29 Babysitters Share The Most Messed Up Thing A Kid Has Ever Said To Them Once Their Parents Were Gone

via Flickr - David D
via Flickr – David D


“I was watching my little cousin, we were at my grandmother’s in the middle of nowhere (less then 10 houses in the surrounding 15 miles). She was about 3 and was telling me about her ‘friend’, playing along with her I asked her where her friend lived.

She points to the woods outside I said ‘oh with his mommy?’ She looks at me and says ‘no, with woods kids’ I thought that was weird so I just walked away went to make some food and she follows In minutes behind and says randomly ‘there’s a lady…. she killed the kids…. they have to stay in the woods now.’ I always took it as something she must have overheard well watching tv with my grandparents or her mom. Still creepy as fuck.”


2. He Only Showed Up At Night

“‘I don’t want to go upstairs alone. The man in my room might be there.’

She explained she saw him in her room at night. I told her it was probably just her dad checking on her. She said no, because this guy was tall and skinny and her dad was short and fat. She was 3.”


3. That’s Just The Ghost

“I used to babysit my dad’s friend’s children. They were two, sweet little girls who were very easy to look after.

The only problem was their house. They used to make me promise that the ‘white man’ in the house wasn’t going to come and look at them while they were sleeping.

I eventually asked their dad what they might be talking about because they brought up the white man every time. He says, ‘Oh, that’s just the ghost we have in the house. Don’t worry about him’.”


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