspicious about the lack of communication from his mother overseas, went to his parent’s house to investigate. He found his father’s body in the wall of the garage. His hands and feet had been bound, and a plastic bag covered his head.

Wife returned home for some unfathomable reason and was arrested. While on bail she climbed into the refrigerator and suffocated herself. Link

My father was in the same year in high school as the son…


14. Mother’s Day, 1999

On Mother’s Day in 1999, a woman was jogging with her dogs along a somewhat secluded walking path that runs through my very small hometown. She was raped and then strangled with a dog leash by a 15-year-old boy.

Thankfully, he was tried as an adult, but because of his age, he received 9 years to life. He comes up for parole every two years, but is always denied.


15. A Childhood Playmate

My old next door neighbor had a psychotic break and drown both her kids. I used to play with them a lot.



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