24 Men And Woman Share Their True Creepy Phone Call Stories That Freak You The Eff Out

“Nobody Can Save You”

Just happened a few days ago.

I work in a hospital overnight. I have a partner for a unit of 7 patients (psych hospital). A few weeks ago my partner was out and a PRN filled her spot. This woman slept throughout the 12 hour shift knowing we have self injurious patients on the unit, one of which had to be monitored at all times. I did not feel safe and I did not feel my patients were safe with her.

I explicitly told my supervisor I did not want to work with her again without giving him specific reasons. My intention was not to get her in trouble. I just wasn’t comfortable working with her and I don’t want to get fired for someone else’s negligence.

A director, HR, and my supervisor watched the videos from that night and saw her sleeping. I had to meet with them to tell them what happened. Come to find out a nurse and a patient also saw her sleeping. She was fired rightfully so.

This past Wednesday the phone rang during the night as it frequently does and it’s usually nursing. My partner said it was for me. I pick up thinking it’s an employee from a different unit offering snacks as also frequently happens.

I looked at the caller ID to see which unit was calling and it only showed 4 digits which I thought was weird but didn’t think too much about it. A woman didn’t speak for quite a few seconds with me saying ‘hello?’ a few times. Finally, she says my name. I answer. Then she starts speaking rapidly saying ‘I’m coming to see you. Stay there. Don’t leave’. I’m just like ‘ok?’ thinking I’m not leaving and what are you coming up here for. Then she says ‘I wanna thank you for a job well done’. Up to that point I was just confused but then it clicked. Is this the woman that was fired? Is she really on campus right now? She worked here for years so she knows the gate code and has friends here so she could borrow a badge and get into our unit.

By then I’m saying ‘what are you talking about?’ and ‘who is this?’. She says ‘stay there. Don’t run. I’m coming up the hill. Nobody can save you’ and hangs up.

I quickly tell my partner the contents of the phone call and she’d heard my side of it. I call the supervisor on duty and he’s not very concerned. He says he’ll come by in a little while.

I was too scared to look out the windows and see if she was coming up the hill, honestly. What did she mean by those last few sentences? Is she outside right now with a gun or something?

My partner was freaked out, too. Just last week someone called her son from a blocked number and threatened to shoot him at school so she wasn’t taking this lightly.

After about an hour, I worked up the nerve to look out every window as I made my rounds to check on patients. Thankfully she did not appear to be on campus and I didn’t get anymore calls the rest of my work week. There is now an investigation underway.

I’ve really never gotten a scary call so this may be tame. I haven’t read any other comments yet. But, I made sure to call my mom, sister, and boyfriend in case I wasn’t coming home that morning.



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