29 Babysitters Share The Most Messed Up Thing A Kid Has Ever Said To Them Once Their Parents Were Gone

14. No One Would Ever Know

“While babysitting a little girl. The girl looked at my mom and said, ‘I could kill you right now and nobody would even know.'”


15. The Sandwich Coverup

“Was in the kitchen making a PB&J sandwich for the kid, and he comes in and sits down. He seems to look like he’s thinking about something and then he looks at me dead in the eyes and says ‘If I killed somebody would anybody know it ever happened if I just ate the body in a sandwich?’ I hid the knives from him after that.”


16. Don’t Bring Up Wolfy

“Babysat my nieces one summer. One afternoon I was pushing the younger one on the swing while the older one was dribbling a soccer ball or something. I was pulling the one hand pushing the kid, other hand scrolling through Twitter move when all of a sudden my niece gets off the swing and hurried to the house. I asked what’s wrong as I thought she might’ve been hurt or something, and she just said ‘I’m going inside, Wolfy is in the tree’ (neighbors tree hung into my brother’s yard). Shook me up a bit but I just kind of let it go. When their mom came home I brought it to her attention, she had a look of ‘not again’ come across her face and said, ‘if she mentions Wolfy again, just tell her mommy made him go away’ weirded the fuck out I then proceeded to drive home in an hours worth of traffic.

I brought it up to my mom and she even said, ‘don’t bring up Wolfy around her, that’s something your brother and sister-in-law have been dealing with for quite a while.’ This thing goes deeper than I imagined. I’m so curious to ask her about this Wolfy when she’s significantly older, to see if she even remembers him.”



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