29 Babysitters Share The Most Messed Up Thing A Kid Has Ever Said To Them Once Their Parents Were Gone

21. Axe Time

“I was watching a neighbor, she was probably about 5 or so at the time. I tucked her into bed, then told her it was story time. She looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘No, it’s axe time.’ She took the book from my hand and hit me in the neck with it.”


22. “older children”

“Not me, but my sister when she about 15, was called by a neighbor to do a babysit. He asked her if she did babysit for older children, and she was fine with it (she is used to do babysit for kids and even older people who need help). She knew him as a neighbor of the guys she was doing babysitting a few times a month, so she thought it was cool.

When she arrived, he told her to come in and that he will bring the baby out. After 10 minutes she didn’t understand where he went, he came out dressed as a baby, and started acting like one.

She freaked out and run back home. Our father called the police. The guy moved out of the neighborhood the next week.

My sister is now a lot older and married, and she still freaks out if you mention babysitting.”


23. She Came At Us With A Knife

“14 year old me along with my best friend were paid $20 to watch a 7 year old girl for the night… Well her mom didn’t tell us her child was insane. She grabbed a BUTCHER KNIFE chased us with it, then proceeded to open the door and run through the apartment complex screaming she was going to kill everyone and herself.

We finally got the knife away from her with the help of a neighbor. We were terrified for her and us. The mom finally showed up, acted like nothing was wrong, gave us $15 because she had to leave her date early and had the audacity to tell us to come back the next night to watch her. We ignored her after that. As a parent now, I feel even worse for that child, she must’ve been put through hell in her short life! I hope she’s in a good place now.”



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