34 People Share The Most Disturbing, Messed Up Thing That Ever Happened In Their Own Hometown


1. Bones

When I was in middle school one of my brother’s friends that lived down the street went missing. She had an older boyfriend who also lived on the same street. He was allegedly the last person to see her and the story was she had left his house late at night to walk home, and he never got the usual phone call that she got home safe. After 24 hours of not hearing from her, he and her family filed a missing persons. Eventually, the search parties stopped, the missing posters were taken down, and she was deemed as lost.

Fast forward to a couple years later. The boyfriend had been moved out of the house for a while now, a new family moves in. The kids are playing in the woods behind the house, and they find her bones.

The skull was totally bashed in and a disturbing amount of her bones were broken. She was beaten to death. The worst part was the remains were no more than 6 feet from the house. I have no idea why the cops hadn’t found them, but it really sparked a debate in our town about how serious our police force is.


2. No Age Limit On Sadism

Just recently, an old couple in Northern Ireland were convicted of imprisoning and sexually abusing a mentally handicapped woman for 8 years. They also let their friends abuse her, and kept her locked in a room with the door handle removed so she couldn’t leave. The room was full of human waste, and when the girl was found she only had 1 tooth left because they gave her chocolate and candy to eat in return for being kept there.

Sick fucking bastards, I hope they suffer in prison.


3. PTSD Decades After The War

This actually directly ties into my family.

So my grandfather (mum’s side) is a Vietnam War Vet, he had a lapse in his PTSD Treatment, had a horrible nightmare after my grandmother had passed. He woke up from the nightmare but was having a flashback. So he drove into town, shot two teenagers with a shotgun thinking they were Vietnamese soldiers.

Neither of the teenagers died or were seriously injured. A lot of damage to the vehicle they were in. Which my family did pay for, my grandfather was put back on his medication. He just hasn’t been the same since.


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