29 Babysitters Share The Most Messed Up Thing A Kid Has Ever Said To Them Once Their Parents Were Gone

4. The New Stepmom

“I was watching my cousin’s 7 year old, and my cousin had just gotten remarried. She wanted to tell me stories of her own after we read a book, and ALL of them included her brutally murdering her new stepmom. Stabbing her, ripping her limbs off, and throwing her into a pit of hungry dogs were just a few of the things she did to her stepmom in these stories. I asked her to give me a story with a happy ending instead and she said that those stories did have happy endings…”


5. Do You?

“I used to nanny full-time. The parents asked me to stay late (almost overnight) so they could go on a date that day.

I put all of the kids to bed and loaded up a movie the mom had suggested. It was a horror movie called the Babbadook.

Part of the way through the movie, I paused it because I heard the youngest coming down the stairs. She comes up to me, looks me dead in the eyes, and says ‘Do you want to die?’ Without hesitation, I told her ‘No, go back to bed.’

As soon as I hit play, the little boy (about the same age as their youngest) asks the mother ‘Do you want to die?’

I thought it was freaky, but I chalked it up to her maybe seeing the movie with her family already.

When her parents get home, I told her mother about it. She has never seen the movie…. Apparently she just does this sometimes while sleep walking.”


6. A Bioengineer In The Making

“I had a child tell me she wanted to jackhammer people to death and then build a playground out of their arms and legs…”



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