24 Men And Woman Share Their True Creepy Phone Call Stories That Freak You The Eff Out


When I was about 11 I got up around 3AM to go to the bathroom. I walked in, peed, washed up (just kidding, I was 11 and it was 3AM, fuck that shit), started walking back to my room and as I walked through the living room I heard the telephone ring. This was the mid-90s so it was a landline.

Confused and slightly startled, I walked over to the phone, picked it up, and heard someone screaming. It was distorted, almost sounded like radio static that was trying to talk to me. I kept saying “what?” and “huh?” Finally after trying to make out what it said, the static got REALLY loud, and through it I heard, very clearly, very loudly “GET OUT NOW!!!!!”

I just hung up the phone really quickly and ran to my mom’s room and told her what happened. She was too tired to really say much. She had a little cot in the room and I just slept with her that night. Never really thought about it again until today.


Porn In The Background

For a period of 6 months we’d receive calls from an unknown caller almost daily and usually a couple of times throughout the day. The caller would have what sounds like porn in the background playing for the duration of the call. Never said anything.

The calls would take place usually in the afternoon and occasionally at 4 o’clock on the morning. Threats didn’t help relent their harassment so wasn’t much we could do besides hang up.

One day I picked up and listened for a bit, which I suppose was unusual behavior from my end. The moaning intensified and then I could hear a stiffled chuckle. I slowly asked the caller, “What is it that you want? Are you lonely?”. They immediately hung up and never called back again.



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