34 People Share The Most Disturbing, Messed Up Thing That Ever Happened In Their Own Hometown

4. A Town That Can’t Forget

A little over 10 years ago, a high school senior in my town went missing, they’ve never found him. Apparently, he was at a party just before graduation, got into a fight with his girlfriend, and left to walk home. They’ve extensively checked all the nearby woods, dredged the rivers and lakes, it even caught the attention of some TV “psychic”. They found his car, abandoned, but no other sign of him.

The creepiest part is how everyone in my hometown still talks about it; My psych teacher in high school used his disappearance as an example when we discussed dissociative fugue states; the town is still plastered in MISSING signs; every year they go out and search again. I always wonder if it was suicide, an accident, foul play, or if he just took off across the country.


5. Principal Goes Mad

Principal went crazy, slit his dog’s throat, threatened his family, and resisted arrest while naked and covered in blood.


6. The Rape And Suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons was raped by several people and the video was spread around town. She was then harassed and bullied because of it. She tried to hang herself and slipped into a coma, where they later took her off life support.

I have zero sympathy for rapists and predators. The system needs to be so much harsher on them.


7. Triple homicide of three teenagers

Triple homicide. All high school kids. The whole story sounds like a bad 80’s slasher movie. The guy who lived in the house where it took place had a younger sister who started dating an older guy. The guy was (I think) in college. The brother was a senior in HS. The sister was like…16ish. So when the brother found out he went and confronted the new boyfriend. Threatened to kick his ass and stuff.

Of course, the boyfriend’s reaction was the only reasonable reaction that existed. He sat outside the brother’s house on a Saturday night and waited until around 4 am. The brother had two friends over. They were, of course, doing teenager things. (Drinking and smoking while mom and dad were out of town.) Boyfriend broke in. He had to have been like a fucking ninja. The house was small and he climbed in through a tiny window in the kitchen.

The 3 guys in the house were pretty heavily intoxicated. But how he didn’t wake any of them up is pretty confusing. He went into the living room where the brother was and stood right over his head, and put a gun to his forehead and fired. He could have let the other two guys live. But nah.

Once he realized they were there and still asleep (or too drunk/high to defend themselves) he popped them also. One was in a guest room and the other was in the living room floor under a ton of blankets. The theory is that the guy under the blankets actually woke up and scared the killer, and he shot him as he sat up. So and he checked the house for more people and found the third one who looked like he didn’t move at all because he was passed out from drinking.



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